‘Amazons and Supergirls’ by Guest Contributor Kayy

James tossed and turned in the huge mahogany bed. Agitated, he kept changing sleeping postures, hoping to find just the right spot on the large bed. However, neither the Egyptian orthopaedic pillows nor the cherubs sculpture fixed to the massive chandelier did anything to aid his restlessness. He finally gave up and looked across the bed to where Nadia slept. Voluptuous Nadia, Beautiful Nadia. Ambitious Nadia he thought with a sad smile. His wife was curled on her side with her curvy backside firmly pronounced in her flimsy black dress. Her smooth fair legs slightly dangled off the edge of the bed. James caught a reflection of the silver anklet she wore. Soaking the sight in, James felt the familiar ache in his loins. He looked over hopefully. Nadia was fast asleep, her left arm under her intricately braided hair, reading glasses askew on her petite face. James looked longingly over her well-manicured eyebrows, the flawless creamy skin to the soft parted lips with just a shade of purple blue lipstick.

Nadia was fast asleep amidst all the scattered business documents on her side of the bed. Two empty pots of black coffee stood on the settee next to her tablets and Blackberry. Even at this time of the night, James could see her email icon blinking with every soft vibration of the phone. He reached out and turned off the phone. Nadia stirred gently and James noticed another phone in her clenched right fist. Annoyed, he reasoned that Nadia needed her sleep. He got out and walked over to her side of the bed for the phone. In the process, his eyes flashed her over her endowed cleavage, once more James felt the longing in his body. He licked his lips, gently leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Nadia stirred again and murmured something about operational costs.

James settled back into the bed frustrated. He was so horny, he was sure he was cross-eyed right now. He was tempted to watch interracial porn. Something with Latino women. It did sometimes take the edge off. He however, couldn’t get his internet connection to work and discarded the idea all together. He picked up his iPhone and crashed into the sofa, away from the bed. He scrolled through his phone and wondered if there was anyone to chat with. He hovered over Eudora’s Whatsapp profile and smiled wistfully. He wondered what she was up at this time of the night. Knowing Eudora, she was probably out at a Karaoke Bar enjoying bouts of Adele and Andra Day. He smiled to himself. Eudora has no talent for singing but it did sure put her in the mood for more adventurous activities.

“Let me check on her,” he thought to himself.

That’s a bad idea, a voice gently reminded him. Nadia won’t be happy with this. You are asking for trouble.

James took an appreciative look at Eudora’s profile photo. Though she wasn’t as stunning as his wife Nadia, Eudora was not without her positives. She was tall, modelesque with sharp, striking features. Her dark skin was further accentuated by the effect of her deep set eyes and her low cropped curly Mohawk haircuts. Her slow British drawl and sharp wit was one of the highlights of their intense yet brief relationship. Eudora was a fashion designer and blogger on women’s empowerment issues.

Empowerment issues. James snickered at the thought. Eudora promoted her own extreme brand of feminism which often clashed fiercely with his own traditional values. They had met at the lobby of Accra City Hotel where her fashion company, Sensual Me, had made a pitch to a group of angel investors. James had noticed her drinking scotch in her short white jumpsuit with dark purple Manolo heels. It was quite a sight. He often smiled at the memory. He had complimented her on her shoes and she had responded after carefully scrutinising him.

“Hmmm, dinner, drinks and coffee? Which one is it? She asked with an expressionless face

“Pardon me?” James responded, clearly taken aback by her bluntness.

“Obviously you didn’t come all the way to talk about my shoes, no matter how fabulous they are,” she smiled showing a fine row of white capped teeth.

James smiled, it was pointless to argue, ‘Dinner. Zen Gardens. 6pm tonight?” He suggested with his best disarming smile.

Eudora pursed her lips, finished her drink and handed the empty glass to James “Late dinner. Jamrock Restaurant. Tomorrow. 8.30”

“Wait… Miss Dawson, I don’t have your number” He protested as she walked out of the lobby. The eager valet quickly got out of the sparkling white Mercedes C180. Eudora got into the car and shouted back.

“If you can’t find that out, then you aren’t worth my time!”

That had been the beginning of the most exciting relationship of his life. Eudora was unlike anyone James had met. She was outspoken, opinionated and engaging. James found himself mesmerised by hee nature. On one of their dates at Silverbird Cinemas, James had casually remarked at the absurdity of a Ghanaian woman offering a strip tease. Eudora immediately dragged him out of the cinema, ushered him to her car, and drove him to her penthouse apartment in the heart of Exchange Complex at Airport City.

