Sex podcasts I love

I love, lurve, looooveeee podcasts. Also I love sex. And so podcasts that discuss sex, sexualities, desire and relationships are an absolute fav (and yes, an Adventures podcast is in the works but that is not what this blog post is about). A few days ago, Nana Akosua Hanson, Co-Director of AdventuresLive2020 asked me to share a list of sex podcasts that I love. Here are a few of my favs.

Sex podcasts I love

Afroqueer podcast, a podcast from None on Record (also producers of the forthcoming Adventures podcast) telling the stories of Queer Africans from across the continent and diaspora. I love this podcast because of the quality of storytelling by the host Selly Thiam and the really high quality production values of the show. Some of the most compelling stories for me included the focus on Tshepo Ricki Kgositau who shared her experiences of gender transitioning and the story of Dakan, the first feature length LGBTQ film made in West Africa. 

Inner Hoe Uprising is another fav. With six seasons produced so far there’s a depth of audio content to keep you listening for eons. One of the episodes I felt that I learnt the most from focused on Black Queer Disabled Kink. Often in discussions of sex and sexualities, people with disabilities are often ‘disappeared’ and so it was really good to listen to and learn from a disabled activist who is also queer and kinky. 

Hosts of Inner Hoe Uprising Podcast

When it comes to podcasting about sex on the continent Kaz has been doing her thing for ages. I love Kaz, and the sex positive content she produces. I recently enjoyed her interview with Tapiwa where they chatted about anal pleasure. I’ve been following Tapiwa on instagram for a while, and so it was good to hear more of his insights beyond the visuals which are absolutely incredible especially for folks interested in or curious about rope play. 

The Wildness with Tiff and Manda is one of those podcasts that is fun to listen to whilst cooking leisurely with a glass of wine. I feel like you always need wine when listening to The Wildness because the hosts (pre-COVID) were clearly in the studio having fun with their own fav tipples. I don’t feel like I can point to a fav episode here so just scan their extensive backlog, and pick an episode to fit your mood cos Tiff and Manda have covered literally every topic. 

And of course there are many other sex podcasts out there that I haven’t had the chance to listen to. What are your fav sex podcasts by Africans or Afro descendant people? Let me know in the comments.

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