Carnal Celebration

As soon as the door closed behind them, Justin smiled wolfishly and caught Shika’s lips in a carnal kiss that drew a loud moan from both of them. There was no finesse as tongues wrestled with each other and Shika ground herself against Justin’s dick. Both of them were feverish with want and unable to control themselves. Shika was wet from the teasing and dirty talk Justin had whispered on their way to his apartment, and Justin’s dick was poking against his trousers like nails.

She deepened the kiss, loving the sensation of Justin’s tongue against hers. “What are you doing to me?” He whispered when they broke off the kiss to gasp for some much-needed air.

“Exactly what you are doing to me, Justin,” Shika groaned and quickly pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers, freeing the hard length and running a soft hand hard over the length from root to tip, fisting and pumping in long strokes that drew a loud groan full of pleasure from Justin. She pushed him onto the large 3-seater sofa and continued her ministrations on his body.

Justin watched her stroke him from heavy-lidded eyes, turned on by the sight of the contrast of her light skin against his much darker tone, and her small hands wrapped around his dick.

“Fuck, that feels so good, Shika,” he groaned, eyes fluttering shut when she rubbed his tip gently, gathering pre-cum and using it as lubrication to drag his hand over his hard length again, now moving up and down so roughly that he was slightly afraid his nail-hard dick might break off.

The pleasure was so intense that it made him greedy. He wanted more. He wanted her lips wrapped around his length.

Before he could voice out the desire, Shika pulled her dress over her head and ditched her undies, leaving her as naked as he was. He licked his lips in anticipation, and Shika smirked before moving up again to catch his lips in another burning kiss that had their tongues fighting for dominance, pre-cum and wet juices leaking profusely between them.

After a while Shika broke the kiss and moved down the length of Justin’s body, licking and sucking as she slid down; his face, neck, shoulders, and his nipples. She slid down, kissing and licking until she got to his hard length which was leaking pre-cum profusely, the head angry and red.

“You’re so hard, baby. You want me so much.”

“Yes, I do,” he gasped, watching eagerly as her lips hovered over his dick.

She glanced up at him with sultry eyes, then moved down. “I’ve never seen a more beautiful cock,” she whispered, and Justin felt himself shivering from the vibration of Shika’s voice against his cock. Her voice was thick with desire as she held the base of his cock with one hand and sucked, slurping and then swallowing his cock into her throat in a fluid motion with the skill of a woman who was used to pleasuring her man.

His moan was loud and heartfelt.

When Justin was afraid he would come, he reversed their positions and stroked her clit, sliding one finger into her while he licked and sucked her breast. When he bent to lick her clit, Shika mewled her pleasure and would have jumped off the couch if not for Justin holding her firmly in place. The sounds she was making were so carnal that it was making Justin lose his own control as she writhed in pleasure.

“Yes. Yes, oh, Justin. Damn, your mouth feels so good. Fuck.” He kept licking and sucking until she came in a loud moan, legs shaky. After giving her a few seconds to come back to earth, he slid a finger into her again, stroking in and out before adding another finger. By the time Justin had three fingers moving in and out of her hot channel, Shika was undone and mewling in pleasure again. “I need- please Justin. I need more.”

Justin removed his fingers from the now slippery pleasure chute of his lover.

“No, please- don’t stop,” Shika protested in lust-hazed confusion when Justin released her.

“Don’t worry, baby. We just began,” he promised, lifting her and draping her over the side of the sofa, her plump ass in the air and her hole wet from all the sucking and fingering. Justin lined his cock against her entrance and slid slowly into the heavenly heat, moving carefully to allow Shika to get used to his wide girth until he bottomed out. After a few seconds, he began to move. “Yes, oh fuck. Justin. Fuck yes,” Shika moaned, holding on to the sofa for dear life as Justin ploughed her vagina with thrust after hard thrust.

The thrusts were so fast and furious that Shika’s legs were shaking, and she was afraid he was going to combust from the intense pleasure.

“Oh, yes. Please yes. Don’t stop Justin. You’re fucking me so good. Oh, Art!”

Justin paused for a second and pulled Shika up, squeezing her neck and choking her slightly while he worked her clit, his thick hot length still buried to the hilt in her heat. She was so turned on by the manhandling that she was shaking and writhing from pleasure.

Justin pumped in and out of her fast and hard, choking her and growling as he thrust, “Take my cock, baby. This is what you wanted, right? This is why we escaped. Damn, your pussy feels so good.”

The pleasure was so intense that they were both in another dimension. Just when they felt they couldn’t take it anymore, white-hot light flashed across Justin’s eyes as he cummed, releasing rope after rope of cum into his fiancee’s vagina. Shika wasn’t far behind, screaming her pleasure as she squirted all over him.

When they were both recovered, they grinned at each other in smug satisfaction. “That was amazing,” Justin breathed.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Shika smirked. “You should thank me. It was my idea to ditch the engagement party early, Left to you, we would still be entertaining guests who have no plans of leaving anytime soon.”

He laughed. “You were right. I’m glad we escaped. Do you think they’re looking for us?”

She shrugged. “I can’t be bothered. My sister will give them our excuses.”

“Good. Do you have more energy in you? We could take a shower, rest a bit and then celebrate our engagement again.”

She grinned. “You’re on.” 

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