Does Squirting Mean the Sex Was Better?

“I was hitting my girl from the back – and by that I mean I was totally drilling into her ass hole…she loves that…and then she comes and squirts all over me. I was like, ‘Mate! Do that again!’ I think a woman squirting is the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen.” – Real conversation with one of my co-workers.


Squirting – or what we think of as female ejaculation – has been a sexual fad over the last twenty years. Ying Yang twins sang about it. Several hip-hop songs have paid “homage” to the goal, description and promise of the female squirt. (Here’s a list of the 50 grossest rap lyrics, circa 2013 describing how/why/where to beat pussy and make it dribble) Consumers and producers of porn demand squirting – evidence of an explosive female climax – because without it, the sex must’ve not been hot enough and therefore not with the film used to capture it.

In fact, squirting has become such a phenomenon that there are How To videos to teach women how to simulate the experience in order to appease their partners and attain a sense of personal achievement. According to “Women who experience squirting are simply learning to release one set of muscles while contracting the bladder so they can release urine during orgasm. And it isn’t even always correlated with orgasm.”


But why all this fuss when squirting is the equivalent of pissing on yourself? That’s right, Adventurers. You read that quote correctly: The gush you feel during squirting is nothing more than the release of urea from your bladder (possibly) mixed in with the fluid released during an actual orgasm. In effect, a woman can learn to squirt without actually experiencing the (wonderful, fantastic and amazing!) sensations of a true orgasm. Many women (of the minority of sexually active women, a mere 1/3) who experience an orgasm release a fluid similar to male ejaculation at the moment of climax, but without the sperm. When she “squirts”, that fluid is then mingled with the urea from her bladder. Most of us are taught from the time we are toddlers not to whiz on ourselves, so squirting can feel counter-intuitive.


However, some people find the release of fluid and exciting part of the act of lovemaking. My former co-worker is an example. In some cases, the messier the better. In some cases, the freakier the better. As in “let me come in your hair and on your belly.” Other folk find the idea of rolling about in thick coital liquid absolutely revolting. The important thing is for couples to talk about what they want to achieve while they are making the beast with two backs, or hiding the rainbow roll, or whatever metaphors the pair of you have come up with the describe sex.


Have you ever felt pressure to squirt on your partner? Would you ever want to? Does squirting mean the sex was better?




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  • Great conversation starter MASI. Now what I’ve been told is that the fluid from squirting is NOT urine so I’m curious what the real deal is. In any case I’m sadly not a squirter. I say sadly because it somehow seems to me that women who squirt are able to literally let go completely sexually. But on the other hand squirting seems to be one of the porn industry’s obsession, and it can lead to pressure for some women who feel that if they are not squirting then there’s an issue

  • i had sex with friend who squirted all over without her knowing what she had done and i was a bit confused , ever since shes been looking forward for such a moment .
    from her experience i could tell she had a great orgasm , there are some women who will tell you during intercourse to excuse them to go pee and then comes back .
    with these i could say it was better for them

  • Am yet to meet a squirter. For all the fun l thought am having, what if it’s not been the real deal? And a squirting session could make it a real blast after all?

    Well, l like kinky-creatives or even mad gigs in bed but am gonna wait to see a girl squirt and earn my wrath of a more ferocious indulgence. And it better be soon.
    What a life!

  • @ Nana: MASI, from the scientific journals I sourced online, the smart people have gathered proof/samples of the presence of uric acid in the liquid post coitus. So it, pee-ing but not? I guess it’s the trickle you end up expelling when one gets that familiar urge during sex.

    Frankie, see Walker for notes. Lol!

  • Hmm, I’m just curious to know if squirting is only called that when it comes from the urethra and not the vagina. Because you can “squirt” from your vagina right?

    • That’s an excellent question! My assumption is that it would be classified as the latter, because you “gush” from your vagina rather than squirt? I’m sure there are journals out there to distinguish the two. It’s definitely worth looking up.

  • So it’s clear, Walker is the hero am yet to be.

    Nana, it’s clear Walker won’t be rendering those notes in a hurry. I’d rather l make a documentary on squirters. All l need you to do is a role-call to that effect. We can go on from there.

  • I’m a drooler or dribbler, not a squirter. It doesn’t gush because let’s face it, the liquid is not that thin. It’s clear but viscous like some kind of nectar.

    And yes, the orgasms are GREAT.

  • Squirting does not mean you had better sex, but that you have essentially peed. So, what you are getting is an involuntary golden shower by your woman. Scientifically, those than can do it, are usually forcefully manipulating their pelvis in order to create that action. So, if you are pounding her from the “ass hole” she is most likely baring down and causing the action. Sorry mate, it’s not super “cum” coming out!

  • I don’t know if it real, I have only seen it in porn.

  • I think squirting may be a bit different from peeing bcos an guy once said he felt some liquid spray on his tip during sex while there has been another instance where there was squirting but I think that might have been pee cos it wasn’t that great yet there was still squirting. Sry of its too much info. Just felt I needed to share

  • OK,I squirted for the first time this year. I read up on every new experience so I did. I have to say however that i havent found any material on squirting that explains my experience. It simply isnt consistent. The liquid wells up in my vagina sometimes the pressure is high enough to push the penis out of me and …. It happens. Sometimes its a gush sometimes a trickle. I have tried to explain this by reading up on it but nothing seems to explain my experience. I am double sure it isnt pee!

  • I read many articles on the G-Spot, and years ago, decided to try that on a new girl friend whom eventually became my loving wife.
    Taking all of the necessary precautions, i.e. trimmed nails, thorough hand washing, and the like, we proceeded to make love, and caress one another
    As I deftly caressed her breasts, and sucking her nipples, I then proceeded to
    kiss her as I began exploring, then massaging her clit and kitty alternately. Her moans and groans validated that I was at least creating excitement, and intense arousal as she became more wet, and viscous.
    I alternated in inserting one, then two fingers inside, as I orally pleasured her, then massaged her swollen breasts.
    I then decided to slowly insert my middle finger into her, in a come hitherto
    motion, and still massaging her clit, as I used the pad of my middle finger to massage her upper vaginal area, using a firm, yet gentle pressing type motion
    as I continued massaging, not truly knowing if this would create a sudden gushing, and earth shattering orgasm on her part.
    As my movements increased in tempo, so too, was her moaning as she became more excited than I could ever imagine. I too, was sporting the firmest erection I could ever recall, dripping pre-cum, but not stopping to insert myself into her.
    Before I knew it, my girlfriend let out a shriek, breathing so heavily, and groaning so loudly I was certain my neighbors could hear us, but we got lost into the most explosive orgasm with squirting that we both did not care who heard us.

  • I was just going to calmly leave my comment that I haven’t squirted until I read Jim’s comment and now I’m moist as HELL. ?
    Anyway no I haven’t squirted but I don’t feel any pressure to, my orgasms are delicious regardless.

  • I’m 36 years old now and I have been Squirting from the age of 14. I didn’t know what it was until my 2 time having sex. And I squirt everytime I have sex. I have been with my husband for 19 years and he was scared the first time we had sex but now he wants to see how many times he can make me cum. The most was 8-10 because because I lost count. If this helps you (women) when you pee hold it and let go again once you can do that do the same when you are doing anything it’s called (Kegel Rxercises) and do that when you have sex and you’ll see what happens next. Have fun.

  • PS. Buy those pee pads for old people. And you can buy those at your local Walgreens and other stores like that. Because those will help keep your cum from going all over the place.

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