Play, Vibrators… and Business

Photo credit: Krystal Tantric Yogi

Written by Sophie

Amid the allure of a new city, my partner and I meandered through its streets, escaping our 9-5s and embracing the weekend’s promises.

Somewhere between chats about our careers and sips of wine, we stumbled across a discreet little shop with bright letters boasting above. Naturally, our curiosity brought us to the door.

The sheer variety within was overwhelming, each object more perplexing than the last.

We were no strangers to sex toys, but we had never browsed through sex toys together.

We caught each other’s glance, and like teenagers, we attempted to hold back laughter. Before we knew it, we had decided to purchase a remote control vibrator.

That night, our dinner date evolved into something unexpected…

I know what you’re thinking, surely using a sex toy in public would feel steamy and seductive. But to the contrary, we could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING.

Knowing that we were taking part in our own little game, our own hidden joke. Simply put, it was so much fun. And we loved it.

Over another glass of wine, a wild idea emerged: “What if this was our day job?”

Just months later, as our tech start-up faced its unfortunate end, Our Guilty Pleasures was created.

A New Perspective on Sensuality

The world constantly showcases its ideals of sensuality, creating pressures of what “sexy” should resemble.

For me, the sexiest I had ever felt were in those shared giggles with my best friend.

Like many people, I had often felt like I was on stage, grappling with a need to be ‘seen’ and perceived as desirable. My own genuine pleasure frequently took a backseat in this performance.

But this trip transformed my view on intimacy. The freedom, the spontaneity and the break from routine created a space for my partner and I to connect in ways that only we could.

Sex, as I discovered, transcends mere passion. It’s about connection, spontaneity, and sometimes, just unabashed silliness. It reminded me that in its purest form, sex is play.

This philosophy fuels Our Guilty Pleasures. We want you to ask yourself, do you provide yourself the space for sex to be fun? And if not, what will help you create that space?

We aim to guide everyone in their journey of intimacy, allowing them to define it on their terms. And for those uncertain about where to begin, our sex toy quiz helps in choosing a sex toy that aligns with their desires.

It’s all about stripping away imposed norms and delving into the raw, beautiful essence of intimacy: playfulness.

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