Get the State, Media and Church out of our bedrooms – or wherever else we choose to fuck

This year has been one of the toughest periods of my life, and it’s only February! And just when I thought I could emerge from the sunken place I started coming across really hateful media reporting questioning the humanity and existence of Queer Ghanaians. What for me was especially personally disappointing was to see a man like Kojo Nkrumah – who for some reason I had assumed was better than the average politician – say at his Ministerial vetting that Ghana should consider passing a bill to make advocating for the rights of LGBTI people illegal. I hope Kojo, the religious clergy and media who have been inciting hatred of their fellow Ghanaians know that they are directly responsible for the violence that Queer Ghanaians face in this country.

When Malaka and I created this blog in 2009, we did so because we wanted to create a safe space where Ghanaian women could share their experiences of sex, and sexuality with the goal of having more pleasurable sex. The only way to have pleasurable sex is to get society, the church and the Government out of the bedrooms (and wherever we choose to fuck) of people. Pleasurable sex is about knowing yourself, it is about allowing yourself to explore your sexuality, it is about recognising that sexuality is on a spectrum, that many of us are fluid (or not), that we as individuals have an inherent right to choose how we identify, that we get to say who we are – that we are women, that we are queer, that we are here, and we are not going anywhere. 

If you’re a reader of Adventures I urge you to take a stand for sexual freedom. I urge you to take a stand for the right to be, the right to love, the right to have a community of one’s choosing. 

Sign this statement to take a stand for sexual rights and freedom

Photography by Chika Oduah

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