Marriage and the Chore that is Valentine’s Day

Greetings, Adventurers!

To our married Adventurers out there: Are you absolutely dreading Valentine's Day? Is it just another item you have to attend to on your already long list of things to do?

  • Pick up kids
  • Finish report for work
  • Be sexy for the bae on Valentine's Day

If so, you're not alone. I'm totally with you!

Or maybe you're on the other side of the fence and can't afford to be cynical about the day. Is Valentine's Day one of the rare days that your spouse shows you special attention? Let's hear from you married (or soon to be married) ladies!

8 comments On Marriage and the Chore that is Valentine’s Day

  • Please, are you forgetting about the Singletons. As a former singleton who still thinks of herself as single even though I no longer am (allow) let me rep for the importance of singles doing something fun on Valentine’s day. One of my best Valentine day experiences was planning a date night with a friend. We made a reservation at a fancy French restaurant, exchanged gifts and had the best night. With the same friend I also a previous year threw a singles party which all the attached people gatecrashed! Somehow I feel Valentine’s day is more fun when you’re single as long as you’re creative about it and do some pre planning.

    On the other hand when I’m in a relationship I always end up being bored on Valentine’s day

  • Lol I first read this on my phone and didn’t see the You Tube link so just watching it now. The questions about where the money to celebrate Valentine’s day comes from cracked me up? Isn’t this why couples should also have personal accounts and the agreement can be that gifts only come from that?

    Hahahah. Go buy yourself some sexy undies and prepare for Valentine’s day sex. Yes you are a cynic. I’m not married but I am giving you my opinion by force. You can take it from my former married self 😛

  • You see your too known? Shhaaaaammeee! LOLOL! Yes, we have discussed the Singletons in great detail and all your great Val’s Day exploits. You carved a niche for yourselves where this day is concerned. This time, I want to give married people the freedom not to stress themselves for the Hallmark Holiday.

    I’m sure your former married self would appreciate the permission to be free of the obligations! 😉

  • I’m single and I think Valentine’s is just like any other day, not because I’m single but because it really isn’t that special

  • Efua, this flies in the face of all we’ve been conditioned to accept! Tell us why Val’s Day isn’t special to you as a single woman.

  • Yay! A post for married readers ( Nana, I have noted the development). At work we discussed this today and there were three approaches at our table:
    1. I’m married so I don’t have to do Val’s day.
    2. I’m married so my spouse is expecting so much from Val’s day
    3. I’m married and we find it romantic to bitch about how commercial Val’s day is, together, at home, and then go to bed early!

    I won’t tell who is me 🙂

  • Hahaha!! I’m going to take a stab abd say #3!

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