Statue w 12Did any of you read the recent Kenyan story about the wife who reported her husband to her village men for being uncircumcised?  There was a video to boot. We women can be dangerous when crossed eh? No lie about that. I am practically a scorpion when crossed so I could understand her. But the results of her action just may have ended her marriage.

The result? The village men swooped mercilessly down on him within minutes to correct the ‘abomination’. After which he will be isolated for four months and taught to be a man before he can return home. This was supposed to have been done before he came of age. Turning up uncircumcised meant he had never come of age and had to be taken back to go through these rites. This of course was the ultimate disgrace to a man who already has two wives and many children especially given the public nature of his circumcision which I hear is more painful the older you get.

I read this story barely days after I came eye to eye with an uncircumcised dick that left me stricken. In my culture just like the Kenyans in the story,  an uncircumcised penis is almost a crime. A serious abomination.  You the woman will even be ashamed to go out and say your husband is not circumcised.  You will lose respect for sleeping with him and he for being ‘unclean’.

It is considered a very terrible oversight.  How could your parents let this happen?

I could not even put this penis in my mouth with glee I was shocked. Never have I even beheld an uncircumcised penis but I knew straight away it was not the regular type. What do you do with an uncircumcised man? How do you try not to feel repulsed? Perhaps something more wrong with my upbringing and culture?

Do uncircumcised men feel pleasure on the same level as circumcised men?

Is it okay in your part of the world for a man to go uncircumcised?


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  • OMG!!! This post had me in hysterics!! ???????????? I have never seen an uncircumcised penis, and I’m pretty sure I’d be equally repulsed if I ever had. My dad used to talk about how the boys in his dorm who were uncircumcised always smelled. You have to keep the foreskin very clean.

    So naaahhh. I’m with you. There’ll be no show with your curtains covering the main attraction.

    • All the ladies, let me educate you about circumcision and why it is not advisable. Imagine you losing 30-40% of erotogenic nerve endings from your clit, what would happen then, would you enjoy your orgasm the same way as a woman with a normal clit does.

      Lets talk about hygiene, It’s a personal affair and every human being irrespective of their condition need to take care of their hygiene. Educating your partner about hygiene is also a responsible job which we ought to do to maintain healthy lifestyles. I hope this brings some light into this biased discussion, I feel pity for those who fall victim to these baseless allegations and logics displayed by the people of absolute conservative mindset.
      Please read this article and there are many more for you to read on the internet by medical experts and advisors throughout the world- here – https://www.circinfo.org/Warren.html

  • It is such a huge embarrassment I don’t know how anyone can endure it. How do I put that dick in my mouth when all I can think about is dirt? If you scrub it squeaky my mind will still disagree. 🙁 I however feel we are being unfair. Boarding school will be a nightmare for uncircumcised boys.

  • I am sure a doctor or someone more qualified will chime in with a more detailed comment but I really think there is something more wrong with your upbringing and culture. Grant it, I was raised the same way and was circumcised at birth. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an uncircumcised penis. Its not dirty, smelly or any other repulsive thought that comes to mind. Actually, there are claims that it heightens the pleasure during intercourse. The only negative I have read about is, it might be easier to contract an STD when you are not circumcised. Maybe a doctor can shed some light on this…….

  • In my country (zimbabwe) being uncircumcised is the norm, circumcision is only gaining more traction because of its association with reduced rate of HIV transmission. Still I would say 90% of males are uncircumcised.
    I’ve never had issues as far as intimacy goes. I’ve also never been with a partner who was circumcised.

  • And also, once the penis is fully erect, the foreskin retracts so that the head of the penis is exposed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_penis#mediaviewer/File:Erection_Development_V2.jpg
    If anything maybe you need less lube on the part of the guy because you have the foreskin? Me not being a guy, I’m neither here nor there. I would want to be intimate with people who had good hygiene period, regardless of foreskin or not.

  • Been with an uncircumcised guy and even though I know that logically…scientifically, there is nothing wrong with a foreskin, I was like ‘NXAAAAAA!’. It just looked like an anteater. No ma’am.

