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Hi All,

So you may have noticed some changes on the blog recently…the biggest one being that we no longer have our door page. How come anyone hasn’t complained? You no longer get that dialog box asking you to confirm that you are over 18 before accessing this site. Hmmm hopefully everybody reading is 18+. Well that’s because we changed our web host. We had some issues in the past – many of you will recall times when the site was down for looonnngggg periods but you all stuck with us and we are grateful. Unfortunately with the new host we don’t get all the tech support we had with the old. Sigh. But hey ho, hopefully we will be online consistently so that will make up for the lack of support.

Over the years we have tried to make this site as open as possible. It’s been really important to me that this site represents the diversity of African women’s sexualities because that’s a reflection of our multiple realities.It’s also important to me that there is a core group blogging regularly on this site so that we have those multiple voices reflected. So if you have a story to share go ahead and email it to us via adventures from [at] gmail dot com….and just so you know we have a super intern who just started managing that email so please be aware that your email would be read by someone other than me.

So yes, we have space for dedicated new writers to adventures…and we want to give a selected number of you access to share your stories whenever you want. We want some commitment though. You need to be able to write well (that’s subjective I know, and no we’re not asking for Caine prize writing just pieces that read well and preferably need no editing) and equally important write regularly, at least once a month to have your own access to Adventures. We’ve updated our system so the only authors with access now are those who have been writing on the regular…so if you’re interested in joining our community of writers there is space for you. Just start by emailing in your stories and once we know you are with us for the long haul we will give you your own access.

Let’s continue sharing the stories of African women’s diverse sexualities. Will you join us?

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