James, a first time visitor to her home, was completely stunned by the opulence of the apartment. Everything was in white, gold and crimson. Eudora had returned, in a red lingerie, stood on the white living room table and proceeded with the most erotic performance James will ever see in his lifetime. The night, to say the least ended in much more spectacular fashion.

James had all he wanted. An intelligent, audacious, fiery and wanton woman. He couldn’t be happier. Though Eudora made no commitments on his life, he was happy with her. He had begun to entertain thoughts of the/a long term commitment. He was painfully aware that Eudora won’t ever be the archetypal wife. She had on numerous occasions reminded him that marriage was a complicated cage she didn’t care for. His very traditional family would find her brazen and unapologetic nature disturbing and he personally couldn’t deal with her fierce independence. The least said about her temper, the better.

However, all that changed that fateful afternoon on the Kanda Highway when Dr. Nadia Ansah missed her lane and crashed her Corolla into his Range Rover Jeep. Fast forward four years today, James looked over to his sleeping wife, deliberated and threw caution to the wind.

“Hey, Eu”…he texted, feeling slightly nervous. Eudora had been gracious about their breakup. They hadn’t spoken in a while. It was most unusual of her but James knew the independent woman she was. She would never show anyone weakness.

“…hey, stranger” Eudora responded after a few minutes

“What have you been up to?” He replied breathing slowly. He wondered why he was doing this

“Chitchat? Really, James…that was never your style” she responded with numerous emoticons.

James grinned and replied “Lol… what can I say? It has been a while. How’s ‘Sensual Me’? I saw your new shop on the Swanzy Avenue.

“Interesting…were you taking your Supergirl to get some purple Manolo heels” she added more emojis.

James smiled “…Supergirl?? He asked        

“Your wife, obviously. Don’t be coy. It takes an unusual woman to take my man away from me” She responded

“C’mon … are we back to this subject?” He asked. He added a sad smiley face for effect.

“Well, you have to admit, she is a handful. Newly promoted COO of Antigen Pharmaceuticals. Lead Researcher in Paediatric Cancer and Country Representative for the WHO. Wow! And upon all that, she had time to steal you, marry you and adopt those abandoned twins. Come to think of it, you always did like us overachievers, don’t you, Jay?” Eudora responded by sending an audio message.

He smiled at the pet name and at the sound of her voice.

James could feel the sarcasm and admiration emanating from the message.

Listening to his wife’s numerous accolades, James always felt the surge of pride and a twinge of dread. He was always supportive of his wife’s passions and pursuits. It had brought numerous blessings to his life. Most recently the twins, Nhyira and Elsa, whom Nadia had adopted from a refugee camp whilst on relief duty in Chad. However, it made him wonder if his love would ever be enough for her. A successful tech mogul himself, James had made his huge fortune when he sold his thriving e-commerce business in order to enjoy life’s finer pursuits. The more time he made for his wife, the more she dove into her work. It was one conquest after another, she was always on the move, making waves and accomplishing things. In their first year, he had been supportive of his livewire wife and now four years later, he felt completely shoved into the corner. Nadia was barely home, travelling between her new state-of-the-art laboratory at Legon and duties in New York as the WHO representative. And when she was home, she spent most of the time dragging him to numerous media events and micro managing every second of the twins’ lives. He understood her drive, her hunger to be an unquestionable success in her life. Unlike James, Nadia had been born with nothing, alone and abandoned at a nursery. The brilliant child had worked to the bone to be the mega force she was today and that was something she wasn’t going to give up. It was something James couldn’t ask her to give up.

‘..I think I hit a nerve …” Eudora added after a period of silence. It was followed with a serious faced emoticon

“And how do you know all this, Eu…” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“She was in the news, dummy. Plus we recently acquired a radio station, silly. Power FM 109.6” she replied

“We? Congratulations. So what are you doing now?”

Eudora sent the nude photo of herself in lying in her white and crimson bed.

