‘I wanted to fuck him like he was a woman’ by Guest Contributor Lois Lagos

No don’t let this title confuse you. I’m not saying that women are the weaker sex in fact that’s the last thing I’m trying to say but I just wanted to clarify before I continue.

I’ve never had a lesbian experience although I have been approached by women on more occasions than I care to recall. I can be in a club/bar/public transport and women will just come up to me and compliment my figure and linger their gaze or touch for long enough for me to realise that they’re not talking about how I look in my outfit.  It happened to me again on the underground the other day…but I digress.  I’ve never had a female encounter but I’m open to giving it a try one day – more likely as part of a threesome though –so I actually don’t know what it feels like to fuck a woman. So I guess I was surprised that I suddenly felt like this was the best way to describe the encounter I had this year.

I had a VERY brief encounter with a prime piece of man earlier this year. I mean he was tall, dark and just gorgeous. My mind and my pussy had so many plans for this man. I wanted to do things to and with him that could be considered illegal in parts of Europe and North America. He seemed game…the foreplay dialogue was hot like fire. It was blowing his mind, more than mine though I think which is probably why I decided that I wasn’t going to actually fuck him on that first encounter.  It was almost too easy and I wanted to have the excitement of anticipation for the next time. So we played…there’s was something  so exciting about making him desire me and also about me knowing that if I wanted to I could just slip him inside of me. He stayed rock hard the whole night and I was moist too…the sound of my wet pussy made him groan like he was about to explode. The dynamic was interesting, I felt dominant…despite this man being built like a brick house and me being rather petite in the bedroom it felt like I was in complete control.  When I climbed on top of him I felt suddenly like I should fuck him like he was a woman – I really cannot explain why I felt like that – I just felt a sudden wave of masculine energy come over me.  It took me by surprise as I am a very strong personality outside of the bedroom and I know I can be very strong inside too but I’d never felt so empowered. I was so turned on by it! Surprisingly he seemed to love it…the excitement was all encompassing for him, coupled with the foreplay he came. I left the room briefly after he had climaxed and when I returned he was in a prayer/meditative state.  I mean I know I’m a great lover (Keeping it 100%) but DAMN I took him there…he said he could get rather emotional after climaxing…again his feminine side was eclipsing mine. I thought it was rather sweet and made me want to do it to him again and again. I was excited about the next time we would meet because I would ravage him and make sure he fucked me in all the ways I wanted him to. Anticipation is a real turn on!

Alas the story ends without me ever getting the chance to fuck him completely…I honestly believe the experience must have shocked/scared him too (we didn’t even go that deep). His loss though he missed out on some exceptional bedroom antics. I think this happens in waves, I love being submissive just as much as I love being dominant in the bedroom but this particular experience opened my eyes to how dominant I can really be. What are your experiences with dominance vs submission in the bedroom? Would love to read your thoughts.


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  • Interesting piece. I remember I was so domineering I made a guy cry after he had an orgasm when I gave some serious BJ… He exclaimed he’s never had an orgasm through a BJ. My musculine self just pooped up n it really felt good to be in charge!!

  • Hei. CRY ankasa?! This is serious. We all have something to strive for. You’ve set the standard high Kiki!

    There’s a man somewhere who should prepare himself to weep!

  • Like one of my friends once told me, I’m a switch…I love to be dominant, and I also equally love to be a sub as long as we have established the ground rules 🙂 It’s all fun and games

  • Lois Lagos — How fortuitous. I’ve been reading about dommes & subs and BDSM over the last few days. I enjoyed reading your article. Good on you for giving him an amazing ‘ride’ and the sense of empowerment that came with that. From my conversations with various women, not many experience such ‘power trips’ and often, they are not able/too uncomfortable to sexually express their dominant side.

