‘How Romance Books Can Serve As Inspiration To Our Sex Lives’ by Guest Contributor Shauna Williams

Having a good sex life isn’t something that just happens.

Like any good skill, practice is needed before you reach the top of your game.

But not just practicing in the physical form. Yes being sexual with one or more partners is definitely a great way to better know what you and your partner want in the bedroom. But what about when you’ve found the one, get in a rut and things become routine?

Cheating isn’t an option, but that sexual urge you once had seems to dwindle, and sex is becoming less and less exciting.

In this situation many turn to porn. It can give new inspiration about sexual positions, situations, and even give the illusion of extra people being involved in your sex lives. Which in a non physical way, they kind of are.

While this is a perfectly viable option, what if you don’t want to turn to porn? Maybe it’s just not for you, or maybe it doesn’t do anything to turn you on?

Well, one other option is to try reading instead.

I’m sure you’ve heard the big hype around 50 Shades Of Grey. The book with explicit sex scenes. The story for adults they made a movie about. The novel which has since inspired many more.

While the actual quality of the book is questionable and opinions will vary from person to person, one good thing that’s come out of the book is people’s openness to sex scenes in their reading.

And not only that, there is more choice than ever with Black, African and African-American romances for adults particularly taking off with this new trend. Black people making love, just that bit more relatable right?

But how can these books help you in your sex life I hear you ask? Well, have you ever read one? 🙂

Let’s say you’re in a routine. You start with missionary, turn into the cowgirl then finish in doggie. Same thing nearly every time.

As with most things in life, routine becomes boring. It’s at this stage you need inspiration for new ways to do things. These books can help with that inspiration.

While some books do have the ‘same old’ erotic scenes each time clothes are taken off (#UnimaginativeAuthor) many black women writers put real effort into their sex writing.

Each new scene tries to go where others haven’t before. Different positions, different locations, different types of people (which could inspire dress up with your partner). Fetishes, sexual toys and more are all things you will find in the stories.


And even when there’s no particular fetish to a scene, sometimes two hot black people ripping each other’s clothes off is more than enough to make you want to ravage your man!

Want an example? Ok, well here’s a short sample of a foreplay scene from pregnancy romance The Billionaire’s Arranged Baby (full scene much longer):

You’re carrying my child. Do you know what that does to me?” his voice had softened and with a groan he pulled her into his arms. “I am going to treasure you,” he whispered against her mouth before he captured her lips with his.

 She opened her mouth beneath his and he settled back against the sofa pulling her down on top of him. His hands went beneath her blue wool sweater and felt her breasts covered by her lace bra.

 Ever since she had become pregnant her nipples had become highly sensitive and the slightest touch set her off. He pushed up her bra and rubbed her nipples between his fingers. She tore her mouth from his and screamed as the fire raced headlong inside her body. He lifted her up, guessing what was happening and fastened his mouth on one of her nipples, sucking urgently. Eva thought she was going to die. She was almost incoherent with pleasure…

And that’s just a small part of the warm up. 😉

Cover image for 'The billionaire's arranged baby'
Cover image for ‘The billionaire’s arranged baby’

Whether you need inspiration on new things to try in the bedroom, or you just want something to get your sexual fires going again, stories could be the thing for you.

So, have you ever read any adult romance books featuring black leads? If so, let us know what you thought of them and if they did anything for you.

Written by Shauna Williams of www.ThatSister.com. Married. With child. Still finds time to be wild. 🙂

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