Guest Post from Toksyk: The Applicant

Esther was glad to have beaten the infamous Lagos traffic and make it home in reasonable time to catch up on her favourite show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ before the rest of her household returned. She was looking forward to having the house to herself for a few hours before her cousin and his family returned. As she entered her compound she saw her neighbour’s younger brother was around, and smiled as she walked up to him knowing that he was checking her out as he always did but being so young he had never summoned the courage to ask her out aside from the pleasantries that they normally exchanged. But this time he actually stopped her to engage in conversation about something that now skipped her mind as the whole time she was really taking a good long look at him. He was chocolatey dark just the way she liked it and though not very tall he stood a good feet above her but it was his lips that were his most appealing feature. As he talked her mind started to wander thinking about what it would be like to have those lips on her. She quickly bought herself back to reality and decline his offer to go have drinks at a local bar citing that she was tired from her long work day.

Just as Esther started to climb up the stairs to her flat, the ever annoying NEPA took the light and she cursed loudly in frustration causing him to ask if she was okay. She asked if he would be kind enough to help her out as she was still not always able to ‘on the gen’ despite having lived in Nigeria for the past nine months now. Once they were in the flat he instinctively went to the balcony almost as if he had entered the flat before. Esther took off her shoes and went into her room to drop her bag, ordinarily she would have taken off her clothes to change into her house shorts and top but she wanted him to leave first. After a while she realised that the generator still wasn’t on and went to the balcony to check on him and was dismayed to hear that there was something wrong with the gen and he was unable to turn it on.

After her cousin had told her that he was on the Island and unlikely to be home for the next three – four hours Esther was happy to reconsider Chuka’s offer to have a drink as she felt this would be a better option than spending that time alone in a dark and hot flat. Plus he was actually decent company and able to hold a conversation with her unlike many of the men she had met here who seemed to become intimidated by her once they learnt she was from the a-broad as Nigerians called someone like her who was born and raised outside of the motherland. Somehow before she knew it the conversation had shifted onto the topic of sex but even more funny to her was the fact that he was now giving her his ‘three steps’ program of guaranteeing her sexual satisfaction should she chose to give him the opportunity. Esther almost wanted to laugh as he sounded like an applicant who was being interviewed for his dream job but she had to admit that his answer on how he would go down on her several times before they fucked was sounding quite appealing. It had been quite a while since she had been fucked royally and as he spoke she suddenly forgot all her hesitation about his age and the fact that he was the neighbour’s young brother. Before she knew it she found herself agreeing to let him give her the first step of the tongue action but told him she had no intentions of sleeping with him.

They walked back to the flat in silence and she had barely closed the door as they entered the flat before he pulled her tightly to him and gave her a long lingering kiss. His lips tasted even better than she had imagined and after a few seconds she found herself kissing him with equal passion enjoying the way he snaked his tongue into her mouth gently but firmly, she especially loved sucking on his bottom lips as this elicited the softest of moans from him. Whilst still kissing deeply and passionately with tongues intertwined she led him towards the biggest sofa in the living room until she was half seated laying on the corner. His hands began exploring the rest of her body wasting no time playing with her breasts he went straight down to raise up her skirt and slowly used his fingers to tease the contour of her pants. He managed to unbutton and took off her skirt and pants in a series of very quick movements. She moaned softly and arched her butt up to encourage him to stick his fingers inside but he seemed to want to make her suffer as instead his fingers suddenly were on her breasts squeezing her nipples through her shirt with just a hint of roughness. He again very swiftly unbuttoned the shirt pushing her tits together before replacing his fingers with his mouth which was sucking greedily on both her hardened nipples at the same time.

Just as the passion to feel him inside her pussy was becoming overbearing, Chuka used his hands to spread her legs opened and then proceeded to eat out her pussy with such intensity, his tongue flicking its way around her throbbing pussy walls licking and sucking at her hardened clit. He was sucking so hard that she tried to push his head as she often did when the sensitivity of her cums got too much for her but this just made him hungrier and she lost count of the amount of times she came. With her pussy well and truly serviced Esther decided that she was now obliged to replay him the favour after the job that he had just performed. She managed to get her wobbly legs to work and stood up pulling him up with her, kissing and licking her cum from his face as her hands unbuttoned and freed his dick from his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any boxers and whilst his was not the longest of dicks she had encountered he had girth and had swollen to such an extent that she couldn’t wait to devour him in her mouth. She pushed him onto the sofa and got down on her knees. Initially she played with just the head of his dick, licking him softly and letting her tongue slid in and out of the slit. She then proceeded to lick all around his shaft and deep throat on him making her gag but she re positioned herself and contracted her cheek muscles around his fullness causing the veins to bulge. He was now trembling and calling out her name as his fingertips caressed the back of her neck. Though she caught a good rhythm she was glad when he finally came after about 15 minutes of her sucking on him and almost developing lockjaw. He told her that no girl had ever made him cum through blow jobs before looking at her with such awe and respect that she knew she would really have to school him on Esthercology101. Without saying anything she got up and went into her room got a couple of condoms. She unwrapped one and slid it onto his dick which she was happy to see had gotten hard again without much effort from her. She then climbed onto the sofa and spread her legs with her butt pushed out ready to receive him. Initially he teased her by rubbing the head of his thick dick up and down her crack before moving it further entering her pussy in one swift move. For a moment she was dazed as his dick completely filed her pussy to the brim but she quickly recovered when he started to fuck her fast and hard. He proceeded to finger-fuck her arse simultaneously causing her to really lose it and scream like an uninhibited banshee. She was glad to hear her neighbour’s generator sound in the background as she knew this would drown out her screams. With his dick and fingers fucking her pussy and arse with equal fervour she was not surprised to find that she squirted cum all over the sofa. Esther then pushed him back onto the sofa and straddled his dick moving up and down on the shaft of his dick allowing him the full view of her arse. He pumped his hips up to meet her downstrokes and used his legs to support her really allowing her enough leverage to grind up and down on his dick faster each time. Esther fucked him so hard she could feel her cum trickling down the inside of her thighs and felt him shudder as he erupted into her.

They finished just as Nepa bought back the light and laughed at each other as they heard the neighbour’s generator go off. Esther realised that whilst he may be young he was certainly the right applicant to handle her sexual needs. For now.

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