Paris Returns…part deux

Marissa tightened her thighs around his waist and he responded by pushing her body up the wall that was supporting her.

She whispered in his ear, “My body is swelling up at the thought of you inside of me. She punctuated

the sentence with a small bite of his ear lobe.

Paris understood almost instinctively knew what to do next. He walked Marissa over to the bed as she buried her head in his neck, deeply inhaling his intoxicating scent that first grabbed her attention that day on the plane.


“What cologne are you wearing?” She asked the stranger who just switched his seat.

“Oh, I’m not sure. It’s probably a mixture of a few scents. I haven’t been to sleep in hours, so I just threw on whatever was cleanest and closest.” He admitted.

“Well, it…it smells…very nice.” Marissa was able to admit before the smile crept across her face.

Thinking of their encounter routinely played back through her head. She still blushed a little at the

thought of it all.


He softly laid Marissa down on the bed. Without any words, he went down onto his knees. Her silk dress was crumpled up at her waist with her legs dangling in the air above his head. His skills with his tongue were as good as she remembered. The slow seduction of the night had already brought Marissa to the edge of her climax quickly. She was not accustomed to climaxing so quickly, but the way he was so intense and deliberate with her body. There would be no denying him the pleasure he sought. She let out a loud gasp. His head rose slightly so he could make eye contact with her as he continued lapping up her juices. Marissa lost the rest of her inhibitions with that piercing look.

She commanded him,“Come here.”

“Cum again?” He responded addressing both her and her orgasm that was begging to be released.

He wrapped his entire mouth around her and began sucking powerfully. Her body followed his command. He stood up and just then Marissa realized he was almost fully clothed. She could see his print begging to be released. The sight of his bulge made her lick her lips in anticipation of a taste. Marissa grabbed his hand and stopped him from removing his clothes.

“That’s my job!” She said.

His lips spread into a wide devious smile.

Marissa locked eyes with him as her hands went to work. Slowly unbuttoning his shirt making sure to drag her fingernails over his chiseled chest. She wanted him to wait to enjoy her for the long hiatus between them. She came to the top of this pants instead of releasing his begging member, she decided she would toy with him. She traced the length of his shaft with her long fingernails. She brought her face close enough to breath over it so he could feel the heat from her breath on it. She even wrapped her lips around him and sucked and licked at his cock through the fabric until she could hear his labored breathing and deep gulps.

“Do you want to be free?” She asked.

He pleaded with her,“Oh my god, yes!”

“How nice will you be if I do as you like?” She mockingly asked.

“I will be as nice or as nasty as you want.” He said with a look in his eye that she knew he meant every word of it.

“Good answer! “ She said as she made quick work of his zipper, pants and boxers.

“Almost as beautiful as I remember” she said to herself.

The teasing she did through his pants already made his tip pearled. With the tip of her tongue she began to spread his sticky sweet pre-cum around his head in a circular motion.

She hummed in pleasure at the taste of him. She knew she would enjoy giving him pleasure as much as he would enjoy receiving it.

Marissa made her hands and mouth become in sync with one another, they became as if they were one unit, gliding up and down his shaft. The swift motions with her mouth and hands made the sound of his moans come from the depth of the back of his throat. She knew if she continued her pace their night would be cut short too soon. So she slowed down and slowly peeled her hands away from his shaft and then loosened up the hold of him in her mouth. She changed her pace until it was merely her tongue lapping at the veins running haphazardly up and down his shaft. She made a mental game of tracing every line running through his throbbing dick. He was so hard she felt it almost had a heartbeat of its own. The teasing was a specialty of Marissa’s.

This was how she was going to enact her revenge on making her fall hard for him on a nine-hour plane ride and then disappearing, which made her start to question if it was even real. She had dreams that frequented her mind more than he frequented her inbox.

He reached out a hand to touch her hair. She grabbed his hand and interlaced her fingers with his. With her free hand she moved his full penis to the side and begin to use the same random flicks of her tongue on his balls. She felt the muscles in his thighs constrict. Marissa released his vice grip on her hand and reached down to search his pockets for a condom. She slid it down over his shaft with her mouth and hands.

She wanted him to watch her. She loved the way he gazed at her. That gaze was the same one she remembered capturing her as she peered up from her novel. She mounted him and moved her hands over her breasts. She grabbed at their meatiness as she rubbed her nipples between her forefinger and thumb. His tongue licked at the nipple as she fed him the rest of her breast. The forceful sucking and light tongue flicking was making her even wetter than his cunnilingus had. She had never had a man bring her to the point of orgasm from just nipple play. The feeling growing in her made her sure another orgasm was close.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.” She halfway moaned and screamed at the same time.

He was determined to make her do just what she warned. He took his mouth off the right breast and dove deeper into the left. Her hips started moving rhythmically over his penis. She rubbed her clit as hard as she could on his shaft until she squirted all over him. He gave her breast a small bite and released her from his mouth.

“So you think you are the only one that can tease some one?” He asked.

They both broke out in a huge smile.

Marissa took him into her hand and guided him inside of her as she slid down on top of his shaft and began to slowly rock her hips. He reached his large hands out to her and grabbed at both sides of her waist, driving her deeper on to him. Marissa grunted and lost control of her head and let it roll back from the ecstasy she felt from the added pressure from him filling her up. The previous orgasms had her engorged and easily aroused. He saw that she was losing control and took over. He placed his hands on her back and reversed their positions. He was sure to carefully lay her down. Marissa felt him drive deeper inside of her as he held a leg in each hand and rain a trail of kisses starting at the arch of her foot to the bend in her knee and then switching to the other leg. At that very moment Marissa felt her legs go. Her legs began to shake violently in his hands. He felt it too, and dug inside of her deeper and swifter. The increased speed brought Marissa back to the brink of climaxing; she reached between her legs and began massaging her enlarged clitoris.

“Cum all over me baby!” He begged her.

The sound of his voice ushered her orgasm down, it was almost mutiny the way her body defied her directives but easily gave into his instructions. As soon as her walls started pulsing and squeezing on his penis, he could not hold back any further. His orgasm came so quickly and roared so powerfully through his body that even Marissa could see the shock on his face.

“Oh. My. God.” He screamed as he released and fell on top of her.

Marissa wrapped her tired legs around him locking him inside of her as he shook and convulsed. Occasionally, she squeezed her pelvic muscles to keep him aroused and tortured at the same time. Paris was the first to break the silence. He said with a smile across his face, “I don’t remember it beinglike that last time.”

Marissa ran her hands through his curls, “It wasn’t. Every time is different”.

“Well in that case, I’ll be looking forward to the surprise of next time.” He said.

Marissa let out a small chuckle, “You assume there will be a next time. ” She released him from her legs and rolled over on her side.

Paris stood up and went to the bathroom. Marissa could hear him running the water in the shower.

“Join me.” He said from inside the bathroom. His tone was more commanding than asking.

Marissa raised herself from the bed and greeted him inside the shower with a deep kiss and he in turn began to suds her body. His hands felt her all over and cleansed every part of her body. Between the lathering and rinsing they stole kisses and looks at each other. Paris turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, holding a dry towel wide in his broad arms. Marissa felt like a kid being dried after a bath the way her mother used to dry her.

As she was being toweled off Paris spoke, “You aren’t going anywhere. Not yet anyways”

Marissa simply nodded her head.

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