‘Warm Porridge’ by Guest Contributor Efua

Now therefore, while the youthful hue
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,

Let us roll all our strength, and all
Our sweetness, up into one ball;
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
I accepted the invitation to roll into a ball and tear pleasures with rough strife.

For weeks all our conversations focused on nothing except references to some activity I thought so highly of. All these crazy myths about how the length of a man’s fingers determined how endowed he is. To say the least, the man was not the only one lusting after me. I was being silly, analyzing and practicing how low or high I would gasp when I eventually felt the meaty warm hardness of him plunge into me. There was always something about that initial entry which made me stretch like a cat, I could not even describe the feeling, yet it was this special brief sensation that caused an unconscious further spreading out of the legs.

Would a low gasp make me appear boring and unexcited even lazy in bed or would a loud gasp pass me off as over eager and feed his ego? This was how much I was dying of anticipation. And to what end exactly? Why hadn’t we done this and gotten it over and done with? What was all this display for? Which was better? Anticipation or recollection? So the day finally came. I was all jittery at work. We had actually decided to go until we couldn’t anymore. That naughty song played in the back of my mind. The man had sounded so sure, so sure of his ability to show me a good time. I trusted him, his lithe frame and clean smell assured me. Why wear underwear when it would eventually be tossed aside? I was literally quivering from anxiety. Take me, fill me! Heck this sounded like a prayer! I giggled as he gave me a kiss on my cheek. In the next couple of minutes, layers of clothes were being tossed aside. The meaty hardness did plunge into me and the warmth it came with made me lay back in a careless mess. The man started rocking me back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I held my breath and let out a low cry. He did live up to expectation! I held his biceps and lay back waiting for more. He stopped. I sat up. I met his gaze. He looked apologetic. I looked confused. And then I understood. My body understood as well. The meaty warmth had disappeared and dissolved into warm porridge.

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