On Sundays We Kneel

sundays we kneel

Hi Marge, feeling good today?

Yes, I am. Wassup?

Well, I was thinking of coming by and eating your pussy if you’re game.

If I am game? If? Bitch yes. 8 pm. Thanks.

The shortest most useful conversation I have had in days. And the best kind. Now it’s 7 pm and I’m getting ready, thinking about her tongue on my pussy lips as I shower.

I met Nani a few months ago at a reading club and we had a feisty argument about something I cannot remember. Right after the meeting ended, she walked to me and said: “I want to fuck you, busy now?” I remember her exact words because that instant I became a hot, heated, wet mess. Sadly, I had other plans, and more importantly, I am a sucker for negative health results. But thinking about it gives mixed feelings. It was and still is such a turn on but it does make me wonder how different my life would be if  I could be that bold…

Her boldness excites me; I could never walk to anyone and just point blank ask them for sex. I wouldn’t recommend it either. But Nani makes me want to be that person, in-between giving me knee-jerking orgasms of course.

I accidentally brush my pussy lips as I oil myself (she loves the smell of coconut oil on my skin) and it reacts. She does love the taste of my cum on her lips. I do only need 3 minutes tops? I start to rub my clit in anticipation of her hands rubbing it, remembering her pressing and teasing, making me harden. She makes me wish I had a fleshier, bigger clit. I wonder sometimes how it would feel like for my clit to extend and pulsate, for me to rub it on her clit before pushing it into her. 

I think of her tongue on my pussy lips, licking, flicking, sliding inside while her fingers spread open my vaginal lips. I move my fingers just a little inside for some of that wetness and bring it back to my clit.  Yes. Yes. And Yes! And there’s that wonderful coming off that first orgasm of the day high. That slow lazy heartbeat and the gentle intense movement in my abdomen. Nani is amazing even when she is not here. Not the orgasm I deserve and need but a good start!

Bell rings, and on time. I don’t bother covering up. I walk out the bathroom, through my room, living room, and open the door, hiding slightly behind it. She walks in and turns around in the middle and I walk towards her.

Hi Marge..

Oh, eyes glassy, cheeks flushed, body oiled. Somebody is ready for me.

I smile. 

She dropped to her knees and grabbed my thighs, inhaled deeply, and flicked her tongue in between my pussy lips, going upwards to taste my cum.

I sighed, yup. The perfect way to spend the day.

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