    Personally, I’ve got Domme days and sub moments which apparently makes me a ‘Switch’ – sounds like it should be the name of a cool female character in an X-men movie but, I digress. I had a fascinating discussion on D/S with my girlfriends, chatting about sexual dominance (among other things) in relationships and they said [in their experience] most men are wary of long term relationships (especially marriage or domestic partnership/cohabiting) with sexually dominant women. I’ve gleaned this mindset from conversations with various men.

    Sexually, [on a list of things I look forward to trying], I would like a man who doesn’t mind me tying him up and playing rough every now and then. I am yet to meet a man (with a like mindset and) whose ego can handle this.

    Kiki — Talk about setting high standards. Game on! I’ve got to make at least one man weep because of my outstanding ‘oral’ skills.

    • Saffron & Laces you’re right and I think that was why said guy didn’t want to meet up again…it probably scared him in hindsight! OHHHHH I think I might be a switch too then @Nana! I didn’t even know there was a name for it. I’m actually making friends with a Dominatrix, she’s AMAZING! I’m going to visit her playroom and talk about her experience…maybe I should get her to write about her experiences. She loves what she does and she is ALWAYS busy…ALWAYS so there must be plenty of men who want to be dominated they just don’t want anyone to know about it (including their actual wives/long term lovers)

  • Yes oooo! Tell her to write! I want to hear some!

  • Hello Lois… WoWzers…. What a powerful piece of writing, made me moist just thinking about it.

    I am a Professional & lifestyle Dominatrix and all round Alpha Female and even before I discovered BDSM I was aware from my mid 20’s of the ‘Power of the Pussy’ and just how submissives males can become when confronted with a Woman who understands her Powerful Sexual Prowess.

    I always think, the saving grace of men is that (IMO) not ALL Women are truly aware of the Power they potentially have over males. It is why I also believe men will find ways to keep Women submissive, unsure & generally unaware of their true strength and this extends from the bedroom out into the wider world. Please do not confuse me with a staunch Feminist, while my general view is that Females are Superior I understand that each individual is different and what works for one will not work for another.

    I also would like to make it clear, I am in no way a ‘man hater’ I adore the male species, I just adore them in a different way from some others *wink* Currently I have no desire for a male to Dominate me but I live by the rule ‘never say never’ so who knows, one day a male may walk into my life who I want to submit to, but until that day comes I will continue to enjoy my unique relationships (yes I am polyamorous) with the male species.

    Keep up the great posts & I look forward to your next adventure

    Stay Kinky & Stay Safe xx

    • Miss Deviant’s response made me smile WIDELY!!! I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head…as I get old I am finding it harder to keep this “dominant” side of myself under wraps. This probably explains a lot of things about my previous relationships. Though I need/desire/want an Alpha Male, I need for him to be in tune with his feminine side…I do hope that exists…I guess it will be funny searching!

  • prime piece of man. 😀

  • Hi Adventurers, i am kinda new here. Really interesting stuff. I have some advice for Lois though.

    Lois, he’s going crazy right about now wanting more of this intriguing you, if the excitement you said he felt is anything to go by. Send an invite and watch him come racing in, ready to eat you out.

    You ladies aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing Switch. Guys playing dommes all the time gets b-o-r-i-n-g!!! Some spice is always good! My 2 pesewas.

  • As a guy I found I love it when I see the Alpha Female, I don’t mind being dominated occasionally as I am a very strong personality and a natural leader. However I love to be submissive too.

    @LoisLagos…I think it’s not a problem and that hit yourself too hard for that in anyway. I love the idea of weeping after such a power orgasm. I have never experienced it though but am looking forward to it. Someday.

  • I think every guy has a submissive side lurking somewhere that needs a fire starter of a confidant and daring woman.
    Man will obviously not readily admit that they harbor fantasies where they are dominated, pegged and told what to do. The social construct prevents this from coming out and mother ego saves the day.
    Me thinks you have not lived as a man until you meet one hell of a dominant woman pulling you by your scrotum to bed….

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