Meet best selling romance writer Nana Malone at Ghana Voice Series this Wednesday

I read ‘Sexy in Stilettos‘ in a few hours whilst vegging out on my sofa. It ticked all the boxes that a good contemporary romance novel needs to have. A complex woman navigating career, romance and sex (Note: I am making a clear distinction between romance and sex). A handsome troubled male, (are there any LGBTI romances?) and a cast of supporting girlfriends. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and what I especially liked was that there was plenty of hot, realistic sex scenes like the one below:

“She was wet. Slick. Teasing the entrance, he slid one finger into her moist core and she bucked. He buried his lips in her neck, inhaling the scent of her. She smelled like home. Gently, he withdrew then entered, withdrew, then entered in a slow, lazy rhythm that said they had all the time in the world. When in truth, they only had a minute before he spontaneously combusted.”

Ahem. Well that kind of action always works for me.

Best of all, the writer Nana Malone will be reading at the Ghana Voice Series this Wednesday 24th July, at the Goethe Institute from 7pm-8pm. This event is organised by the Writers Project of Ghana which does a fantastic job of keeping Accra’s literary scene alive. This is where I will be this Wednesday so come hang out, listen to some sexy reading, and find out from Nana how she become a best selling writer.



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  • Sounds like fun to write stuff, as well, doesn’t it?

    Might bring my mom, if she’s up for it…

  • Wow! I need to look for this book ASAP! the paragraph you mentioned is amazing- it’s sexy but real.

    • Oh wow, Ekuba! Thank you so much. I really try to keep things as realistic as possible but still keep the element of fantasy as it is a romance. I’m glad you enjoyed it. That snippet is from Sexy in Stilettos and it’s available on

  • The writer keeps it SO real. She’s just all around amazing.

  • I’ve quietly noted that a lot of African erotica I’ve been exposed to hails from the West side. East, North and Central don’t seem to be humping at the rate the West is!

    • or… or, they are humping too much to even have the time to write 🙂

      • Ah. You see ooo. I keep hearing how freaky Kenyan girls are. It’s true! They are too busy humping to write! It’s ok. We West Side girls will handle the tedious task of “sexy writing” for the continent. 😉

        • Lol @ Malaka. I KNOW right? I have thought that the East Africans & Southern Africans like to get their freak on more than we do! As in, I’ve heard a lot of Ghanaian men talk excitedly about how more sexually open/ exciting South African girls were as opposed to Ghanaian chicks & I always wondered how true that was. Hmmm…

      • @ Ekuba,

        Good point. Didn’t even think about that.

        @ Nana,

        I don’t know. I have my own theories, but to share them would be catastrophic.

    • That’s interesting AM. I wonder if writers feel as free to express themselves from the other regions as we do in West Africa.

  • Eiii! @Ekuba, you’ve even reminded me. I have to tell you guys about this Haitian girl I met at work and her trysts with Ghanaian men.

    I was shocked.

  • Wow. Met so many Adventures readers at Nana Malone’s book reading yesterday night. Thank you so much for coming out in your numbers – and also a special thanks to those who came and introduced themselves as fans of the blog. Loved the feedback!

    Had so much fun, and so proud of my smart beautiful cousin who read beautifully, answered any question thrown at her incisively, and made the audience laugh so many times. Loved that my BFFFL Malaka skyped into the reading. That was a first for the Writers Project of Ghana and I suspect they will keep that innovation going.

    And for the man/Dr who thought that feminists would have an issue with the sex scene that Nana Malone read out? What are you on? Argh. Clearly you don’t know any feminists eh? Don’t worry, when I have time I will dedicate a blog post to clearing up your confusion.

  • Nana, thank you again for helping organize the whole thing. Without you, I would have been sitting my somewhere eating plantain doing absolutely no promo for the books.

    I had a blast and my favorite part was reading the love scene. I loved how people were sitting forward in their seats listening intently….except for my mother. Lol.

    Thank you so much for everyone that came out. I am so appreciative and humbled.

    I can’t wait to do it again 🙂

    • @Nana Malone – You’re welcome. I had a lot of fun. If only I had more time I would organise ‘Adventurous Events’ 🙂

      Please also let our readers know how they can download ‘Game, Set Match’ for free. Explicit instructions and links please, as well as a link to your FB page.

      @Malaka – We’re waiting for you to come and do your reading in Ghana o. Someone was asking me yesterday when you’re coming so prepare…@Nnenna Marcia, you’ve got to come too. I know that will be a challenge for you but maybe you’ll take a cue from Ghana’s Anas Amereyaw Anas

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  • I think it is time for me to move to Ghana. I am clearly missing out!

    ANd that sex scene is right up my street. This Nana Malone, you are now my friend whether you like it or not! 🙂

    (Ys, Ghana, I am STEALING all your best writers. Malaka and now two Nanas. Woooohoooooo!!!)

    Sorry I am high.

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