Naba’s Pleasure Cheat Sheet

Photo by Cindy Leah

Kiss Me

Start at my neck and kiss me
like you’ve been thirsting for me for days.
Trail kisses across my face
until you find my lips.
Suck on them.

Trace your tongue inside my mouth.
Let me have my fill of your lips too.

Trail your kisses down my arms,
Kiss the tips of my fingers,
Kiss my stomach…

Spread your hands out to feel
every other part of me.
Feel what your kisses do to the rest of me. 

Trail kisses up my stomach.
Keep going until
you find the very edge of my nipple.
Gather my breast in your hand
and take me all in.
You know how sweet that feels. 

Take your time,
I’m in heaven.

Slide your wet tongue across my chest
find my other breast.
Lick my nipple and
blow some air on it.
Lick and blow,
and then suck.

Bring your body close to mine
so you can feel my rhythm.

My legs may wrap around you now
as my body gets a life of its own.
I can’t control anything
except that I know where
I want to be kissed next.

I’m already dripping with want.

Take Me On An Adventure

I had almost achieved not thinking about him,
or his Hammer,
and then I was reminded that-

He sang as he rhymed for me.
His voice, that timbre…
got me wet a little too fast

His fingers moved on my clit
like he was strumming Labdi’s orutu.
His words, his voice,
his hands had me on the brink
over and over again.

I can’t stop myself from
also remembering,
pulling it out,
feeling its girth in my hands.
Rubbing it slowly.

He takes a deep breath
and continues to rhyme.
I close my eyes and listen...
and feel...
and rub.

Indulge My Fantasies

Ramon is in the middle,
getting the best of both worlds
Dario and me fondling him
from both sides.
He is equally generous,
fingering my pussy
while massaging Dario’s dick.

We take breaks to smoke a joint,
sip our drinks,
shift positions. 

It is exhilarating
to have them suck on each
of my nipples at the same time,
and have 2 fingers each
inside my pussy,
groping in different directions.

My body is spasming hard.

We’re lying on our sides now,
with Ramon’s dick
buried in my pussy and
Dario’s dick buried in his ass.
Moving together like a
slow-motion train.

I have one dick inside me driven by the power of two dicks.
I am extremely aroused, 

I slow down
relax my muscles
Ramon and Dario are
grunting hard
breathing faster.

The wave starts to build up. 
Ramon slams into me.
Dario slams into him.
My pussy clenches tight.
I’m buckling,
and then I’m trembling.

Lying there taking it all in under the open sky, I feel alive. 
Pure bliss.

Do As I Say

Sit on my face. 
Fuck me with your tongue. 
Taste the pineapple? 

Sit me astride you and feel me feeling you. 
Watch how you change my world. 
What do you see? 
Shh! Tell me after

Embosomed in your arms. 

Lay me down. 
Kiss all my parts.

Fuck me in adoration of my divinity
and call out my name,
in reverence to this
holy temple of pleasure.

Open up,
as our spirits leave our bodies
and we lose ourselves in this moment. 

Forever looks like now.


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