(De)Centering The D

With society’s traditionally binary views on gender, so much of what it means to be a ‘man’ is tied to the omnipotent power and performance of the penis. So, when Malaka and Nana Darkoa decided to explore the topic of dicks and masculinity, they expected the usual ‘size matters’ arguments to come through. 

But, they soon learned that BDE may not actually have much to do with what’s in your pants. This episode gets a surprising take from a range of cis and trans men, as well as a gender non-conforming person, as they share their fears and feelings about masculinity, performance, and pleasure. 

Writer and poet Nii Ayikwei Parkes has some wise words for men and women whose sex lives center the D. “It’s not a machine,” he says. “If that’s what’s going to define your happiness in a sexual encounter, then you are never going to be happy.”

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