Paris Falls

Marissa did not quite know exactly where she was heading. She could hear the rush of water in the distance and saw signs directing her to the falls, but she moved cautiously down the rough terrain, making sure to plant her feet carefully one in front of the other. She held the book bag with their blankets and towels on her back while he held the cooler in his hands. She could feel him watching her walk.

He admitted the night before that it was one of his favorite pastimes.

“That walk made me follow you.” He said to her back, as she was mid-stride to the bathroom.

“What are you talking about?” She replied with a laugh in her voice.

His answer was very matter fact,“On the plane, you got up and walked past me and that was it. I had no clue what I was going to do. I just knew I was following you wherever you wanted to go.”

Marissa emerged from the bathroom, “So, you’ll follow me wherever I want to go, you say?”

Paris looked up from the television. He paused and gave her a probing stare, “Why do I feel like I just consented to something?”

Responding with a daring stare to rival his long gaze she retorted, “So you don’t trust me, Salt?”

Marissa knew his full name but never quite liked to call him by his name.  Men were always called by their pseudonyms.  It is easier to not fall for someone if they exist in vagueness. Salt was a play on his last name that donned the back of his jersey and a common childhood nickname. He had told her about it the day they met.  He just never thought she would use it so freely.

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me that?” He said.

“Yes, but you said not in public. No one else is around. Anyways, Salt, what say you? Do you trust me or not?” She said redirecting the conversation.

“Yes, I do. But you know there are…” hesitating to ensure he carefully choose his words, he hesitated a moment before continuing to speak.   Finally he shot back,“limitations!”

“Not in my world there aren’t.” She replied concluding the conversation.

She went about planning their next days adventure. She had no idea when he called her the previous day that their one night tryst would morph into a four day weekend. Luckily she was able to work from anywhere.  After a brief separation from Paris’ agenda, she was able to sneak home to get more necessities for work.

While she spent time with him, she set up temporary residence at Suite 609 at The Biltmore Hotel.  Days and nights seemed to bleed into each other since the blackout drapes remained drawn the entire time. She was dying for some fresh air and sunshine.


Within 12 hours he commenced to follow her again, down a steep terrain to some unknown destination. He hadn’t asked many questions on the way and Marissa happened to like that he was so willing and open.

Then again he did pack up his life and move to a country where he didn’t know any of the language or a living soul and manage to survive. Whatever I have planned has to be trivial in comparison she thought to herself. Here is a man who could survive, even thrive, and that was wildly attractive to Marissa.

As they descended to the bottom of the hill, the landscape opened up and before them was a beautiful powerful waterfall. It was a warm late summer day and the rocks were peppered with lovers, families, and the occasional solo nature enthusiast. She stopped in her tracks to take in the beauty of the site. He was right behind her instantly.

“Wow, I didn’t know this was in the middle of the city!” He stated as he gazed over the scenery.

“Neither did I!” She said. “I had heard about it but never been.” She quickly followed up.

After setting up camp and undressing to their bathing suits they began the task of walking up to the waterfall. The rocks were covered in algae which made them slippery in certain places and each step had to be carefully placed. The sharp rocks and differing depths made for a difficult climb. Marissa’s lack of “family friendly” bathing suits made this even more interesting. Once she stopped to readjust her top after discovering a nip slip only to raise her head and catch the eye of a gentleman that had watched the entire ordeal from the shore line. She just laughed quietly to herself.

Paris was behind her each step, making sure to hold on to her waist for his fear of her falling.

As they made it closer to the falls, she commented, “The water feels amazing.”

Marissa was never one for public displays of affection but the scenery and the other lovers sunning on a nearby rock sparked something in her. She reached over to him and pulled him close to her, moving her thigh between his legs and her hand caressing his back. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, until she almost forgot where she was.

“What was that for?” He said after their lips parted.

“For being you. And for being game. And for coming into my life in the most random and exciting ways.” She said peering into his eyes.

“I want to be with you, more. When I hit you up, that’s my aim but I know that I can’t make you come to Paris to be with me. Or whatever city I’m in at the moment. ”  He said.

“NO…you can though. You can always sweep me off to whatever city you’re in.” She said half laughing, half serious.

“Just buy my ticket and say, ‘Marissa you are coming to Paris these dates.’ and I will be there.” She said.

Laughing but very seriously he responded, “I’m not that way. Sorry”.

