It’s Raining Babes

Disclaimer: I am a non-binary person who uses ‘Babes’ non-genderdly to mean humans with vaginas.

Announcing my latest roster:
(at least as many as can fit on this page)
(yes, the world is my oyster)
(no, I don’t waste no time)

1. The One I Fell For On Sight

They saw me before I saw them. 
When I finally saw them
they stayed imprinted in my mind.

I love to watch them dance. 
Their free is infectious. 
Free is where it’s at.

I love that they speak their mind
Their mind is a beautiful place
I want to continue to be allowed in

I love that they are
So radically and apologetically
This part affirms my own radical“come & beat me” existence

Free & radical is that sweet spot.

We’ve been spending time
And texting
Getting to know each other

The vibes are elite!

2. The One I Drip With Want For

The energetic connection was instant
Talked and laughed
And laughed

Best life is endless laughter

I’m a sucker for laughter
Make me laugh, or
Me make you laugh

She is pretty, hot and baddd!
(baddd! as in I’m recruiting her for Go Time)
With a touch of… conservativeness
Conservativeness that doesn’t seem like
It will have a long shelf life
Liberation is irresistible (especially in my orbit)

I’m excited to exist in her orbit
As she transforms into her freest self
Highest self

At that point,
We give in to all our lust
And fuck until oblivion

(I’ve been ready!)

3. The One I Can’t Wait To Take Home With Me

The way she holds me tight as we dance together
Takes over
Moves my body how she wants it to move
I’m a sucker for a body I can grind upon
And be received with enthusiasm

Her smile
Her laugh!
The sparkle in her eyes
(especially that day when i told her how hard i’m crushing on her)

Her drip is attitude
That’s that power-
That bad bitch energy that can’t quite be put into words
But it’s recognized and respected
In my case, adored and lusted after

Yeah, I’m taking her home with me 
Real soon.
She’s about to dominate the fuck out of me
No resistance here.

4. The One I Want To Romance Into Submission

(Remember the Threesomes story? This babe is Level 6)

Romance into submission
Make her dinner
Listen to her talk
Have private dance parties& lingerie shows
Pose for her
(and any other way she would want me)

Kiss her, slowly
Feel her,
Her lips, her face
Her neck
(our bodies fit together so perfectly)

Enough telling
Now to show her

5. The One I Call “My King”

Outrageously epic!

My King as in,
The Moon to my Sun
The Aquarius to my Pisces
(we’re celestial bitches)

I see them all the time
I miss them the rest of the time

Everything about them is 

Outrageously Epic
Their punk
Their art
Their wardrobe
Their love for me
(I’m so lucky to be loved so fucking fiercely!)

Our adventures are 
Outrageously Epic
May or may not include trespassing
May or may not include hella cocaine
(we’ll never tell)
Definitely includes beating down a nigga (or 12)

Bleeding together features strongly too
Mutual repulsion towards the parts of us that are attracted to men
We bond deeply about this flaw in our beings
(no, we don’t repress our love for the dick)(
hoe is life and other stories)

You know what else is Outrageously Epic
about My King?
That lap dance
King had me caught out
Practically scissoring upon me as everyone 
It’s not often the world gets to see me so 
outrageously turned on

When I finally bed My King
The world will stop
The full moon will shine non-stop 
for 7 days afterwards
(and my uterus will dissolve into fairy dust!)

6. The One I Have Been Waiting For

(also known as Lamu Bae)

The universe is a funny bitch
Because here I am still waiting
Good thing I’m a persistent bitch
(also, a determined bitch)

Our time’s coming
It will be glorious
The sun will shine brighter for 7 days afterwards

7. The One I Love

Yes, I chose brave
I chose-
Let’s fuck-this-shit-snap
and fall in love anyway

So, I love her
I miss her
(cue Alicia Keys – Distance & Time)

I miss our hand holding

I love how she wants me
(in public and in private)

Maybe enough about me

She is so cute!
She gets cuter the more I look at her
She catches me looking-
and blushes-
and my vagina floods with excited horniness

I love her
I miss her

I’m about to drive across the country 
Just to see her

I know our love is only now beginning
Love like this…

8. The One I Never Left

(also known as Mon Bebe)

I didn’t leave you
I saved me from myself
Saved me from getting caught up
Trying to save you
(not that you need saving)
(none of us ever do)
But that’s my shadow
My darkness
A savior complex

I didn’t leave you
I saved us from a path I had already walked
It wasn’t pretty
Bonding through sadness & misery
It was toxic
Took too long to heal from
Still healing & learning

I didn’t leave you
I still choose you
I think about you
About showing you that I want you too
You know,
Finish what you started all those times we shared beds
(lots of beds when you think about it)

I didn’t leave you
I wonder if you know that
If you don’t,
I wonder if I could let you know somehow

(good thing I’m a poet)

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