Bloody periods and sex

I can’t wait to have sex with him. Something tells me it will be good. I get so turned on when he sucks on my nipples and normally boob action doesn’t do it for me. It’s been just over a month since we met and it feels like I have had my period the whole month. I had my period when we met, travelled, came back, and had my period again when we reunited. And because of this bloody mirena my period now seems to last for at least 7 days. I say at least because this month my period began with spotting. And I was happy. I thought, ‘is this it?’ because I had read that whilst on the mirena you can have very light periods, spotting or indeed no period at all. But then after 2 days of spotting I had a light flow, and then the light flow became a medium flow, and on the 7th day I still have a medium flow. And that sucks. And not in a good way because it means no one can suck me. Unless said person was a vampire.

I’ve told you guys before haven’t I, about the ex who went down on me when I had my period. He took a towel, wiped my clit and flicked his tongue against the tip until I came really hard. It felt amazing and I completely forgot for a couple of seconds that we were at a beach. Fortunately it was a semi private beach but I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy who was occasionally coming to check if we wanted to buy prawns or needed anything else was watching from a distance. I hope he had a good show if he was. But then I think M did that deliberately. He knew I had issues with period sex and he wanted to help me get over it. Our relationship didn’t last long enough for him to succeed but this is one of my fondest memories of him.

Tell me how you feel about periods and sex? Go on share…

Naughty cupcakes by Pink Panda in East Legon
Naughty cupcakes by Pink Panda in East Legon

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  • Period sex is a no go for me. It’s like a butcher’s shop down there. I wouldn’t want anywhere near that carnage! One guy did succeed though. I was mortified, but he was so excited to have period sex. He’d seen combat, so maybe it was a trigger for him, who knows. Last I heard he was back on his way to the Kitty Hawk after 9/11.

  • as a guy it is no go area for me, the day I tried it it was so bloody I had blood all over my dick.

  • Don’t have a problem with periods. The freakier she is in bed, the better.

  • I always have mind blowing orgasms in my period and my husband doesn’t seem to mind. He says he likes it because it is smooth penetration for him,lol. I have had three exes who had sex with me in my period and they never complained. I think your body responds more to the mans touches when you are in your period that’s why the orgasm is always super.

  • Thanks KK, You’re the first woman that I’ve heard enjoys sex on her period. I would never try or ask but next time I might!

  • Sex during my menses is a no go area for me either.

  • This is a very late post but I just discovered this blog and I’m loving it!
    OK so it depends on what day of the period. It’s usually less messy at the beginning and towards the end of the period. It actually feels great cos u never dry out.

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