Weak For The Dick

Illustration by Markus Prime

A story in 3 parts:

Part One- The Thirst Tap Don’t Close

“Billy’s Hella Fuckable”

Like when Lady MC said,

“This chair looks hella empty,

Needs something to sit on it”

That’s what i’d say about Billy’s face


Afrobeat yoga? I mean,

Did my ancestors point you directly

to my pussy or what?

I knew those bitches loved me


Fuckability is a constant

Like gravity

First principles type shit

Ain’t no ring or relationship

that rubs this aura off

Two things I know to be true:

  1. sharing is caring
  2. a person is only unavailable when they’re dead

Billy’s hella fuckable


Aren’t we all grateful to be blessed with

such authentic divine-ness?

I know that I’m blessed.

Eye candy is not just some 

pop culture phrase

Eye candy is… Billy

Billy’s hella fuckable…


What a fucking work of art!

Tutapatana mbele

Part Two- This Man’s Cute Had Me In A Chokehold

“It’s All In The Mind”

They have become the object of my fantasies

The theme to my self pleasure sessions

I see them saying yes to my proposition

My face would light up in delight

and they would smile, almost blush

Because my face, all alive in lustful delight

is dazzling to see

I see us kissing and kissing

our way into the house,

out of our clothes

into the shower

I’m pinned to the wall,

their body is all up on me

I wrap my right leg around them

just above their booty

My left foot stays on the ground,

on the tippiest of toes (but not for long)

That raw shower dick,

With me suspended in the air.

(cue Nicki Minaj “i am not fly, i am levitation”

Back against the wall,

Those looooong, slooow strokes

Their body all up on me

…get out of my head, friend

& come into my bed


As we are wiping down after the shower

We start making out

And our bodies snap together like 

magnets attracting

They turn me around and bend me

over the sink

Their fingers  find my sweet, wet, pussy

Picture the most elegant dance you’ve ever seen

Now replace the dancers with Cutie’s fingers

And the dance floor with my vulva

And the music is the sound of our lust

Expressed through breathing, moaning,



Part Three- Investing In My Pussy’s Future

“Heavily Straight Energy”

Also big dick energy

Highly fuckable

Highly like-

Their fuckability is a fact,

A first principle,

like gravity,

Heavily straight like-



The straights would say,

“he’s a man’s man”

I can hear the cis-het babes go,

“now that’s a real man”

(I know, my eyes rolled all the way back too)

Also, life of the party




Ati, Glam King

That’s their alter ego,

It’s who’s behind the closet door

It’s what all this heavily straight energy 

is masking

This all started with a conversation where our heavily straight brother was lamenting about not being beautiful enough to be hit on by the gays.

My response was-

“You have heavily straight energy”


Keeping up appearances for your bros

(but really chill and open minded in private)

(fuck that shit BTW)

Heavily straight like-

All the babes want you

But they feel spurned in some way

Maybe you didn’t call them back

Or didn’t notice them how they want to be noticed

Or _____insert cis-straight girl struggles______

So they get mad

Brand you “community dick”

They think it’s an insult

But us out and proud hoes know better

Community dick?

Count me the fuck in!

Slide me my membership card pronto

ADVISORY: fuck off with your slutshaming. Also, you can’t shame the unashamed.


Heavily straight energy

Big dick energy

Absolutely my type

(but my type from the part of me I kinda resent,

the part that’s weak for the dick)

I encourage the coming out of

Glam King

Let nobody ever say about you again,

that “he’s a man’s man”

That’s that toxic shit some of us are

here to burn to the ground

Glam King 

Sounds like a cool dude

Who would be exactly 

Who the fuck they are

in public & in private

Glam King sounds…

Expressive on steroids

Even more fuckable than now

(appealing to the gays!)

Still life of the party

& fun

& alladat

I want to see Glam King 

come out

That’s who I eventually want to 

take home with me


I’mma definitely hold out for

Glam King

Keep that big dick energy up!

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