Could ‘FIN Drink’ Be the Key to Unlocking the Fire in Your Libido?

Female in Nigeria (FIN) is a closed group on Facebook, accessible by invitation only. The group has nearly 180K members, and it’s no surprise why. The revelations, testimonies and comments are hilarious, heartbreaking and always thought provoking. There isn’t a day that goes by wherein a status doesn’t cause your jaw to drop. FIN has become such a phenomenon online that it has morphed into both a verb (I am finning, i.e. the act of reading FIN statuses) and a noun (because the women on the page refer to themselves as ‘finsters’).

The group of women – most of whom are strangers, some who are not – are very close knit and betrayal int the ranks is not taken lightly. The only rule that Finsters are expected to uphold is to respect both the person-hood and privacy of others on the semi-public forum. In other words: what comes to FIN stays ON FIN. The repercussions for violating this rule are not worth banishment from the community.

One of the posts I recently ran across on the forum was an excited testimonial about a beverage the user referred to as ‘FIN Drink’. After an extended dry spell wherein her libido and sexual drive all but vanishes, she decided to give this miracle drink another Finster had posted about a try and was thrilled with the results she received almost immediately. After researching the ingredients in FIN Drink, I feel comfortable talking about it outside of the forum because neither the blend nor the ingredients are trademarked or proprietary. In fact, they have been used in Ayurvedic and ancient Eastern medicines and healing techniques for centuries. So what’s in FIN Drink? Everything you already have in your house or can easily find in your produce aisle/street kiosk:


Tiger nut, washed and stems removed

Coconut flesh and/or milk


Ginger, peeled

Blend the ingredients together, sieve and serve with cold milk (if desired).


It is the tiger nut in particular that acts as an agent for arousal. Its effects as an erectile stimulant and aphrodisiac in men have recently gained renewed interest in the news, but the studies of its effect in woman are not as extensive or diverse. Still, it’s good to at least KNOW that it works for us too! I suspect that the other elements in FIN drink are simply for the benefit of taste. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent, nausea and reduces muscle pain  so if your libido is affected by aches and general stiffness, FIN Drink rather than Ibuprofen (which causes constipation in some users) is probably a good way to go to get you all limbered up for sex!

Now that I’ve relocated to South Africa, I’m looking forward to giving this miracle smoothie a shot. My libido has gone straight to hell since our move, which started in March. Between shuttling the kids to school, their end of year activities, coordinating overseas shipment of our household items, fighting Atlanta traffic just to go and pick milk and, and, and…I just didn’t feel like having sex! I was so grateful when my husband left for a month to sort out our housing details so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt and disappointment; poor man.

Poor me.

In fact, poor us! It’s just no fun when you and your partner are out of sync sexually. This is how wars and subversive Facebook statuses get started.

There are many factors that can affect an African woman’s libido. You may be over worked, stressed, pregnant, have an uncomfortable bed (sleep deprivation is a bitch) or may just have a shit lover who doesn’t get you excited. I don’t know if FIN Drink can help with the last element. That one, na heavenly angels.


Have you used a natural aphrodisiac recently? Can you attest to the benefits of tiger nuts? Does the idea of this drink frighten you?


3 comments On Could ‘FIN Drink’ Be the Key to Unlocking the Fire in Your Libido?

  • Social clustering is a powerful potential to forming ideological units. It’s such that people from diverse cultural and mostly social backgrounds meet and are able to hone up a particular line of thinking which in most cases is likely to correct society or inure directly to the group’s interest or benefit.

    FIN drink or tiger nuts already ride on the reputation of being a less-than-24hr aphrodisiac here in Ghana. It is sold on traffic-throng streets to enthusiasts who share smiles with sellers, both knowing the hidden purpose of it’s use.

    I honestly think it’s so with most high fibre foods and certain spices like onions.

  • Frankie: Thanks for this! I didn’t know it had already gone commercial as a ready to serve beverage. I like the bit about smiling subversively. Like “Eh heh! I know what you are up to this evening!”

  • It’s not a new thing, it’s a staple drink in Northern Nigeria. We call it Kunun Aya. Don’t know why someone decided to just change the name. It’s sold everywhere in the North with other types of Kunu(drinks).

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