Nana Yaa Jamican Pushes the Envelope in ‘Awurama’

Two lovers are locked in an embrace on the sofa, their dewy bodies clinging to the leather. He’s kissing her tenderly, eventually drawing his lips between the space between her navel and her thighs. She responds with her back arched, ready…receiving.
Unable to contain his desire, he hoists her onto his hips and carries her towards the bedroom, pausing only to crush his weight against her, his hands roving over her ample bosom and full lips.
In a flash, their clothes lay on a heap on the floor. Their lovemaking alternates between moments of tenderness and unbridled urgency. She’s captured him with her magic, her ornate locs entrancing him and her supple ass entangling him in a vortex of sexual passion as she forces his rigidity deeper into her…

Awurama is officially up and coming musician Lord Paper’s music video, however his muse – played by Ghana’s Nana Yaa Jamican – so ferociously commands the attention of the eye that it’s difficult to give him the credit for the artistic work. Like, Nana Yaa snatched this video and made it hers.

It’s pretty fair to say that notNana-Yaa-Jamaican-2-1hing like Awurama has been seen in Ghana before… and for that reason, people are losing their collective minds. Condemnation of the video has been swift and aggressive, with some people dismissing it as porn and/or filth. That’s to be expected from a society that hides its perverse sexual notions (and actions) behind church doors. These detractors are just playing their rehearsed part. What nobody expected was for 19-year-old Nana Yaa to deviate from the script…and THAT’S why she has found an admirer in me. This young padawan will go far. She’s part of a new vanguard who will lead our young women into the Land of Promise!


In a recent radio interview, she was asked a series of bizarre questions by a male radio host, all in an attempt to shame her for a job that she contractually agreed to, was paid for and delivered stunning results. However the interviewer (whose name I don’t know) couldn’t understand WHY she would agree to this shoot in the first place. Among the other insipid questions asked were:

Did you get wet? *No
You were caressed and fondled and you did not get wet? *I said ‘no’. It was acting.
Who is your pastor? *Ain’t gonna tell ya.
Do you attend church? What church do you attend? *Yeah. I go to church on occasion, but where and when ain’t none of your business.

The transcript of the conversation made me queasy: One because it was on daytime radio, but more importantly because of the false code of morality that the interviewer was attempting to shove down her throat. I don’t know how many women, let alone a 19 year old, could have held their own against this sort of judgmental onslaught. Clearly, the journalist was flummoxed as well.

Him: So you are not bothered?
Nana Yaa: No. I am not because nothing out there was real. It was all acted. As I said before, it was all work. That’s all.

This girl is the GOAT!

It takes a certain sort of strength to bare your body for art. It takes a special kind of skill to make a filmed intimate encounter believable. What has so many hot and bothered around the collar (the steamy video aside) is not that they saw a young woman in a state of undress on their devices, but rather that she was fully in control during the entire encounter. If the video had showed her being conned into sex by some frat boy guy-guy, then it would be more palatable. Unfortunately for our sexually repressed patriarchal society, Awurama is a visual explosion of female sexual agency and liberty.

I don’t know what Nana Yaa intends to do with her career after this, but I certainly wish her the best. She deserves nothing less. She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent and she’s absolutely fearless. Hopefully, Ghanaians will become more progressive before we lose another budding artist to social cowardice and pretense.

YouTube took the video down because it “violates its nudity clause.” That’s how it is with Black bodies and art. Michelangelo’s ‘David’ showcases full frontal nudity (short n’ curlies and all), but bare black backs and legs is considered “porn”? There’s a lot to be said about the politics of that, perhaps on another day. Maybe Kanye will carry it on Tidal. Who knows? In the meantime, you can watch it here.
…Not in the office. This one, watch it in your house.



*Answers paraphrased and redacted

Have you heard any chatter about this video? What do YOU think of it?

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  • It’s pornish to me. Not a fan. Whatever. Guess this is now categorized as art.

  • I really like the song itself. I like the idea of showcasing people with locked/natural hair loving each other. I would edit it a bit, I make the nudity more simulated – as it is it looks like the preview of a porn movie and the nice song is just a soundtrack.
    I’m interested in understanding the double standards you’ve mentioned(Michael Angelo’s David). Could it be respectability politics nonsense courtesy of the missionaries/colonialism? Could it be the dominant media which implies that no matter how nude a white person is they’re still elegant? It’s said that white people seem less naked when scantily dressed than someone like me in similar clothes – or is dark skin just too hot to handle? I wonder.

  • Really? You thought it was pornish? Ei…Then my idea and exposure to porn must differ. LOL! I’ve only seen 2 pornos and I walked away from both events feeling dirty and sullied. I wasn’t uncomfortable with this at all, however.

    Maybe my porn categorizing radar is broken…

  • Hi Kayla,
    I think you struck oil. There were whole doctrines/philosophies in the 18th century about how the Black woman’s body elicited primal responses in men, whereas the bodies of white women inspired virtue and other such nonsense.
    These notions persist today, at least in my view. I appreciate your feedback and engaging questions!

  • i hadnt seen the video before i read your post, but quite honestly i don’t understand why this video is any issue. I am more amused by people’s comments because of the double standards. She is beautiful and the imagery was quite arousing but there is a man in the video. No one seems bothered about that. How different is this video from movies such as Basic Instinct, Body of Evidence and Original sin. She came to do an acting job and she blew it away.Why is it the woman getting all the ‘bad’ press??? I am sure there were cameramen there. It is quite hypocritical to judge someone based on your moral or value beliefs.She is an adult and it is her body and mind to do whatever she pleases. Its not legal. Moreover, the video she participated in isn’t any different from what most of do on a regular basis. We all make out and have sex(its even better at inappropriate places, so what’s with the cloak and dagger nonsense).

    . Its human. For what I can tell, the people who criticize her for varied reasons most often than not just realise that, deep deep down… the quality of their sex life has fallen way below expectations. LOL. Everyone should just chill. It is a beautiful woman acting an erotic scene. Let’s enjoy it and not dirty it.

  • Isn’t it funny how all the people criticizing this talented young woman are perfectly ok consuming similar content from the U.S. etc.

    More of her please…

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