Hard ons and condoms

My friend and I were chatting recently about men who do not like to use condoms, or say that they loose their hard ons when they put on condoms. We both have experience with men who have said this to us and so I’m wondering how wide spread or not this is.

In my case guy A did not like to use condoms so there was a time when we literally slept together, and did not have sex because he did not want to use a condom. Can you imagine that? You have a whole me by your side and you pass because you do not want to wear a rubber 🙂

With guy B, he initially did not like to use condoms, would go soft whenever he put one on, but several months down the line became fine with using condoms. My conclusion was that because he and his previous girlfriend had not used condoms he had gotten used to the ‘flesh to flesh’ contact but when I was able to get him to use condoms consistently, he then got used to a different level of sensation and was able to still have a good time, condom or no condom.

I suspect that my friend and I are not the only women who have had this kind of resistance from men when we’ve said, ‘so where is the condom?’

What has been your experience of condom use? Do you feel you need to negotiate with your sexual partners to get them to use condoms? Men do you go soft when you put on a condom? If so what do you think accounts for this?

Let’s get chatting.

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  • With condom the sensation is reduced or sometimes non-existent and what is the point of doing it if there is no sensation and it becomes more or less a mechanical action with no pleasure. That said the risk of contracting STD is real anytime a condom is not used. The buttomline is to refrain from having sex until you are in a stable monogamous relationship.

  • Well, my wife and I use condoms as contraception (she hates the hormonals). I don’t go soft, but I’ve noticed sensation is a bit reduced. The upside is that, she enjoys the type of condom we use(dotted and ribbed Durex) and almost always has at least 2 orgasms from penetration alone (the friction works wonders). I’m definitely not complaining.

  • it is a fact that the sensation you get from sex is reduced when condom is used, whether I use condom or not at times is determined by the way I see my sex partner. if she is someone I know is promiscuous then I must use a condom.

  • I am female and do not like condoms at all. so i just generally refrain until i am in a stable monogamous relationship. slip ups happen tho!

  • There was a guy that once tried to deflower me.. When we were getting on, I asked him to put on a condom and he said it will be more painful for me if he used a condom seeing as that was my first time to have sex. I didn’t have much experience then… And now even sadly, so I agreed, knowing he was quite promiscuous. Thinking about it now, twas so stupid of me to let him. Anyway we didnt finish the sex. I wasn’t stimulated enough for full penetration and I’ve never gotten that far with another guy… Sigh

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