Reader Query: ‘I’m attracted to older women’ says Kojo

Ages ago I received the email below in my Adventures inbox:

Nana, I just wanna give u a very GRAND big-ups for all that u doing & also
put my problem before u.

Nana my problem is I have a very high attraction for older women, I always get a
hard on when I see an older woman in her 30s to 40s with some part of her body
naked. Am always thinking about having sex with them.

Secondly, I seem to LOVE SEX too much to the extend that I sometimes have sex
with prostitutes(ashawo) just to satisfy myself. Please what can I do. Advice me

The (I presume) young man who sent me this email agreed that I could respond to his email publicly via this blog so here goes:

Hi Kojo,

Thanks for bigging me up. Always appreciated. I’m curious, how old are you exactly? Nowadays 30s to 40s doesn’t seem that old to me, but that’s me speaking from the vantage point of being 35. Are you above the age of consent? Are you sexually attracted only to significantly older women or do you sometimes feel attracted to women your own age? Thinking frequently about having sex with an older woman on its own doesn’t seem to me to be a major problem unless its impacting on your life in some other way. Do these fantasies of older women stop you from living your life fully? Are you still able to work, study etc?

The pseudo psychologist in me thinks this is a clear case of Oedipus complex, but hasn’t many of Freud’s theories been rubbished?

Hmmm sex with sex workers (which is what I prefer to call ashawos). The biggest challenge here is that sex with sex workers is more high risk because they tend to have a larger number of sexual partners, and as we all know (or should know) there is no such thing as safe sex, only safer sex. In an ideal world, I would say that ensure the sex workers you sleep with can show you recent results for STD tests, and that you get tested frequently yourself but I recognise that is me living in sexual la la land. In reality I would advice that you find a regular partner (can be a woman/girl your own age or older), both get tested before starting a sexual relationship, and jazz up your sex life with role play, sex toys, and whatever fun consensual ideas come to you both.

Adventurers what’s your advice to Kojo.

Nana D x

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Photo credit: Bob Pixel




10 comments On Reader Query: ‘I’m attracted to older women’ says Kojo

  • eii Nana D are you sure Kojo is not indirectly propositioning you? The way he says he likes women in their ’30s’ it’b beginning to look like you’re his dream gal 🙂

  • Kojo if you are not a 13 year old boy, or 17, I honestly do not understand your ‘problem’. These mature women still have their assets intact, so I mean, if they jiggle and wiggle, wobble and wabble, I can see where the hard on is coming from. Next time, stop one of them and be like, ‘Excuse me sista, but your nyash dey make me go gaga, can I have your number” Just have your legs ready to run, because you may have a hand meeting your lovely face. About the night nurses, Nana has given some solid advice.

  • Nana thank you very much for your response and advice, I always appreciate it. But with the curiosities; I’ll like you to know that I’m 22 years, and am able to work and study, but sometimes these fantasies make me masturbate so many times.

    would also like to know if having an affair with older women has any bad effects. Thank you.

    • An affair or a relationship with an older woman can only have positive effects for a 22 year old man. Women reach their sexual maturity at 30 (or something). And 40 year old women are the horniest creatures on the planet. You would hit the jackpot if you landed yourself a cougar/panther. And now that it’s not as much of a taboo anymore, there are plenty of older women who would be open to dating a younger man such as yourself.

      Just be respectful of her as a woman, treat her in a manner she deserves and all should be well! No fear, no shaking! 😉

  • Ebenezer Mr Scrooge

    Ekuba, talk am again ooo… HomeBoy must have pinched TheOneEyedSnake so often to images of Nana, he must have shed skin over and over… Kojo, I dey beg, get off the porn watching wae and as Nana said, get a steady girl and act out your fantasies…
    (MOM Mode SideBar) Abena, daughter of Mr Gyeke, Wife of Mr Grant, Mother of Mr Grant Jnr… Why I “see” your ky333 so??? Last time I was over, saw the Summer Break post… Checked up today and alas!!! Anyways, make I no weigh into your last post, can tell its coming from a deep place, before you demand my head on a plate a la John The Baptist..

  • Oi @Ekuba and @Mr Scrooge, stop projecting me into Kojo’s fantasies. Ha! I am not the default fantasy for horny 22 year olds lusting after ‘older’ women 🙂

  • Just wanna say a very big thanks to you all, I really like your contributions.

    But are there any specicific places I can meet my dream queens in Accra? Thanks.

  • Yea I feel the same way too. Am 28 but I see to be attracted to ladies 30 and above after I dated a lady 6yrs older. It is normal??
    Meanwhile Nana is Cool. Seen her severally.

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