Three is definitely not a crowd (Part 3)

[So by popular request here is part 3, and somehow this story has shaped up to be a multi part one, so if there is interest I’ll continue writing. Read part 2 here and part 1 here]

Nnenna’s head was lying sideways on the pillow such that she faced me whilst her butt was high up in the air. Kunle rolled on a condom and applied a generous proportion of Astroglide. He was at least 8 inches erect and had a good solid width on him. I inched closer and rubbed Nnenna’s left asscheek. I let my right palm rise up and land back on her bottom with a thud. “Harder” she said. I tried again. “Yes, that’s it”. At that exact moment Kunle slid inside her. I responded by reaching with my left hand for her clit whilst I continued to spank her with my right hand. We got a rhythm going. I kept my fingers busy on her clit and every time Kunle withdrew I would spank her. I glanced at Kunle’s face. It was a study in concentration. His eyes were narrowed in concentration, his forehead creased, and drops of sweat were starting to form on his face as he kept a steady in out motion. I looked back at Nnenna. Her locs were tousled and spread across the pillow, her lips were parted, and I thought she had never looked as beautiful as she did at that moment. I decided to change tack and lay down right next to her. In that position I could reach for one of her boobs. I popped her nipple into my mouth and started to suckle. That seemed to do the trick. Her moans increased in intensity, Kunle started to pump harder and a short minute or two later her knees buckled as she chanted ‘Ohmygodohmygodohmygod’. Kunle pulled out of her still fully erect. “I’ll be back ladies,” he said as he walked off in the direction of the bathroom. I reached for Nnenna and cuddled her. I could imagine how she felt. Her body was still trembling. She looked into my eyes and as I smiled at her she pulled my head towards her. Our lips met. She suckled at my lower lip and I nibbled back gently in response.


“I see you didn’t miss me whilst I was away. Don’t worry ladies, I’m just going to sit right here and watch for a while” said Kunle as he sat on the chair in the corner of the room. Nnenna and I paid absolutely no mind to him and continued to kiss. Her lips were soft, and full. One minute we were kissing, and in the next instant I was lying with my back on the mattress and Nnenna straddling me. I instinctively reached up to touch her breast with my right hand and she responded by smacking my hand. “Lie still, and don’t do anything. Do you hear me?” I nodded. It was amusing to see my friend in this role. I knew she was a bit of a bossy boots but I had never guessed that she was such a dominatrix in the sack too. My inner submissive was happy.   Whilst still sitting on me, Nnenna reached over to the bedside table and out came some scarves. “Kunle, come and help me tie Afua up”. I obediently stretched out my limbs and in no time I was spread eagled on the bed. I could feel my pussy twitch in anticipation. I watched Kunle settle back in his chair whilst reaching for his dick. Clearly I wasn’t the only one excited. Nnenna tugged on the scarf securing my left foot as if to remind me of who was really in charge. I looked back at her. She was standing at the base of the bed, and as I maintained eye contact with her she climbed onto the bed, and kept climbing, right over me until her nipples were above my lips. I knew what she wanted me to do and dutifully took her lips into my mouth. “No, no, no” she said when after a few seconds I tried to hold her by the waist. “I’ve told you that you need to learn to follow orders. Do you want to be spanked?” I shook my head, and put my hand back down by my side. “Good girl” she responded as she started to kiss her way down my body, lingering at my boobs and around my belly button. She paused when she got to my public area lightly pulling at my hair and saying, “I like that you’ve got some hair down there, all the better to play with”. I started to jerk my hips upwards but she refused to take any hints and started kissing down my right thigh until she got all the way down to my foot, and then switched to kissing my left thigh. By now my body was desperate for her to touch my clit. From the corner of my eye I could see Kunle sitting forward in his chair, he seemed to have forgotten about the needs of his dick and appeared intent on savouring the moment.


“Oh my goodness” slipped out as I felt Nnenna’s breath hover over my pussy. “What would you like me to do to you Afua?” she said. “Please kiss me there” was my response, and in the next breath I felt her hands part my outer lips and her warm lips on mine. Her tongue performed a swirly motion on my inner lips

which had me jerking my hips, and turning my head from side to side. I felt like I was falling, and was suddenly grateful for the scarves that held me secure.  I felt Nnenna slip in a finger and started to moan loudly in response. At that moment Kunle came over, covered my lips with his, as I had what felt like the best orgasm of my life. In the dream like state that came over me, I could hear the clock in the living room chime nine times.

Photography by Nana Kofi Acquah
Photography by Nana Kofi Acquah

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