VIDEO: Iara Fortes May Spend the Next 20 Years Faking Orgasms

Happy African Union/Unity Day, Adventurers! In honor of the day, we have posted the first in a series of vlogs on topics that either interest Nana and I, or that you have previously asked us to tackle. (Feel free to submit an email with more suggestions!)

One of the greatest atrocities of all time is the continued practice of orgasm faking. Women all over the world have been subliminally conditioned to think this is acceptable behavior. It is not. I too was one of these women until I broke free from the chains of this oppression. But what do you do when you are caught in a marriage in which you have lost any agency you MIGHT have had over your body? How can you tell a partner who does not have your sexual best interest at heart what you want and how to please you? By the time you reach the altar, it's probably too late.

Don't be that chick. Don't let your girl be that chick. Solidarity, sisters!

NB: Here is the link to MOM on the article I reference in the video.

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  • if she never experiences the pleasures of orgasm, it is not him to blame, at all. SHE is. The issue of patriarchy does NOT arise at all. Let’s not kid ourselves, this girl had and continues to have options. He is not easy on the eyes at all, like not even a little bit. I’m yet to be convinced that this was a marriage that is purely based on love, economics factor in greatly on his part, and as for him, he has a trophy to showcase. All this political correctness is too mush, abegii!

  • AM paa. I’m surprised that this is coming from you! You of all people know about the coercion tactics employed where sex and marriage are concerned. We have to make room for people who have not reached the point of enlightenment that we who consider ourselves “liberated” have. I guess I have compassion for her because I have (somewhat) been in her shoes. And how many women do we all know who are in unhappy marriages because they felt obligated to enter or stay in one, whether it be for economics, religion, societal expectations, etc.

    And YES IT IS his job to make her orgasm. What else is the role of the husband in bed for? No, no, no. As for that, I won’t lay blame at her feet.

  • Wait a minute, you were serious in this video?! The whole time
    I thought you were joking.

    Me, I still lay blame at her feet. How can this dude make any one orgasm?!?!?! How?!?!? #vanitynobemyportionbutitiswhereOshuisconcerned.

  • That is just sad!! Smh but i’am tempted to agree with AM a bit here .. C’moon 32 year old, a flight attendant, probably a degree holder or some sort, she should know better to some level not to succumb to this kind of ignorance.

    The expressions and words Malaka used to describe him tho #hilarious lol

    • You guys eh? The woman who asked if Christian men should hit it from the back is a 41 year old (verified) virgin who works as a counselor in the American school system.

      You need to get out and meet more kinds of people! We are not all the same ooo…

      Glad you found the humor, tho. 😉

  • Love the video! As for the whole virgin bride thing. Girl needs a vibrator or may even have a bullet in her handbag already…

  • Fortunately, there is a shop nearby where she can acquire the necessary tools!

    Plug for Madam Butterfly

  • MASI: You know the little blue check mark on twitter and FB denoting the owner is a “verified” celeb or personality? She walks around with one of those hovering above her like a halo.

    Verified virgin.

  • hallo! if u fake orgaam can u also fake squirting? d guys who fall for it r either dumb or jes dnt care that she faked it. #myopinion.

  • Forget!!!!!!!Osho Baba as he is known is a *ahem* beast in the sack. This, coming from runs girls who have had him. As for the virgin bit, stories, I have heard that “my wife was a virgin” story a few times when we all knew she wasn’t. It is just a story to get the youths of his state to be “virtuous”. Edo state is the Nigerian capital of international human trafficking/prostitution.

    As for motives, beauty for economics, Q.E.D. They both did what nature ordered, it is the law. Beautiful younger bride and only a face a mother would love, older rich man.

  • Hian, not me personally.Sex economics is not my thing, but not judging. See, you only have to hear about a man from several unconnected, but separated by six degrees, sources to believe.

    That said, that does not guarantee her an orgasm, just that she will not suffer from some regular pounding…she will get that work. And I still do not believe that virgin or vargin bullshit story.

    There was no coercion there, they both entered into their marriage eyes wide open.Her jewelry and real estate, if she is lucky, will give her orgasms.

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