How I’m finding the mirena

The gynae wanted to know how I was finding the mirena. I said, “Fine. The only thing is that I am getting lots of little pimples on my back which is the same thing I had years ago when I switched from the combined pill to a progesterone only  pill.” I also told her that I occasionally felt some dryness and slightly itchy in my vagina. She said she had to leave some of the string hanging down from the mirena and that once a week I could use a vaginal wash that she would give me a prescription for. I knew I wouldn’t use the vaginal wash but took the prescription anyway. That evening when I had my bath I put my fingers inside my vagina – I could feel the string. Yikes. I’ve been wondering since, what do I do if someone else starts to finger me. Do I warn them that I have a mirena, and that there is a string inside my vagina so they should be careful not to pull it out?

I had a mirena fitted about ten days ago even though my bestie gave me one for a birthday present about 2-3 years ago. The gynae I was seeing at the time said I would need to convince him as to why I needed a mirena fitted – and when I tried to make a subsequent appointment to convince him I never got through. 3 weeks or so ago I registered at a new hospital in East Legon. I had moved to the area a couple of months previously and thought it was time to find a local Dr. The Dr I saw asked if I had any health concerns. “I suspect I am anaemic, and I am asthmatic but I rarely get an attack. I just need to be careful when I get a cold” I said. He sent me off to do a variety of tests and in a week’s time when I went for the results he told me that my hemoglobin level was 3.9 – the minimum it should be for a woman is 11. The scan I had done also showed that I had a huge fibroid. That was when I asked for a referral for a gynae, and as a first step to deal with the huge amounts of blood I have been loosing every month she recommended that I have a mirena fitted. I was more than happy to do so. It’s something I wanted to do ages ago – I also feel quite annoyed that even though I had wanted to do this years ago the gynae I was seeing at the time had been reluctant to do so. My hb levels wouldn’t be so low if only I had the coil inserted years ago. And I wouldn’t have had all those periods when I would be stressed about soiling myself or travelling during my cycle. So apart from the increased onslaught of pimples across my back (which I am currently treating with a cream), and the occasional vaginal dryness, I am really happy with the mirena. My last period was significantly lighter but ironically lasted longer – 7 days instead of my usual 6. I know it will take a while for my body to adjust to the mirena, and I’m looking forward to shorter, lighter periods. Do you use the mirena? How have you found it? Would you consider having a mirena inserted? Let me know your thoughts.



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  • Hey, great post first of all and thanks for writing about this; I don’t think we talk enough about contraception. I had the Mirena for nearly 2 years and I initially got it as I was diagnosed with menorrhagea due to endometriosis. Needless to say, I was ecstatic, no more forgetting to take pills and having to deal with pain and initially it was all good. Then a few months down the line, the cramps returned (as well as radiating back pain) and so did various other undesirable issues; random spotting, numerous infections and continuous discharge. Eventually I got fed up and had it removed. I was told that the string was too long which is possibly what was causing infections. Additionally, it was irritating my womb causing the formation of a hematometra. I suppose the positives were that, like you, my periods did reduce significantly although they did get longer with a lot more spotting in between. So yeah, I suppose it works for some and only time will tell.

  • U had me at an Hb of 3.9!!! That is considered severe anaemia. U should have your Hb checked later to see if its up……okay now back to the mirena

  • Yikes @Humanimated your comment scared me. I feel my string is too long and I’m definitely going to go back to my gynae and ask if she can cut it. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on how my body reacts to the mirena. And yes, we definitely need more posts on different types of contraceptives. Any volunteers?

  • @Missy – I know right? No wonder I have been feeling so tired for months. First I thought it was the stress of finishing up one job, and then I thought it was the stress of starting another job, and then I thought it was because I work pretty much all the time, and then I thought it was because I wasn’t exercising enough so I joined the gym. Sigh. Yes, will retest in about two weeks time. Thanks for the concern

  • Yay! #teamMirena! I’ve this is my 5th year with Mirena. really thankful for a very good woman centered health service that I had access to. @Nana, I remember you writing about your previous Mirena experience with the doctor who wouldn’t give it to you- that makes me LIVID. This is precisely the type of thing that undermines any sort of campaign/drive for the rights of women/the girl child- how can you keep preaching about my self-worth and value to society when you undermine it at one of its most fundamental points- my sexual/reproductive health? arrrgghhh.

    Related to both comments about the string: I have not had any string issues. I’ve tried to feel for it by fingering, and I think I do feel a hint of something? (gynae had me feel the strings prior to insertion so I’d recognize). but the vag walls are so cushy I can’t really tell. LOL. my partner hasn’t mentioned anything/doesn’t feel anything, and its obviously been working. all this just to say the string should probably not be obvious, and one shouldn’t need to use any vag. wash…- but of course, i’m not a medical professional…

    All things considered, I’m someone who had no adverse reactions to the IUD. All that’s happened is my period became more like very, very light spotting- all i really needed to use was some panty sheilds if anything. I am someone who did have regular periods before, but no adverse cramping etc at all.

    I went onto Mirena because its more pregnancy-foolproof than condoms (the paranoia was/is real!) and once it was in I wouldn’t have to think about anything at all, for FIVE YEARS, unlike something like the pill. At the time too, i felt condoms were a dampener on the intimacy/the sex flow. But interestingly, now I feel different (same longterm partner)- just the fact that condoms make sex much less messy afterwards is a huge plus for me now. and really, sex is all about mechanics, it’s up to you how sexy/unsexy you make things. We often stop pre-penetration to lube me up anyway so… why not go ahead and put a rubber on and save me the pleasure of leaking.

  • Ladies, am lost here ooow

  • Women have a lot to worry about, for sure they are unique in a special way. greetings to all the Women in the house.

  • Dude! What are you doing about the fibroid? Didn’t they talk to you about removing it?!?

    • Ermmmm in all of the stuff that came up about potential hyperplasia and the severe anemia I kinda forgot about the fibroid until recently.I’ll go back and see the gynae specifically to ask what can be done about the fibroid. Thanks for the nudge BFFFL

  • @Shungu – You know!I just feel I could have had the Mirena fitted years ago and wouldn’t have been bleeding out my life force all this while. Sigh. Doctors and their need to control women’s bodies. This is the first time I am seeing a woman gynae. I wonder if that made a difference – that she was willing to fit my mirena. She even said what the previous gynae should have done is educate me about the mirena and not say that I will need to persuade him about why he should fit me. I am so glad you have a positive mirena experience. You reminded me to buy panty shields. I am hoping soon my periods will become that light. That will make me so very happy. Thanks as usual for sharing Shungu, and its been too long since we got a guest contribution from you 🙂

  • Such an educative and informative read

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