‘Little Licks and Flicks’ by Guest Contributor Spiritual

A kiss to start your day,
A squeeze to your breast.
Fingers they do play,
Rubbing and cupping your chest.

A little rub to your warm treasure,
Fingers that dance on your  clit.
A tongue that gives you pleasure,
Tongue fucking in your slit.

Nibbles on your pussy lips,
While I tongue fuck your hole.
Your pussy begins to drip,
I’m in complete control.

Your legs become like butter,
Melting at the heat of pleasure
As I eat and drink your cunt.
Your  heart begins to flutter,
You moan and then you grunt.

Your pussy feels fantastic,
When I play inside.
I’m  very enthusiastic,
You laugh and then you cry.

I pull and play with your nips,
Now I’m  finger fucking.
You bite down on my glossed lips,
Moving your hips and bucking.

Back to licking your cunt slow,
At an amazing pace.
Pussy juices that flow,
Your juices all over my face.

I love when you cum as I lick,
You love my pussy treat.
Oral attention that’s never quick,
You feel totally complete.

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