  • Ha! So there is a time that a German woman contacted me because she wanted me to advocate that male circumcision is a terrible thing akin to FGM. Ermmm, no thanks.

    Personally I know logically that there is nothing wrong with an uncircumcised dick and than uncircumcised men experience more sexual pleasure. I have also heard a couple of horror stories about people who were circumcised badly…some children have lost their entire penises so in some cases have been raised as girls which as you can imagine has led to gender issues as teenagers etc but I digress.

    I too have never seen an uncircumcised dick filli filli…and not keen to either. I know it’s definitely something wrong with my socialisation

  • Nope. Your dad just said that to scare you people. Thats not true. You should go out and do your own research before making such conclusions. In Australia circumcision is illegal. So do you want to tell me that the whole Aussie population and the country as a whole smells? Yet they are a first world country with some of the best med facilities.

  • circumcision is a bantu and cushitic practice. In kenya we have river lake nilotes like the luo who did not cut foreskins as a rite of passage and also some nilotes like the Turkana. Their women have had no problems with them for all those years. So if according to you tou don’t like incut men, then keep it to your self don’t think that everywhere worldwide all women dont like uncut.

  • My friend dick cheese is a REAL thing. Let’s stop acting like it isn’t and in guys who are unclean the thin SMELLS.

    Is it in this country where some people have ‘BATH DAYS’?! Please. No way is it going into my mouth. And yes, I know all the stuff about it being more sensitive etcetera but my people, the Igbo people always circumcised their kids. First the Whiteman tried to stop us, now they say it helps reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases. Nonsense. Our people were not stupid. Apart from when it came to FGM naturally because it is sooooooo not the same thing. Nor was it for the same reasons.

  • Jamach, if I had kept it to myself, I wouldn’t hear your opinion would I? That’s why this post was written. To enquire and correct my perception if need be. I have often wondered too if it is not as horrible as female circumcision @Nana Darkoa. It seems like a lot of pain. In this case I don’t know who is being ignorant: us or those who do not circumcise their men. I still like it cut nonetheless.

  • I want to say something, but Nana will tell me I fight too much, so I won’t.

    That said, Purple T, well handled.

  • Hahahahahaah @Malaka. Yes, I am very proud of you for not fighting. Keep it up I beg you 🙂

    @Purple Tussle, I for one appreciate this post. I think it’s important that we talk about these things, and hear differing and similar opinions.

    From what I know the current medical discourse around male circumcision is that there is evidence to indicate that it reduces the risk of HIV transmission and infection. That alone for me is a good thing. Personally I recognise that my ‘unease’ around uncircumcised dicks is cultural but this is something I have thought through…When I re read Shungu’s comment and realised that she had actually never been with a circumcised man I was like, ‘Wow’. But I guess that’s the same way someone would react to some of us who have never been with uncircumcised men

  • @Nana, yay!! thanks for re-reading! ahaha.

    @Jamach, just to be clear, circumcision is not technically a ‘bantu’ practice- since we in Zim are bantu and do not culturally do it. All the same, no need to get high blood pressure, it is just a penis we are talking about after all, and not a pot of gold 😉

    It’s really fascinating how the zim penis landscape is altering itself (in parts). I’m fascinated by how the initiative is being carried out particularly since this is being introduced from a health perspective- and a pretty serious one with HIV (but also HPV etc…)- offering free transportation to families of newborns who elect to have the procedure done a few days after birth; getting local celebrities to endorse.

    However, when I see all the billboards, TV adverts and newspaper coverage, the masses of money and energy going into this campaign, the undertones are ever so slightly disconcerting, especially at how they are marketing the HIV prevention angle in a female-void way (very guy-only safety centered; and almost giving a false sense of ‘final solution’), and how in general campaigns involving men’s health get so much more traction and airtime than female based initiatives…

    • So many truths in here @Shungu – I for one, want more efforts placed in developing microbicides so that women can have more control over a preventative tool. It is well known that many married women for e.g. are unable to negotiate condom use.

