Everything I Want To Say To Her

You make me want to be brave.

Brave like –

Let’s fuck-this-shit snap and fall in love with each other.

I need to pause now to let the fear wash all over me.

Fall in Love is some scary shit


Can we actually do it?

Fall in Love and remain who we are?

I’m a flirt.

I love to flirt.

And I love finding new people to kiss.

I’m my own best friend.

Yes I love to go out with you, 

And I also love to go out by myself;

Have a solo dance party,

Make new friends,

(Find new people to kiss).

Can we fall in love and be free of possessiveness?

Is it possible to have a full grasp of what is, 

and isn’t possessiveness?

Same about obsessiveness,

And about controlling tendencies.

Can we fall in love and freely love others too?

Can we fall in love and talk about feelings of jealousy 

the way we recount our weeks to each other?

I think

If the answers to any of these questions is yes

or let’s talk endlessly about all of it,

Then yes,

Let’s fuck-this-shit snap and fall in love with each other.

If your answers are no, 

or i don’t know,

or… this is way too fucking much,

Then let’s fuck-this-shit snap and fall in love anyway.

Everything ends anyway.

I want to be brave,

So let’s go.

Let’s get our joy.


I love you. It’s real.

Real as far as is in our control.

While it lasts –

It is magic;

It is a dream;

…a beautiful tragedy.

We mean it when we say it.

It’s real when we feel it.

It’s great when we live it.

Fulfilling when we express it.

Saucy when we get freaky with it.

Ecstasy when we free ourselves to enjoy 

every moment.

And then it ends.

In all the different ways our things end;

The beautiful (dark, twisted) tragedy.

I want love that never ends.

I dare the universe to give it to me 

in droves.


I want our version of forever,

However long it lasts.

I don’t want to miss a second of it

(your phone calls remind me of this).

Let’s be bonded by rules

That are agreed upon by both of us.

Fuck convention.

Fuck all our past conditioning.

Fuck our trauma centers and all the ways they

make us run from even the good things.

Let’s exist in our bliss

Make everything up as we go along

I love being with you!


Relationship anarchy

is why you can’t tell the difference

between my lovers and my friends.

It’s a good thing.

It means I’m winning at this liberation


I reject the idea that romance

ranks above friendship.

It is a conformist and isolating idea.

I would like to imagine that

Your world is full of people;

Friends, lovers and chosen family

who meet all your many different needs.

I don’t doubt my place in your heart.

Our lives are full

Exciting beginnings for both of us.

We can’t share everything, 

But the parts that we do share

will mean everything.

Fuck the world as we 

know it.

Anarchy, everyday.

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