‘What I want you to do to me’ by Eleanor T.K.

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Draw me close, kiss my eyelids shut. I will not need to see but feel.

Lick my lips, nibble tease. Let my neck feel your breath.

Run weathered palms down my back free my breasts, cup them

Press me to your chest wrap your hands around me so your chest hair tease my nipples.

So your hands can explore other places, treading my back feather-like, clenching my fleshy bum.

Lay me down, spread my arms, legs kiss the parts that barely know my own touch

The insides of my arms, the folds at my sides, the back of my knees…

Go between my legs and take me with your mouth. I’m already wet for you.

Bring me to a humming pitch and fill me till we’re one.

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