Let’s talk about love: well, love making

Love making, sex, shagging, intercourse, fu*king, boning … do they describe the same act? I would argue not.

For me making love depicts an act of tenderness. I imagine candles, soft music, clean sheets, massage oils and an outpouring of emotion. With making love you have got to be in love with the person you are having ‘sex’ with.

Having sex on the other hand does not need to involve the emotion of love. Sex needs physical attraction, chemistry and lust. The candles, soft music, clean sheets, and massage oil become part of a rationally thought out process … it helps to get you into the mood.

What’s your preference and why? Love making or sex?

Nana Darkoa

P.S: This blog is submitted as part of my contribution to Ghana Blogging’s universal posting day. I have really struggled to write this. I really do not have much to say about love. Now if the topic was ‘Let’s talk about sex’, I would have been truly inspired:)

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  • haha, you did well even though the topic was not inspirational enough for you! However, I disagree with you on the lovemaking bit, I think you can fuck someone you love once in a while. What I am saying is even if you are emotionally entwined with someone not every naked time is “an outpouring of emotion”. So when it comes to your question I say, why choose?

  • my preference!?
    the sun, the clouds, the fore-play, the rain, the sex, the moon, the stars, the orgasm, the play-after…the love!

    you say whoa???

  • Single, Black Female

    I must say I prefer love-making most of the time, however there are times when ones needs to bone, shag and f*#$%.

    All of the above can be done with someone you love. Shagging sessions on a kitchen table, in a strange place where you could get caught, quickies on your lunch break are definitely not love-making but do help to keep the excitement alive in the relationship!!

  • Hey Kajsa – if you can have both, why choose. I feel you.

    Novisi – Whoa!

    Single Black Female – I love your tips…shagging sessions on a kitchen table? You may just have to write me a piece for the blog:)

  • Wow! I'd really hate to have to choose. My f&*k buddy takes me to heights I would never want to live without. He does the massaging the back with the oils, slowly moves down the roundness of the butt and to the thighs, and as he sweeps back up, he gently rubs the tips of his fingers against my vagina. Nothing rough — just a gentle sweep, almost as if it were accidental. And need I say, that shit drives me crazy! He is also into the talking-dirty-during-sex thing and sending filthy text messages. Basically, it's always a good fuck when it's with him. He is also into the couch, living room, and dinning table fucking. I enjoy ALL that! But being single, I sometimes wish the emotional aspect of it wasn't so lost. I mean, even a freaky gal can be in need of emotional connection every now and then.

    On another note, please put a blog up about having sex while someone else watches — or perhaps, even joins in — cos this just reminded me of such an incident 🙂

  • Athena, your buddy sounds great! but I feel you about the emotional connection. It adds a certain frisson if you can have great sex and an emotional connection.

    Hmm, your blog request is a hard one for me. I can only blog about what I have experienced and I haven’t had a voyeur experience or threesome before. Maybe the blog post can be about fantasties which could include all of this. I am interested in guest contributors though so maybe this is a gap one of my contributors can fill

    Nana Darkoa

  • hmmm…definately shaggn, sex , f##k, to love-making….da energy involved in it… does it 4 me….

  • i would be interested to see a post/comments on anal sex and also on how women (or you guys specifically) relate to pornography and sex toys.

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