BDSM…Dare to Venture by Guest Contributor Aunt Andre

I had never really thought about BDSM until I decided to actively read about it. I always felt there was something unexplored there. I knew I loved vanilla spanking and choking but I was never fully satisfied with how it was given to me. If I asked mid sex it sometimes broke the rhythm.  So I left it to masturbating to fantasies. My first stop was BDSM squirting porn and OhMaGah, I became obsessed.

What changed everything for me was seeing black people like me, indulging in it. It opened my mind up to what I figured was impossible. NSFW Tumblr is the best thing that ever happened. My favourites right now are and . It is comforting and extremely arousing to see black bodies, all shapes and sizes fucking each other with such fantastic abandon.

What I love about BDSM as showcased is that it has a lot to do with the mind and it involves coming up with an evolving contract. (The mind fuck I can never get enough of. So reading about and seeing this kind of play is amazing.) I get to sit down with a man, decide the rules and go and play. This is great because it extends beyond the bedroom. A healthy and exciting sub-dom relationship has to be built, takes patience and the result is worth it. When you say ‘Yes Daddy’ you mean it and he can feel it to the core.

I am definitely a sub but having trouble finding a Dom and I have questions. How do you find a compatible partner? Are there tell-tale signs or do you just come out with it? Anyone here living this BDSM lifestyle? Help.

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