Introducing the Adventures Podcast

Image by Jonathan Farber

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen in on deeply informative and fun conversations about topics that make your toes curl, sets off a delicious tingly feeling in your belly, and sometimes makes you erupt in sheer joy? Yes? Then get ready for the brand spanking new podcast from Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women and our producers Afroqueer

Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women – the podcast, will launch in early 2021 and we want YOU our Adventures community to get involved now in shaping our audio stories.

Here is how you can join us in co-creating this podcast.

  • Let us know what topics, issues and questions you would like us to address
  • Tell us which guests we should invite on the show
  • Respond and share our call outs – at the moment we have two specific asks
  1. Send us a voice note to share your thoughts on romance novels and how they have influenced your sex life
  2. Tell us your orgasm stories, whether you orgasm or not

Send these voice notes via email to adventuresfrom[at]gmail[dot]com. Please note that by emailing us, you are also giving us permission to include your audio in our podcast. Do let us know your name and which country you originate from. We’re happy to anonymise your responses so let us know if you need us to do that.

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