It dawned on Marissa in that moment, his daring nature was of a temporary sort. He wasn’t commonly bold or even crazy that day on the plane, he was just living in the moment. Watching her walk, letting her lead the way.
Just then Marissa noticed a couple coming from behind the wall of water.

“Did you see them ?” She turned to him and asked.

“Yes, but where are they coming from?” He responded.

The couple walked past them and Marissa could not help but ask.

“Hey, what’s behind the water?” She implored.

“It’s a cave, it’s not terribly big but you can’t miss it once you go in.” The lady of the couple answered.

Marissa shot a look at Paris and he knew what was next without even asking.

Marissa got to the wall of water and stopped.

“You go first.” She said nudging him in to the pounding water.

Paris stuck his hand in and found where the void was and disappeared into the cave. Marissa stood on the other side of the water wall, nervously waiting to hear from him.

“I found it!” he shouted back.

His hand stretched out from behind the wall and his fingers signaled for Marissa to take his hand and follow him. As she grabbed his hand she felt his force pull her into the water and then in an instant she was on the other side with him, in the cave.

To call it a cave was an over estimation by the couple. It was merely a hollow in the wall of the rocks perfectly sized for 2 adults to stand in.

This feels oddly familiar Marissa thought to herself .

Before she could think any more thoughts, his mouth was on hers. Tongues dashing in and out as the water splashed all around them.  He leaned against the rocks behind him and pulled her body into his. Marissa could feel him through his swim shorts. She began to trace the outline of his print with her free hand. His hands were free and all over her body. The bathing suit choice proved to be ideal now, with quick movements her top was down and his other hand was working on pulling her bottoms to the side.

His hands were tracing circles on her clitoris and she matched the same motion and speed with her hand on his member. The teasing was driving them wild with anticipation. The other hand was pressed solidly against the rocks behind his head, to keep her from loosing herself in the overload that was bound to happen.

“Too bad we don’t do quickies.” She whispered in his ear.

“It’s your fault why I don’t do quickies.” He said. “Clearly I can, I have before with you”.

With that he picked her up and put her directly on top of his penis. She slid right down over top of his shaft and began pumping away. The cave was full of light from the outside but completely obscured from sight. They could see each other clearly and he knew just when to adjust by the look in her face. She noticed he always watched her so intently, it was as if her body spoke a language only he understood. He knew the way she threw her head back meant the waves of an orgasm were quickly washing over her. He wanted to heighten her orgasm, so his hand that was semi supporting her bottom went to her other hole. The feeling of being aroused in every spot put her over the edge, she began to contract on his penis and finger.  Paris felt her contractions and it only served to make him harder.

Marissa came back to herself after the powerful orgasm and started to work her magic on Paris.

“You couldn’t wait to get inside of me?” She asked him close to his ear just loud enough to be heard over the water. “This water made you think about how wet you get me? Does it feel good to be surrounded by water? Are you drowning in me?”

Paris was only able to muster  “You’re…you’re… Damn, why does your pussy feel amazing?”

“Because she loves you. Everything you do to her she loves.” Marissa spoke into him.

Paris began thrusting inside of her harder and deeper. Marissa knew he could not last long at this pace.

She intensified the dirty talking in his ear, “Are you going to give me what I worked for?”

“Give me my treat. I want it all inside of me.” She began pleading for him and moaning deeply in his ear.

He grabbed her back tighter till she could feel him pressing into her rib cage. And just like that he was done.

“Oh my god, baby!” he said, opening his eyes blinking hard at her.

Laughing Marissa, give him one more kegel squeeze .

“Don’t do that or we will never leave this cave.” He said placing her back down on her feet.

Marissa reached back to caress his face, “Salt, that’s not a threat you want to be handing out to me.”

He dragged her hand from the side of his face, looked directly in her eyes and kissed her palm, after removing his lips he asked, “Why are you so beautiful?”

Marissa chuckled and turned away and began adjusting her tiny bikini back to cover the little bit of flesh they were covering before.  Just before walking back through the water wall she shot back “Only to you.” After her last statement, she was on the other side of back in the sunlight.

They made their way back to the campsite they had set up on the beach, Marissa pulled out the food she purchased earlier in the day but he was not very hungry. He laid back on the blanket, stretched out his arms and motioned for her to come closer. Marissa abandoned the fussing over him eating and making him a plate and took up her spot by his side. Their legs intertwined and her head rested on his chest.

He whispered in her hair “Go to sleep.”

And as per usual her body listened to his commands and she fell asleep on the beach, wrapped in his embrace.

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