Loc’d & Loaded (3)

Maleek stared at the soft curves of her neck and the grace with which she moved as she walked into the cabin. Despite the pain of her past which laced her eyes every so often, all he could see was her quiet beauty. Even without trying her very presence was the radiance of simplicity and a priceless worth. She was perfect; in ways he had not been exposed to in the longest time.

She was extremely cautious with her actions and he understood why. But if she had allowed him to get this close to her, albeit not in ways that could earn him the role of a confidante, then he had a chance to take away that pain in those doe-shaped eyes. Even if it meant only being a friend. He cared about her enough to have offered a little glimpse of who he was beyond the hospital and tonight he’d grant her much more. He only prayed it would not scare her away.

“This is gorgeous Maleek”, Zara said breathlessly as she looked around the living room. Unlike the exterior, the stones which made up the walls of the cabin were more polished and finely hewn. The upholstery of the inviting divan matched the smooth, dark brown texture of the parquet wooden floors, while the tan leather armchairs placed at vantage points complemented the burnt-brick hue of the fireplace.

“I’m still struggling to understand why anyone would want to live in the city with a place like this!” Zara turned around with excitement in her eyes and a broad smile.

God she’s beautiful, Maleek thought. He smiled back and watched as she turned and walked to the fireplace, feeling the edges of its stones with the tips of her fingers.

“Well this is where I get away from it all. I’ve abandoned it quite a bit in recent times but I think I may have found a new reason to come by more often. That is, if you promise to be my reason”.

With each word he’d stepped closer to Zara and on his last word he was just inches from her, daring her to agree with his proximity. Zara turned and found herself looking at his lips. Her eyes darted right up to his and she smiled nervously.

“Sure…I wouldn’t mind an invitation from a kind gentleman like yourself” she said coyly, and smartly moved towards the divan.

Maleek chuckled and excused himself to get some wood for the fireplace.

He returned shirtless, bearing evenly split logs of wood in his arms. Zara’s sharp intake of breath was audible enough to draw a smile of satisfaction from Maleek as he knelt and got to work. This is going to be one interesting night, Maleek mused.

When he was done, the warm glow of the fire spread across the room, accentuating the fine textures of wood, stone and upholstery. Zara watched as the red glow of the flames bounced off the brass bedstead and highlighted the finer features of his face.

Maleek stood suddenly and caught her staring. She turned her gaze away nervously and cleared her throat.

“Would you like a drink…?” Maleek asked.

“Umm sure…I think I can do with one right about now,” Zara responded staring at his alluring frame once again. He was well-carved in all the right places, obviously the results of constant workouts. She could tell he had a tattoo on his left upper arm but couldn’t tell of what exactly.

“I’ll tell you all about that later,” Maleek answered the question in her eyes. “First let me get you something to relax”, and with a wink at her, walked away.

While deciding which choice would most suit her taste he also wondered if he’d be able to get the chance to savor her own unique taste. Every day since that first meeting he’d been plagued by the sexual tension which had been brewing for both of them albeit well-disguised. He wasn’t sure if he could carry on any longer. Here she was, so close, so beautiful, so desirable. 

God help me, Maleek prayed, for if I indulge this hunger for her taste, there’s no turning back.

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