Are You A Rosebud Or A Rose-In-Bloom? asks Guest Contributor Kalya

Pic of Nana Darkoa by Yinka

I like flowers.

They invoke feelings and thoughts of beauty and life; two aspects that wax and wane, not unlike the moon.

I find floral prints quite charming but I’m pragmatic enough to acknowledge that too much may be overkill and just plain tacky.

Anyway, don’t you find it amazing whenever flora resembles parts of the human body? Sliced carrots look like eyes, walnuts look like tiny-little brains, cucumbers make excellent phallic symbols and flowers look like __________ (fill in the gap, and don’t you dare say pancreas).

Yes, I’m talking about our lovely lower lady lips. The flower works of an American feminist-artist, a Georgia O’Keefe, really capture the striking similarity between the two.

For all intents and purposes, a rosebud is lips that are hidden, tacked inside. A rose-in-bloom is just as it sounds; lips that are open, visible. Both, delicate beauties.

I’m a rose-in-bloom. Sometimes I sit my panty-less self spread-eagle and position a hand-held mirror strategically. The reflection turns me on. Narcissism, maybe.  I’m sure I’m not the only one gets aroused by the reflection of my own intimates.

So there was once I was with a guy who likened it to the entrails of a slaughtered animal. He meant it as a joke.  I laughed along,  mirthlessly. Needless to say, I dried up down there like a rose bush transplanted onto the Sahara miles away from the Nile.

Then I met a wonderful guy who was literally enthralled by my petals. He used such expressions as an exquisite lotus, a bountiful harvest. At times, he would just sit back and gaze admiringly as one would look at a stunning and rare piece of art. Needless to say, I wetted up down there like a cactus transplanted onto the Congo Forest in the rainy season. And he quenched his thirst.

So what are you? A rosebud or a rose-in-bloom?

Image by Kwaku David Photography
Image by Kwaku David Photography

13 comments On Are You A Rosebud Or A Rose-In-Bloom? asks Guest Contributor Kalya

  • I think I’m a rose in bloom. And yes, it’s a complete turn on for someone to just look at your *ahem* rose enthralled…sometimes a tad nerve wracking though

  • I took a picture of mine and I think it resembles a rosebud more than a rose in bloom. ‘entrails of a slaughtered animal’? You should have told him his dick resembles a putrefied banana. He wins the jerk-of-the-year award hands down.

  • Are we allowed to love both? *grin*

  • How about mine is a BloomBud….
    This was a very beautiful read.

  • Hihihihihi, Kwaku David pls do me the honours, Where is ur studio located?? Want mine to be taken with professional cameras! Lovely write up Kayla.
    Taken a good look with my concave mirror I’m rose-in-bloom.

  • I’m a cactus. Time for a trim.

  • Nana: nerve wracking a bit,yeah. After all, this is the part of the body we were really told to hide.
    Ekuba: he did have a putrefied banana for brain. The stench revealed itself in time. On a different note, I like offal, a real delicacy. I would go to a restaurant in Scotland and order for haggis. This talk of insides has reminded me of a fascinating African short story, Tekayo.
    AM, Kiki: Thanks! I shall take that as a sign from the spirit world that I should go back to writing. I hereby amend my title to include BloomBud.
    JK: Yes! Love ’em all.
    Malaka: let it grow!

  • In my life I heard more than one person (man) say a vajayjay is really ugly. I wondered if they were really being sarcastic referring to how they were ‘ravaged’ by it, or felt powerless because of it, because my opinion is quite on the contrary. I think a vagina is a most beautiful thing. From pictures, I think I like the ones where the inner lips are showing and the (clitoris too). The variety doesn’t cease to amaze me though. I often wonder if the appearance has anything to do with what the woman herself looks like, or even her character i.e. how much ‘damage’ has been done. So does the appearance of a vagina change with time?

    I think it’s good advice for people to have a good look at that part of the body (male or female) that they are about to get in touch with and is giving them so much pleasure.

    p.s. the flower in the picture is called a flamboyant; common in southern Afrika too.

  • Zeebu: the men probably feel powerless because of it. No man likes that feeling hence they try to downgrade the vagina. In my opinion, such men should probably question their orientation. They probably prefer dick to vagina but because of their ignorance they insult the pussy instead.

  • Definitely rose-in-bloom! Those lips just blow me off, owning them and then having someone who knows how to toy with them with the tongue do just that – toy! Good writing there Kayla

  • Grace: Thanks! All hail the expert ‘toyers’. Zeebu: About the change in appearance of the vagina: I think it changes with the process of ageing as it is, after all, a muscle. I also think that lack of exercise (penetration; no treadmill here) makes it age a lot faster – muscle atrophy.

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