      As for this whole Bantu thing I do not even know what it means. Like I literally do not know. Sometimes it even sounds racist to me, but that may just be my ignorance

  • I have been fucked by an uncircumcised dick before. It wasn’t dirty at all. It feels soooo normal. It was a very big dick so I didn’t really notice. It was very nice

  • @shungu, I feel you and despite the hiv awareness progs, many zimbo men dnt feel inclined to undergo circumcision unless its part of their culture depending on which clan or village they hail frOm.And then as a counsellor I have come across male clients who have the misconception that if they get circumcised, they will NOT get hiv.so it really is a challenge in conveying the proper message and helping people understand.Then therz the issue of a woman having to address men or elders concerning hiv/safe sex /circumcision.@purple tussle,your post definitely shows the differences within our cultures and traditions as Africans, but it helps us know more and at the end of the day no matter where we are, it is these roots that form our upbringing.

  • Dear community
    this is with utmost interest that I discovered this post
    I am an European white man that have my manhood the way it was made in my mother womb…
    From an hygienic standpoint, I wash every day and none of my lovers never had an issue with appearance or smell issue and practiced willingly oral on me.
    From a sensitivity standpoint, please note that the manhood tip skin, being protected most of the time by the hood, is very soft and sensitive to all kind of stimulation…
    from a Manual Job perspective, when stroking uncircumcised manhood, you should pay attention to get it properly lubed and avoid pulling too hard on the foreskin especially if not lubed. There is a part that attach the foreskin to the gland called “the brake”, this part is highly pleasurable when licked or brushed but excessive friction or tension can get this part painful to the point you should use a condom to make love for the time to recover.
    My wife is an amazing, open minded and smart and gorgeous African woman.
    She loves the shape and feel of my manhood, we enjoy everything together and she IS a Bloomed and Fulfilled Woman 😉
    So please dont be shy…
    Love and sex relationship is possible between an African Woman and a uncircumcised white man.
    I wish you all to find your way and be happy
    kind regards

    • Thank you for sharing Leonard. I agree that love and sex is possible between an African man and an uncircumcised white man, or any other uncircumcised man for that matter. Wishing you happiness too

  • I don’t know why this wont let me respond to a specific comment.

    I have encountered one uncircumcised penis and I have to say it was the best of them all. It’s owner kept it immaculately clean and would pop into the bathroom if necessary before things got heated. It also had this hard but soft quality to it when compared to circumcised ones. He also was very sensitive which I absolutely loved.

  • Working on a few. Might send one your way.

  • I have only recently learned of this blog. Am a Ugandan. I have only been engaged with two men. The first was circumcised. the second is not and yet I really enjoy sexing him, riding him. When we started out, I told him that I would have trouble with a foreskin, and he told me if I wasn’t satisfied with the sex, only then would he undergo a medical circumcision. 3 years down the road and I can’t even remember what I was fussing about…

    • @charmalate – Sounds like the beginning of a great blog post. Fancy writing for us?

    • My girl friends all are very dominant and wear the pants ,our younger friend carol 30yo about to marry her toy boy 24yo with a very unusually long floppy forskin which was way two tight for his little knob and it couldnt be pull back so trish our bossy leader had him tied naked with his legs spreadeagled in a type of styrup not knowing he was was nicely presented at our ladies circumcision party ps it all went to plan, apart from his embarrassment and carrying on way two much, i think leave circumcision to us woman and we just snip all males,?

