Sacred Romance (Part 2) – By Guest Contributor – Spiritual

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They managed to walk to her bedroom with their clothes still intact.

”Dan, are you sure about this”  Sally asked, not that she care what his reply would be.

He didn’t answer, he just grabbed her face and planted a wet kiss on her lips. A sensual, soul rattling lip lock ensued. Their tongues was writhing against each other’s lips, fighting for entry. Sally was on cloud nine already. Their tongues swirled together, taking in the taste of each other’s mouth. He ran his tongue across her beautiful, straight and white teeth. They groped and humped on each other as their hands roamed up and down each other’s body. He grabbed her ass and picked her up. The rush of adrenaline and testosterone made her feel light in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him, never breaking the kiss. He laid her on her back on the bed. She couldn’t help unbuttoning his shirt and running her fingers across his hairy chest. He reciprocated by reaching behind him and removing her heels. They detached briefly. He stood facing the bed and Sally was on her back directly in front of him. He pulled her up so she was on her knees. Grabbing the bottom of her dress, he pulled it over her head, revealing her matching black lace bra and panties. She had bought them specially for the date. He took a moment to take in her body- her flat stomach and toned legs. He just couldn’t believe his luck.

Next he stepped out of his shoes and socks while Sally unbuttoned his jeans trousers and dropped them to the floor. He got one leg out of them and kicked them to the corner. He was standing there hard in only his boxers, his body on display for Sally who was standing on her knees clad only in her bra and panties.  He basically tackled her onto her back. They began kissing again. This time, their skin was touching for the first time. His hands grabbed her perky bra covered breasts. He could see her areola through the lace. He unclasped the bra releasing her perfectly shaped melons to his bare hands. She had sent him a picture of them a week earlier, but touching them was a totally different experience.

They rolled onto their back. Sally sat up on her knees between his legs and used both of her hands and a little help from him to pull off his boxers, exposing his 8 inch stick. For a moment, Sally was dazed. Emotions seered through her. Frank her husband was considerably endowed but sex with him was a far cry to the amazing intimate experience she is having. She wasn’t going to let anything get in her way.

She grabbed his rock hard cock and laid it flat against his pelvis. Holding it there, she placed her tongue on his asshole, then she began licking it all the way up over his balls to his Dick head. This sent waves over him. She then slowly gobbled up the glob of precum off of his belly before she gently to the head of his cock in her mouth. Dan gasped in surprise and pleasure. He couldn’t hold back a deep moan as Sally completely engulfed his entire 8 inches in one gulp. Sally couldn’t think straight. Her whole body was charged. She sucked his Dick as if her life depended on it. Frank never allowed her mouth near his and consequently, he never sucked her pussy no matter how much she begged him to.

Her  lips were kissing his trimmed pubic hair. He felt the urge to say ”wow” or something, but they were beyond words now. The only sounds were his moans of pleasure and the sloshing of his Dick down Sally’s throat. She played with his balls and tickled his asshole the entirety of the blowjob. He felt the cum stirring as his balls tightened.

Four weeks of pent up semen was about to go down Sally’s throat. However, she pulled off before he had any chance to cum. She raised her body to him and gave him a kiss. His hard Dick was at full attention straight up between her thighs rubbing against her lace covered pussy. The ball was in his court now as he continued kissing. Sally rolled them back onto her back. His goal was to make her cum once before intercourse, unless they were just fucking, but this was love making. He gave one final thrust into her lips, kissing her on the fore head, nose, mouth again, then chin. He leaned up and nibbled each earlobe tracing his tongue over her face between her ears. He sucked the outline of her collarbone sending shock waves down her spine. Her body was aflame with passion. He then traced his tongue along her side, down to her waist, across her panty line to her hip bone and back up her side completing a box around her torso. All the while, she was deeply engulfed in the scent of his hot breath on her body. He made one last line down the center of her chest- between her breasts and making a pit stop at her belly button before running his tongue over her panty clad pussy mound. He gently placed a kiss on her pussy and quickly got off the bed.

In that instant, her heart skipped a beat and there was a look of fear in her eyes when he stood up. He knew she feared it was over. Just so she’d know he understood her panic, he grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him until her pussy was on the edge of the bed. He leaned forward to kiss her thus rubbing his penis against her covered treasures. He leaned in but stopped before meeting her lips, teasing her. She was in another world of ecstasy. Dan moved down to her fabulous breasts. They sat perky on her chest, he carefully and slowly licked around each breast and around each areola without touching the areola or her hard nipples. Then, he slowly pulled down her panties. Her labia lips had parted slightly at her arousal showing off her pink insides. Her clit was begging for attention. She was moaning in muffled groans. Her pussy was completely shaved.

He leaned towards her pussy and exhaled slowly. His hot breath on her made her skin become covered in goose bumps. He then proceeded to cover every inch of her legs with kisses, up to her inner thighs. Starting with her left foot all the way down. He stopped and repeated the process on her right leg. He kissed around her pussy, then planted a firm kiss right on it. She couldn’t help running her fingers through his hair.

After all the teasing, her pussy was dripping wet. By this time, she was panting profusely and he was about to give her the best orgasm of her life. He leaned forward and began kissing his lover. Their tongues clashed as they sucked on each other’s lips with uninhibited lust. While they were at that, he inserted two fingers into her oozing vagina. The force of the pleasure jolted her and her hand grabbed tightly at his back, digging her fingernails deep into his flesh in a effort to do something to express the pleasure.

(Its not over yet! what do you think would happen next between Sally and Dan?) 











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  • Her husband comes home, walks in on his wife in the throes of an orgasm and:

    1) Dies of shock
    2) Kills them both
    3) Watches and takes notes

  • Uuuum!!!! I’m so lost in the vivid imagery to wonder what happens next.

    Some people can write sha.

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