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If anyone had told me that months after young Femi reported for duty he would be ploughing through me on my office floor, I would have had a good laugh in that person’s face and probably said, “Oh that small boy?? Please!”

But here we both were, not bothering to fully undress in order to taste every inch of our bodies like I had imagined so many times since that day I saw him at the retreat, writhing to the sweet rhythm of raw, intense fucking like I’d never experienced before.

Fifteen minutes earlier, I was busy wondering what he had in store. He wasted no time in getting down to business and showed me EXACTLY what he was made of. Within seconds of locking my door, he drew closer and tugged a piece of material around my neck; which I later realized was his tie. This sent bolts of shock and fear through my body but for some weird reason turned me on more than I thought was possible.

He parted my knees with one of his, reached beneath my skirt from behind and plunged his right, middle finger past my undies, deep into my core while he kept a tighter grip on the tie with his left. Like clockwork he warned me to stay silent just when I was about to let out a moan; one mixed with pain and pleasure.

From his voice I realized this wasn’t the time to defy him. This was the time to simply submit to this god in human flesh. So I stayed mute, only wishing I could show him how much pleasure he was wracking through my body.

He let go of the tie, grabbed my neck and turned my head just enough so he could subtly lick the side of my face, ever so slowly. He did this, while he was still pounding my core; this time, with two fingers. Pure dominance and I wanted nothing but more of it. He was claiming me as his right there and I had no words to stop him. How dare I? I didn’t even want to.

I couldn’t stand either. God, help me!  My
knees were buckling and I couldn’t take it any longer. I begged him to stop, and just take me whole. He only snickered and grabbed my left breast with such urgency I could only imagine how long he’d meant to do so. Then he gave into his thoughts; all he’d held back for so long in something akin to a confession.

He’d anticipated coupling every day since we met and he’d been strung tight for too long; from that first day the MD introduced him to the staff, to that weekend corporate retreat in SA.

Now I had to be punished for being older, yet so sexy; so out of his reach. I had to be punished for being such a tease. I simply had to be punished. I simply had to be punished. He kept repeating that over and over as he dragged me over the cliff of ecstasy and release.

He turned me around and made me watch as he licked the fingers which had just been inside me. With closed lids he licked each with such relish it was as though I was watching a child lick his favorite ice cream cone. He paused to observe me beneath hooded lids, the effect that had had.

He then positioned me on my desk  with a “Stay put”, as he walked around my desk and pulled out my chair towards the door. In one swift motion he took off his belt and freed his pants, swung me off the desk and lay me on the floor, trapping me between him and the chair. I could feel his rock press into my thigh as he traced his hand along the length of my face down to the neckline of my chiffon blouse.

He did nothing for a while except to look deep into my eyes. And I could do nothing but stare back, all words murdered by the spasms of release he had subjected me to. Without warning he tugged at, and ripped the front of my blouse, exposing my breasts.

And again all he did was look. He inhaled sharply and groaned ever so deeply as though he was in some pain. He grabbed the tie again off my desk, pulled my arms over my head and tied them to one of the legs of the chair.

It had been decided. I was officially the submissive here at the mercy of this shot of whiskey. He fluidly freed his length and let it slide along my face just inches from my lips as he slid back down onto my body, causing a tidal wave of emotion between my thighs. What a tease! There was nothing I could do and I loved it!

With the same amount of pressure as he’d used on my blouse he shoved my skirt up my thighs and tugged at my lace undies till it tore from my hip and slid off my slightly hairy mound (I know. Next time I should really be prepared down there).

Now he had just enough room to shove himself deep inside my body.

There it was again; that pause, that look. It was as though each time his aim was to catch me unawares and shock me. And each time, he won hands down. This time around I was left gasping for breath from the shock of his hulk of a phallus invading my being.

He gripped my neck lightly with one hand and fondled my left breast with the other, yet he never allowed the intensity of his gaze move from mine. With each hard thrust, his grip on my neck got tighter and tighter, and his fingers simultaneously worked my nipple into a tighter bud. His fingers were abruptly replaced by his hot tongue sucking away with abandon.

So here we both were, our bodies moving to the rhythm of our hearts beating as fast as his thrusts, riding the waves of sexual pleasure; a forbidden pleasure. But at that point neither of us cared. We didn’t care that he was younger. We didn’t care that the next day we’d have to act professional and probably fail miserably at it. We didn’t care to look up even once to see if we were truly alone or if there was actually someone else in the hallway.

We were on the brink of shattering each other’s worlds. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

Just when I was about to explode all over him he stopped. Just like that. WT*!! I opened my eyes and looked at him with a mixture of shock and anger as he broke into laughter. I couldn’t believe it. Yet there he was, laughing. Then just as quickly as he’d started, he stopped.

“Femi…! Why did you stop??” I grated out, unable to mask my mood.

“I need to savor this moment a tad bit longer Dela” he rasped, voice thick with sexual tension as he visually took in where our bodies united.

He began pulling out slowly to my disappointment, and at the same time toyed with my engorged bud with his left thumb.

And just when I thought it was all over, he uttered the words “…this is perfection” and slammed right back inside!

That, my dear, was all I needed to topple over the cliff of orgasms which rippled through my body. This time he did not stop me from screaming because this time, he let himself go as well, spilling his essence deep within as he climaxed with a deep, throaty growl.

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