If my vagina could talk it would say…

[A few weeks ago my Fab Fem (short for fabulous feminists) circle held a writing workshop, and one of our writing prompts was “If my vagina could talk it would say…” What would your vagina say if it could talk? Share your thoughts in the comments box, or if you feel inclined to write a full length post send it to me via adventuresfrom[at]gmail.com

This is what my vagina would say if it could talk…]


Can you hear me?

Listen to me.

Pay attention to me

Ignore everybody else and give me one to one attention

And I don’t mean that you should touch me

Or rush to get Mr V

In fact sometimes I hate Mr V

Mr V makes you ignore me

You only think about what you want and ignore what I want

Put Mr V aside and listen to me

In fact put all the other Mr’s aside and listen to me

Can you hear me?

Can you feel me quiver?

Can you feel how I make the muscles of your stomach tighten?

How I cause you to breath a little faster

That’s all me

All me and not Mr V or any other Mr that you randomly allow to enter me

Do you even check to see whether I am ready?

Whether I want him to enter me?

Do you?

I want you to listen to me

Take your time and listen to me

Lie in solitude and really listen to me

Hear me speak

Allow me to tell you what I want


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