‘The Diary Of Juliette And Juliet’ Part 1 by Guest Contributor JoeWackleGH

She broke up with Romeo after six sexual dates. Maybe he shouldn’t have introduced the idea of having their love making on tape, but he thought it was cool because he also gave in to keeping a diary of them. She had an excuse, she’s a writer. Of all the subjects she could have written on, she chose their relationship. At least he didn’t have to climb a balcony to see her…he didn’t have to kiss her poisoned* lips. After the break up, she still keeps the diary.
Lesbian. Flaming lipstick lesbian. What’s good? Having a lesbian to ride around with all day and get no insight on the female mind and how it works from a same sex point of view? She isn’t the traditional lesbian that will wake in the arms of a another woman or walk down the street holding the hand of another woman on weekend nights. She isn’t the half baked lesbian who loves women because of failed relationships with men. She wasn’t a feminist either. Just a girl with an unorthodox sexual preference. But then, she gets more vagina than a toilet seat. There were times we played a game; a game of who gets the most vagina in a week…I LOST. Her name is Juliette. She spells it with two Ts and an E at the end. It looks French. She’s had a couple of one-night stands with men…they were either club bouncers or French. Very liberated, sexually.

“Jamal, I am not a lesbian. I am not straight either. I just have had my share of both worlds and I can’t say for sure which I enjoy better…it’s about who you are with at a given time and how they make you feel.” She says this to me a lot.
So I was about sleeping one Saturday night after a tiring production meeting and my phone started ringing. I ignored it twice. It’s not easy getting out of bed to get that phone from the pocket of my trousers. It rings again. Now I was wondering if my number is 911. It better be urgent. I got up and went for the phone. “Juliette calling”
“What?” I asked
“It’s an emergency” she said
“Call 911”
“Who’s dead?” I asked
“Your dick if you don’t use it. It’s been 7months of no sex. You need to have sex tonight”
“I won’t have sex with you Juliette. You’re a lesbian”
“Get over yourself. You don’t even speak French. I have a girl I’d love you to meet tonight”
“I don’t know her. How am I supposed to have sex with a girl I don’t know?”
“You don’t need her CV for sex. You need a dick. Remember to shave. The Casino. 11pm
My opinion didn’t matter. I don’t know why I can’t trust Juliette on this, there’ve been    times she gave me girls and turned around to fuck them. This could be one. Maybe not. She knew exactly what kind of girls I liked…dark, pettite, nice eyebrows, eloquent and shy. I’m not really picky on boobs and ass. So I jumped through a shower, put on my pants and my favorite white T-shirts. I’ve had a lot of girls tell me I look like sex in that shirt. I honestly didn’t feel good about this whole unplanned hookup but a part of me wanted to go so bad. Not exactly for the promised sex but for beer and wine.
I saw three girls taking turns on hookah like life support. The dreadlocked one had the prettiest smile. Replace that with my dick I thought while I walked towards the bar where Juliette was. The three girls joined us shortly and she introduced me to one as the girl she had for me and the dreadlocked one was her date. The third girl, they just met at the bar. I ordered some beer…more beer, now almost a crate. I said early on that Juliette knew the exact girls I love. This girl perfectly fits the description.
“My name is Juliet. One T with no E at the end”
We laughed at that. Either she had great sense of humor or probably the alcohol made everything seem funny. I’m such a weak drinker. As the night got later, I got hyper and happier with this new girl. Juliette left Juliet and I and went home with the dreadlocked girl. Now it was my responsibility to make sure she got home in this old blue Kia I inherited from my grandmother, I hope it doesn’t misbehave as always; at least not tonight. We had a lot to talk and laugh about on the long lonely drive to her house. She pointed at the 4th house right after a sharp curve and asked me to park there. That was her house. Time to say goodbye. She hugged me and I could feel my heart beat faster and she started laughing. Not at my heartbeat, she felt it. My hard dick poking her ribs as she leaned in to hug me. She unzipped my pants and brought my dick out through my boxers straight into her mouth  and was swallowing like there was a famine and my dick was all she could get to eat.
Bitch was such a tease. She put my dick back in my pants and zipped me up before I could cum. There and then I lost my heart to her. It felt like she sucked it through my dick.  I got home and finished what she had started with my vaseline. Three days passed and I heard nothing from her. Juliette refused to give me her contact. I was too drunk to remember exactly where I dropped her off that night.
“A dreadlocked girl wasn’t a bad idea. The deal was great” Juliette said
“An uncircumcised northerner’s dick felt like I big clitoris.” Juliet said.
They laughed out loud and Juliette writes the date in her diary; 1st Novemeber; 2014. Juliette holds Juliet’s head and kisses while she presses her breast against hers with her hand…TOO MUCH INFORMATION. So surprised I was. Maybe I shouldn’t have peeped through the window and eavesdropped on their chat.  And yes, I am that uncircumcised northerner they spoke about. Juliet had been wanting to to see and feel such a dick all her life and Juliette had been wanting a dreadlocked girl…so I was just a bait.
I answered my phone on the second ring. A call from Juliette.
“It’s been a week. Forget about Juliet. I have another girl for you” she said
“What is the theme for the diary this time?”
“There is no diary”
“Don’t lie to me Juliette. Another girl who fantasizes over an uncircumcised dick?”
“No. Yes. Ok. Fine. I need you to help me complete a story I’m writing with Juliet. It’s been real from chapter one but the last chapter could be fiction”
“What do we call it? The Uncircumcised dick?”
“Silly. The Diary of Romeo and Juliet. But in this story, Juliet reincarnates and falls in love again”
“With a girl?”
“Yes. Another girl called Juliet”
“We call it The Diary of Juliette and Juliet”
Juliette is my best friend…she gives me everything I need. She almost gave me sex once but I didn’t come out as a pretty girl no matter the costume and makeup I applied.  I will help her complete her story but I shouldn’t have been a chapter in there. She says this new girl she has for me is just a clean deal and she has no interest in her. I’ve heard her say that before and caught her fucking girls I liked in my bed more than twice. It’s all about her when it comes to vaginas. It will be right I set fire to this diary she left in my room last night after going down on another girl. The diary of Juliette and Juliet.

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