Dress me up in lingerie of your choosing 

Lay me down 

Tie my hands above my head 

Massage my breasts slowly 

Feeling your way there up my torso 

Knead me 

Start to play with my nipples 

Each between two fingers 

Pinch and feel and roll and pull 

That’s the tease 

The appetizer 

Feel my full breasts in your hands 

Knead me 

Rub my nipples between your fingers 

Squeeze, release 


Knead some more 

Pinch my nipples between your fingers again 

Pinch, roll, squeeze 


Knead. Massage 

Pinch. Roll. Intense. Soft 

Pinch and lift them up. Pull. Release 

Pull up. Release 

Roll. Pinch. More fingers on nipple now 

Knead. Make my body yield to you 

Pinch. Pull. Roll. Release 

Pinch. Pull. Roll. Pull. Hold. Intense. Release 

Pinch. Hold. Intense. Pull to release 

Again. Intense. Soft 

Knead me 

Suck on one nipple 

Suck. Lick. Kiss. As your other hand 

Kneads. Pinches. Rolls 

Suck. Bite. Linger. Pull. Suck. Suck me all in 

Pinch. Roll. Fingers. Intense 

Tongue is flicking. Teasing. Licking 

Bite. Pull. Intense. Release 

Gently bite. In rhythm. While finger pinches. Pinch. Intense. Hold Oh god 

Knead me 

Watch me. Hear me. Feel me 

Tongue on other breast. Lick. Kiss. Suck 

Suck deep. Suck light. Suck back and forth. Pressure. Yes

Keep sucking. Harder 

Pause. Release 

Now slap my nipple. Spank 

Choke me. Lightly 

Pinch. Pull. Intense. Release 

Again. Again 

Release the choke 

Knead me. Let me melt to you 

Let me feel 

Pinch. Release. Pinch. Flick. Lightly 

Back and forth. More. Yes. So good 

Flick. Light. Back and forth. One finger 

Yes. Yes. Just like that 

Flick. Light. More. More. Tease until she cums to play. More Flick. Light. One finger. Back & forth. More 

Worship me. Tease me. Please me 

Oh god 

Flick harder. Faster. Rhythm. Again. Again 

Hard flick. Yes. Yes. Heaven 

Light pinch and release 

2 fingers rubbing. Soft. Like you love me 

Like i deserve heaven 

Lick light. Blow long 

Lick the top. Lick around. Close your mouth around it. Then blow Spank me again 

Lick. Mouth. Blow. Suck. Take it all in 

Blow. Take time with it 

Suck. Release. Blow

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