  • When it comes to love making, the circumcised d**k is less responsive or sensitive , meaning that the circumcised dude hardly enjoy love making i.e if we are to measure it through stimulation or responsiveness of sex organs…holding other things constant, it takes a helluva lot of efforts, psychologically, for a circumcised man to be sexually wired.. some women love the circumcised d**k becoz its tip is hard/rough, they can sensually feel it inside,unlike an uncircumcised one, with a soft tip, which smoothly brushes V’s ‘walls’…no an odd feeling right? The circumcised one, owing to the roughness of its head, makes women experience orgasm in no time (scientifically proven lo) – one sided enjoyment if we are to apply ceteris paribus rule( hold other things constant), so stop selling fish by asking your partners to get circumcised, once the head is exposed, it would be forever – water under the bridge , I’m regretting…lo,went under the knife on medical grounds,in my culture, circumcision has no valued place and our women don’t even care…. uncircumcised guys still have options…. then another interesting thing is, men are not products of their own making, we are created by God, yes, In the bible, circumcision was the Jews’ cultural practice (brit milah), also God’s old covenant (Genesis 17, 10-14) (today we’re under a new covenant, …why under the knife?) … so if God created us with the foreskin, guess there are reasons for having/keeping it , why modifying our d**K….. justthinking …. my conclusion is, circumcision is spiritually immaterial today but cultural relevant or significant, however, culture is not universal… if circumcision is good in your culture or country, please respect that and marry or date ‘in-your-culture/country’, the same goes to men in cultures/countries where circumcision is not an issue whatsoever – keep your culture/country, and I will keep mine (borrowing Uncle BOB’s words). let’s stop universalizing our cultures, a person’s meat is another person’s poison, remember!if Susan, in a given country in Africa, can’t take it, the same cannot be said for Guang in China …its unhealthy to have cultural bullies, lets celebrate our diversity as we will never be the same in this current life.. if we blog to seek public opinions, we need to be neutral ( balanced), one of the traits of a seasoned researcher/blogger, so that we get emotionless views and make informed conclusion…unless if our blogs are for superiority parading or specific country/culture X… no probs, aliens will stop following the feeds 😉

  • What does the bible say about circumcision?

  • Listen I used to be the same. In Nigeria, Culturally, uncircumcised dicks are considered an abomination but truth be told after getting over the initial shock of seeing one up close and personal I’m cool either way now. It’s like a Christmas present that keeps on giving when it pops through the wrapping. Lovely to see. So now I’m bi-penisual…I will try either as long as it’s safe and clean, rock hard and attached to a sane man.

  • i am a mature (read: older, wiser, patient, experienced) divorced white man, as well a Roman-Catholic and :

    – uncircumcised
    – i like african women
    – i like also anal experiences

  • Most women including those from circumcising communities rarely care about one’s circumcision status as long as you are good in bed.

    • I don’t know about that Mike. We’re raised to think of uncircumcised penises as ‘dirty’ so it’s definitely a bias at a minimum. But of course when you meet a guy and like him and find out afterwards that he’s uncircumcised, you’re more willing to give it a go. At least that was my experience.

  • Those that say an uncircumcised penis is dirty have got to be the most ignorant people on this planet.I once used to fuck two different girls from circumcising communities who never cared less about the presence of my foreskin,if anything they would keep coming back for more because they kept on telling me that the sex I had with them was exeptional.One of them even had a son and she categorically refused to have him circumcised.The female sexuall organ is more complex than a male organ.It is also more suscptible to oduor,infection and more difficult to clean yet on very rare occassions do we hear about cases of women getting their inner libia or clitoral hood chopped off for hygienic purposes.

  • Some people on this article are pretty laughable. The way they talk of the uncut ot s like they found the secret of what makes humanity. I come from Burundi and being circumcised here is an exception rather than a norm. The same applies to Rwanda, Uganda, more than half the Tanzanian population, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, majority of South Africans, whole of Europe, India, China actually whose of Asia except Middle East coz of religion and Phillipines, whole of South America, Canada and most Americans indeed 2/3 of world population are not circumcised! Does that make the few countries/tribes that prolactice it cleaner than the rest of humanity? Or does it make tjose few the most intellectually, socially and evonomically advanced? Culture is just culture and each group has its own and that does not make ones culture superior to others

  • It is better to be in the majority than in the minority,this is because 75 percent of the worlds male population is uncircumcised.

  • Comment:im frank From Kenya, what you get doesn’t matter… as long as the man has the motion in the ocean… I’m circumcised and ladies, get turned on with it ..

    uncircumcised men be Clean
    circumcised do your part

  • I am new here but believe you me; soon I will be making very interesting contributions (well, so far they’re interesting to me & a few others).

  • Don: White Chocolate

    I think it is imperative that boys get circumcised shortly after birth. I’m a White man living in Kenya. There are several Ethnic groups/Tribes in Kenya which forbid circumcision. Besides, a circumcised man has a tighter head.

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