Adornment of Desire

Illustration by Sophie Brampton Art

Allow me to take you on a ride, to introduce you to the man that worshipped my body into a full body orgasm.

I had only ever heard of those from my beloved circle of Vagina Warriors among whom we share many delicious stories of our bodies pleasures and desires,

I have experienced the many pleasures to which my body can reach, as adorned by the many lovers before him. Yes! I say many, because there have been many and I have no shame for seeking and receiving pleasure. It is my right and I exercise it at will and I long each day to experience more and reach further into the depths of the pleasure I was told was only meant for men.

This man, he understood when I  said I wanted pleasure for it had been quite the dreadful couple of months. I wanted to feel alive. I wanted every part of me licked and appreciated. I wanted to feel  wanted for a while.

This was something I had not done in a while — telling the lover what I wanted and needed. I had spent months submitting to a state of depression that made me forget the marvel that is myself, body and soul and I needed a revival.

This man, unexpected and calm, kissed me, oh so wet and desperate to devour me. Yes! I say devour now because that is what he proceeded to do in as many deep strokes with his nice thick dick and fingers ,in what he liked to call his finishing touch, which left my nerves shattered.

He worshipped my body from the moment my bra fell to the floor and he stood staring at my chocolate breasts that brandish my chest in all their African might. They grow even more beautiful as gravity meets them every year.

He grabbed my breasts and sucked on my nipples, groaning into them as though they were the best meal he had eaten in a long time, all the while grinding into me.

I enjoyed his face as he slid his dick into my very wet pussy.  I had been waiting to feel him inside me for a while. I had imagined it for many days and masturbated to what I wanted him to feel like as he filled my walls and he felt so much better.

“Good girl!” He said to me every time I came around his sheathed dick and around his fingers. Ah, the many times my body exploded into many particles as he deeply fingered me, hitting my G-spot each and every time.

This man listened to my body, listened to me and enjoyed my body and this was the best way to get out of the rut I had been stuck in. I look forward to having him inside my pussy and for him to fill my mouth. Mh! The thought fills me with that familiar delicious tingle down my spine and that is my cue to go for some time!

This piece was submitted as part of the Adventures Live 2020’s Poetry & Fiction Exhibition under The theme Odyssey of Desire.

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