James gulped as the image loaded. Every cell in his body strained as a quiet voice urged him to delete the photo yet the pull was too great. His eyes greedily consumed the chocolate dark skin and supple breasts. His eyes strayed over her dark taut nipples, the gentle slant of her hips, the tattoos over her navel and dark curls of hair between her legs. James gulped and buried his head into sofa. He silently screamed and punched the cushions. Angry and equally delighted for his body’s betrayal and eagerness. His head was suddenly filled with flooding flashbacks being naked and intimate with Eudora. The sensations were so real, his body visibly shook. He remembered the scent and taste of her skin. Like butterscotch and cream. her every moan, the sweaty skin, the way her fingernails trailed his spine, how she whispered softly the dirty words he so loved, the feel of her firm legs wrapped snuggly around his hips, how her eyes and body swooned and tightened with every deliberate and vicious thrust. His body craved with need.

He groaned, looked up the ceiling and hissed “Fuck!”

‘You really didn’t have to do that” he responded, feeling silly as he typed the response.

“What haven’t you seen before? I know you are smiling, James…and probably licking your lips. Is my Roundtree squirming? She responded with an emoticon with rolling eyes.

“Supergirl has dibs on Roundtree,” he responding with multiple laughing smileys.

“Oh pleaseeeee! Kara Zor-EL has nothing on Princess Diana. Amazons rule, Jay and you know that.” She replied adding a roaring lion emoticon for effect.

“LMAO!’” James rolled in the sofa with mirth. “Are you sure?”

“Plu-leease, the last time a certain gentleman had my lasso of truth around him, I do remember someone saying I am forever tattooed in every nerve of his mind.” She replied with happy smileys

“Hahaha.” That is true he responded, suddenly feeling light and silly.

“…I have missed you, Eu…” he quickly added

‘Ahh, so it takes a nude photo to get your attention, so typical ….smh” sad smiley faces followed.

James smiled and responded, “… you know what I mean, I wish I was there”

“Hmm… and what will you do, Jay? It is easy to romanticize things that are never going to happen, you know.”

James had no answer. He paused and looked up to the ceiling. The silence grew deafening as James bit his lips and read over the messages. He had forgotten how fun Eudora could be. Their unusual love for comics and animation had led to countless silly debates. Nadia on the other hand was more serious-minded and found such conversations annoying and childish. He didn’t mind that, differences were good in a relationship but it felt good to laugh again. Recently Nadia was so intense, it is as if she had forgotten to loosen up and live a little. All the talk about children dying in Chad was starting to depress him. The world was already a horrible place. Maybe lunch with Eudora won’t be such a bad idea.

It is a horrible idea, James, you will get into trouble with Nadia. You are married, a soft voice reprimanded him

Who says married men don’t have lunch with good friends? Another darker voice responded.

She is your ex-girlfriend. Set boundaries, the said soft voice.

So what? Which boundaries? You are committed to Nadia. It is just a friendly lunch, maybe on Friday afternoon after Nadia’s flight to Lisbon… the darker voice suggested

If you are committed why are you making arrangements for when she is leaving? The soft voice questioned.

She will talk too much. She will make you feel guilty for nothing whilst she is globetrotting, the darker voice responded.

You know it is wrong, the soft voice countered.

What is wrong, I haven’t done anything. James reasoned with himself.

So why the guilt? You are thinking of licking her. The soft voice accused him.

What guilt? Oh why? Ha! Is it my fault she has a beautiful body? I am just catching up with my friend to relax and talk. Eudora could be a riot when she wants to. What is wrong by blowing off some steam? You deserve to be happy. YOLO! Relax a bit, arrghh! The darker voice retorted defensively.

It would be nice to catch up, James finally concluded.

“Lunch ….say Friday” and he texted waited for the response.

I am not sleeping with you, Jay. The statement was bolt out of the blue. James sat back and smiled to himself. “Tweaaaah! Game on” he said to himself.

Oh no. of course not, Eu. I am married. I just want to talk. We are friends, after all…aren’t we?

Yes we are. She replied with numerous happy smileys.

Lunch will be lovely, boo. She responded with one smiley face.

James eyes glowed at word boo, made an imaginary high five and shook his head like a triumphant Buddhist who had just discovered the secret to eternal happiness.

Friday then. Around 3 James added

Sure thing. Goodnight, Jay. This has been fun. Talk to you later.

James smiled and stretched his long frame across the sofa. He was excited. Friday couldn’t come soon enough.

Halfway across the city, in a penthouse apartment overlooking the skyline of Accra, a slender naked woman sat in her bed and smiled to herself. She started to giggle and finally later, let loose in rib cracking laughter which filled the silent apartment.

“Good boy, Jay, come back to Momma. Amazons rule” she murmured happily to herself as the night stars continued to twinkle.








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