Finding the Prostate Gland?


Yesterday this Italian Ni**ga was telling me how he spent a lot of money on designer jeans and shoes because I made a comment about how his jeans and sneakers looked ruggedly.
Why can’t men get it into their heads that putting money in a woman’s pocket or wardrobe will score you more points than spending it on yourself for her sake? So you see what this man did is utter rubbish. You bought yourself designer shoes and jeans so I could notice you? Are you kidding me? How is that of any benefit to me you silly billy. I am the girl they call AKA ××××× ××××× . AKA xxxxxxxx! Anyway I had to get that out of the way. Totally unrelated to the matter at hand.
Now let me tell you about the stud that has been gracing my bed. Keep in mind that we cannot call him anything but a stud because he is built like thor and his equipment roar through me like thunder.
Lord yes, he is build like a monument, like sacred sculpture in a shrine of worship.
and his body catering to my body is moments and moments of surreal interaction and spirituality deepening. In short, amala me boy yi aa, odzim yi3. sizeless!

By the way, this girl on facebook was yapping her mouth about how a man’s G spot is located in his anal region. So during sex last night, I was giving the stud a bj and I decided to explore. As my tongue journeyed across his anal regions, his expressions were more and more rewarding till we arrived at what he described as a very different sensation. According to him, it was his first real orgasm. I was surprised of course because for me I have always believed when a man cums, that is an orgasm! So if you ask me, I am of the impression that men have an orgasm all the time, everyday as long as they cum.
But my dear stud insists cuming is not an orgasm for a man. I discussed this with another lady on this forum who is of the same opinion as I am so another dimension will be absolutely welcome. She believes it must be the first time his emotions are tied to cuming which made him experience what he thinks is an orgasm but technically for her as well, when a man cums, it is an orgasm! Meanwhile I GAVE HIM HIS FIRST different sensation!!!! THAT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT TO GLOAT OVER.
So we took a breather and decided to explore more. I told him about this thing concerning the anal regions so we read up on it, watched some youtube videos and decided to try a few things later in the night. Especially since he has always had an interest in getting his stuff up my arse.
We tried him first with my finger and we tried to hit his prostrate gland which according to sources is the do all end all for men. So my stud let me stick my finger up his rectum to find this spot; Supposed to be around 3 inches up the rectum which I found using lots of lube. Going in wasn’t hard and I had my tongue around his anus all this while which he says was extremely pleasurable but after his orgasm, he was shouting for me to get my finger out so quickly I think I pulled out too fast and caused some pain! Because he was in pain and asking me to check for blood after. Well no blood honey, except for having a bit of yellow faeces on my dear finger!
However the process of exploring made us discover new ways of pleasure but we are not sure about this gland being the G Spot as it wasn’t anything too different from our first tries with just tongues which didn’t go in three inches deep anyway.
We are also thinking we might have done thing’s wrong out of ignorance/inexperience?
You need to tell me if you ladies have tried to find your man’s prostrate gland and how it panned out. The good news from this encounter is that he was in so much pain he said he doesn’t want to do my arse if it’s going to hurt me that much. So yea my precious arse got away for now. I am the girl who does not want anything up her arse but I do need to try it soon.

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  • Hmmm things you will read on adventure ..mind blowing stuff. I know about that space between the balls and anall entry thing being pleasurable but it ends there.. 3 inches in the ass and finding G-spot in men thats a NO NO for me. Finding G spot in women is still hanging somewhere between being a myth and the difficulty in locating ,now yall wanna add men G-spot lol

  • Hahaha. Kindly Google it and read up this is not my invention. I was blown away too. And yes darling, the spot between the balls and anal entry is AMAZING!!!!

  • I cracked up all the way through this post. I think it was the description of Thor and thunder ripping through you that sent me over the edge. LOL!

    But to your point about cumming vrs orgasm, I guess we have to leave it to the man to determine that for himself. I have also always assumed that ejaculation is the same as an orgasm, but I could very well be wrong!

    It seems a lot more people are into anal play these days. Thanks for the great post!

  • for me no person has ever been in my ass and from the experience of your stud I say thank you to all the ladies that have given me their ass. it is not easy, but come to think of it some of this ladies gave it to me without me asking. thanks for the work.

  • Seem the study/research about it seen to be theories kinna they believe its there but cant prove it. Actually comments about one locating it is rare.
    For me i feel ejaculation is orgasm for men but what adds up to the build to the point of release can make the difference. For eg the feeling even in self musterbating as compared to a partner doing it for you is different .

  • Am I the only one who is totally against anything anal? Not a tongue (that’s just nasty, no offense), not a finger n certainly not a penis. Not for love and not for all the money in the world.

  • Ha Seeta! This was me awhile back. I was always saying dude, nothing goes near my ass. But then i have had his tongue there and i love it so much. i am still not into getting a dick in my ass it gets me traumatic thinking about it. I am hoping to try once before I die. I can always stop if it hurts so no problem in trying really. I don’t mind my tongue on my man’s butt and I definitely love his on mine. Do try a tongue and tell us about it.

  • Malaka, i think most of us are of the same view but we will have to hear it from the men for more clarity.

  • @Kwunume, you need to double thank them but i know some women love it. Practice makes perfect.
    The stud was even pissed off when I kept laughing over it. His reaction was everything and to think that was just my finger.

  • Purple Tussle if you want to enjoy it the first time, I advice you use KY . I am speaking from experience , first timers that I have been in their ass do not even notice when every thing is inside.

  • Anything going in/out of anal aint for me though eirher her/me .. Fingers can rub that little space there but thats about enough for me NOTHING goes in there NOT fingers , tongue.. Nata

  • Speaking only for myself, a male of another culture. I have no interest in anal activities whether active or passive roles. Once a year a doctor puts on a latex glove, lubricates part of it, and inserts a finger to medically examine my prostate. The feeling I have is neither pleasure nor pain but some pressure in my rectum. I do not find the insertion to be sexually exciting. As for me taking a sexually active role, I have no interest but if I woman told or showed me she wanted me to do so, I would. That has not happened yet, nor will I press the issue. My point is, your lover may or may not enjoy anal insertion and, perhaps asking or beginning the act and asking about continuing or repeating, would be a good thing. Even though I personally might find it a little awkward at first on either side of the conversation, it would be good to know what works with my partner.

    As for orgasm versus ejaculation, for me it seems the same. However the intensity of the orgasm can vary and perhaps that is where the confusion is. During periods of more sexual activity subsequent orgasms will produce ejaculation but will be less intense. My partner might not even know I had an orgasm but knows I ejaculated. Other times, when I have not had as much sex and with a loving, caring, and attractive partner, I will have intense toe-curling muscle-spasm orgasms. At those times it’s very clear to my lover that I had an orgasm.

    I hope I am not intruding with my individual male perspective. Thank you.

  • Another late post….
    Talk about anal… I’ve had my arse licked and the feeling was sensational! So I tried anal sex. I had one of the best orgasms ever (quite different from the clitoral/ vaginal orgasms).
    I’ve also licked my partner’s arse and might have slipped in a finger more than once… he seems to have enjoyed it

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