To lube or not to lube

My boyfriend is in abrokyire for like two nights, and the one thing we agreed he needs to prioritise going shopping for was some delectable edible lube. When I started having sex eighteen years ago, lube wasn’t a thing for me. I just had no concept of how good quality lube can enhance sex. I remember in those faraway days of my early sex life, buying some banana lick thingy from a sex shop, and it was so sickly sweet that after using it once I relegated it to the bottom of my sex drawer (everybody has one right? The drawer where you keep your sex toys, condoms etc) never to be used again. And several years going shopping at a women’s only sex shop in London and my friend telling me about this amazing lube that she said felt just like a woman’s wetness. I still wasn’t on the lube train though so wasn’t particularly interested. Skip forward to a decade and now GOOD QUALITY LUBE is EVERYTHING to me. Which is why I was so shocked that my co-blogger Malaka found the very suggestion of needing lube offensive . So I thought I would share what I like about quality lube, and put out a poll to find out whether people are generally pro lube or anti lube.

So here are a couple of reasons why I’m a fan of good quality lube:

  • It takes me ages to get turned on, and nowadays I don’t have a lot of time but I still want to get jiggy. Preferably in the morning after going to the gym and before starting work. So I don’t have time for the long foreplay that my body prefers, and lube offers a shortcut because I will get more turned on when we get going. And the use of the lube becomes part of the turning on process. Just think of rubbing your clit with lube, or your partners genitals with lube and then you’ll get the picture 🙂
  •  For me good quality lube is also edible lube. And great lube today (sorry, not the kind you get in pharmacies) tends to be edible, and so you rotate between licking, sucking and stroking your partner. Using lube doesn’t mean you can’t go down on your partner anymore, or s/he on you, or that you can’t 69…you get the picture?
  • Lube is essential for kunyaza, a technique said to originate from parts of Uganda and Rwanda where the man uses his dick to stroke the woman’s clit until she cums. Supposedly this is the secret to squirting. Sadly I still don’t squirt with kunyaza (or ahem, I need to get my partner’s permission to try with a Ugandan/Rwandan man who’s an expert) BUT I get pretty amazing orgasms from it.

So can you now see why lube is important to my sex life? I’m curious though. Do you regularly use lube? Why and how do you tend to use lube? Do share, and please fill out the poll via the @adventurefrom Twitter handle


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  • “Sadly I still don’t squirt with kunyaza (or ahem, I need to get my partner’s permission to try with a Ugandan/Rwandan man who’s an expert)…” Just hurry over here for a dose of kunyaza or akachabari from the originators. Disclaimer: Be ready to vibrate like a high voltage generator.

  • Voluptuous Voltarian

    The best lube, hands down is Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant. They also make one specifically for women, which feels the same but has fewer chemical ingredients. I don’t need lube for fucking but I like to use lube for hand jobs and this one is great for that.

    Funny story: My school had a students’ sexual health clinic. They gave sex seminars, talks on STD’s, gave out free condoms etc. They were in the same office as my primary care doctor. So one day I go to get checked out for the flu or whatever and as I’m leaving the downstairs area one of the people working in the sex clinic asks me to take some free stuff. I wasn’t having sex yet but my friends were so I grabbed a bunch of condoms and this small tube of something that looked like lip gloss. It was branded with the logo of the sex clinic so there was no name on it or anything. I go home and open it only to discover that it is the silkiest, smoothest lotion-like thing I have ever felt. This was my first time encountering lube but since I got the stuff in a sex clinic I figured that was what it was. Anywhoo, I throw it in the back of my stuff and forget about it till a couple of years later when I’m home in Ghana and I come across it. The only person I can think of who uses lube is my mother so I go give it to her and tell her I think it’s quite good but I can’t personally vouch for it. I totally forget about that chat until like two months later I get this SOS call from my mother. She says the stuff was life-changing and demands I buy some from America for her. Mind you, I have no idea what this stuff was or where it’s from because it didn’t have a name or anything on it. I go to the sex clinic and they don’t know what i’m talking about. It was like Inspector Gadget level research before I finally found out the name of the lube and bought her some. She introduced it to my aunt who loved it even more, then she introduced it to other women in the family, then someone mentioned it to my uncle who now uses it to jack off when his wife isn’t around, lol. So my whole family is in love with this stuff and every time I’m coming home from America i’ve get so many orders that I have enough lube in my suitcase to start a whorehouse. The day customs opens my bag it will be a very awkward situation.

  • My wife and I LOVE the Pjur Original silicone personal lube.

  • I just wish lube would be odorless! Some of the overly scented ones just break the deal..

  • Warevah! 53% of voters agree with me! Lube is not essential. Continue to be shocked. LOL! #Winning!

  • MASI you have cracked me up! I need for you and these 53 per centers to discover the infinite pleasure and wetness of lube! I don’t want to promote companies (that have not paid us) otherwise I would have told you all my current fave. @efua I do agree with you. When I was desperate for lube I got my friend to send me one thinking she’ll get me some of the fancy stuff I get myself and sighhhhh.

  • I kinda agree with Malaka on this needing a lube being offensive to one. Possibly because I can feel myself getting wet in the middle of the right conversation lol! But I don’t know much soooo *shrugs*
    Thing is, I can also see how lube would be the next best thing to sliced bread for a handjob. I have tried it once so far, and all I could think of was: shit! this thing is tiresome :/
    Perhaps with lube it’ll be more playful and easier to arouse your partner

  • In fact, that’s our Team Name from now on: The 53%ers. I like it!

    Eleanor TK…chale. I feel you paaaaa. A hand job with lube is hard work. It is a sacrifice! One that deserves pearls in return. Huh!

  • Voluptuous Voltarian

    Noooo, a hand job with lube is the business! It really helps you hit the spots and your wrist is less tired because the friction is eased and the dick is smooth like butta…

    Try it with the above-recommended lube and see your life change.

  • Voluptuous Voltarian

    The Pjur one is odorless. Tasteless too, except it feels kinda lotion-y on your tongue afterwards.

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