“Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia”. A New Weekly Series

I am delighted to announce that Nnenna Marcia will be writing a regular series for Adventures from now on (or until she gets bored). This series will go up every Friday (unless I can’t get to a computer or have tech challenges of some sort). In the mean time I thought it would be great to learn a bit more about Nnenna. Enjoy my short interview with her below.


N.D:  How did you discover Adventures?

N.M: I’m not sure how I came upon Adventures exactly. I think I might have been blog hopping. One minute I was minding my business, the next whoa! I found my tribe.


N.D: You’re an erotic writer. How did you come to write eroticia?

N.M: I started writing erotica about six years ago. My boyfriend at the time suggested it based on some of my stuff he’d seen. I submitted a piece to The Erotic Review, they loved it and for the next four or so years, I became a regular contributor. Their publishing house will be publishing my Novella and short story collection soon.


N.D: How has being an erotic writer improved your sex life if at all?

N.M: Hmmm. I don’t know that it has; not necessarily. I’ve always been adventurous and I have an open mind so I will try anything as long as it is with someone I trust – and sometimes with people I don’t (wouldn’t recommend this!). I think that life gets in the way when you’re a working mother with your hands full, but I try. I’m just like everybody else…except much, much filthier in my head!


N.D: Does your Mama (or parents) know that you write erotica? What’s their response been?

N.M: I’m Nigerian. What do you think?


N.D: Is Nnenna Marcia your real name or a pseudonym?

N.M: Nnenna Marcia is a pseudonym: it’s the feminisation of an open-minded friend’s name. He was quite chuffed.


N.D: Please share 3 of your favourite sexual tips with us?

N.M: Ooh. Let’s see. a) Always taste yourself. Not only is this terribly erotic, but if your body is a bit off you’ll be able to tell faster than any doctor. In fact, you can put doctors in their place!
(“Dr, there’s something wrong with me.” “There’s nothing wrong with you, Ms Marcia, I’m your doctor and have conducted a thorough examination…”
“But my pussy tastes funny, doctor…”
“Errr..ahem!…Young lady, that is..a..errr…medically…errr…is it hot in here? Let me put on the AC.”)

b) Balls are good: They may look like weird fruit but learning how to hold them, juggle them in your mouth – without crushing them will bring your man miles of pleasure. And this is an extra point: you can get your man to come without ejaculating. Google it. Faster recovery time = more dick for you.

c) Always carry unscented baby wipes: They are called ‘quickies’ for a reason.


N.D: Complete this sentence…”Amazing sex is…”

N.M: …guaranteed, once you stop feeling guilty for having a libido!


Thanks Nnenna for taking up this challenge. I can’t wait for Friday now

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