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Cover art for #AdventuresLive2020 created by Yinkore

Over the last few months, The virtual festival Adventures Live! 2020 has seen us on an exciting communal odyssey of Desire.

Since our launch in July, we’ve explored Desire, what it tastes like, what it smells like for each of us, what colours it comes in, how it feels like and what the music of desire sounds like. Through exploring our first rendezvous with Desire, we delved into our earliest memories of Desire, and contemplated what we would tell our younger selves about Desire as a way of going back to the source of our Desire-evolution.

Through blogs, and a virtual poetry exhibition on the theme, ‘An Odyssey of Desire”, we have explored the magically amorphous forms that differ from person to person. 

Other hot topics during this year’s festival have been on relationship structures,  the spectrum of asexual desire, queer desire, getting your groove on in the time of corona, the impact of cov-19 on sex workers, building self-awareness and acceptance of desire, sexual healing through meditation and sexual healing potion recipes by Ria Boss, breaking the cycle of sexual shame which hinders desire, and teaching kids consent. 

We explored Desire & Mindfulness, traversing the philosophy of using mindfulness as a tool  to dance gently with our desires, learning to recognize them, remembering their Source where there is a source, exploring how they evolved, embracing them, learning to recognize when they become restrictive, and how to deeply enjoy them when they are enriching. We explored Sexual Pleasure ( expressing it, exploring it, giving it) , 

In an Odyssey through the Erotic as Power, we explored the power of our unexpressed and unrecognized feelings and trusting in the power which rises from our deepest non-rational knowledge; as well as sexual pleasure (giving it, expressing it and exploring it). 

We explored alternative forms of Desire in BDSM, the roles and positions, ethics and pleasure in that form of sexual expression. 

Collaborating with artists in our community through a virtual Art Exhibition, we explored different depictions of Desire by amazing artists: Shika Odamtten, Hanson Akatti, Juliart Hango , Christianah Odunayo Balogun, Hanson Akatti, Efia Serwah. Check out the art available on @adventuresfrom on Instagram.

A Summary of what we’ve been up to since July!

Virtual Panels between July and October: 

Sex and Sexuality in the Covid-19 Era a very reflective conversation with Sheena Magenya, Azeenarh Mohammed, and Nana Darkoa moderated by Serwah Afriyie traversed wonderings on wha it means to have a body online, the hierarchizing of kink . Here’s a summary of the conversation

Polyamory: Myths & Misconceptions –  another reflective conversation on alternative forms of relationships, bonding, and meeting one’s sexual desires, sexual balance as well as the ethics of it with Juliart Hango, Tapiwa Guzha and Akosua Hanson. Here’s a recap.  

Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame  – a very educative conversation between Timehin Adegbeye, Kobina Ankomah-graham, Fatime Faye, moderated by Kinna Likimani. Watch full conversation here

IG Live & Twitter Convos

Nudes, Sexting & Sextapes with Sandra Kwikiriza – a very educative session which shared tips on how to safely send nudes, mental health advice, sexting, revenge porn, and the laws surrounding leaked nudes. 

How to have Great Sex with Tiff Mugo – Watch here

Fiery Intimate Live Sessions with Ria Boss and Narah

Kink & BDSM with Kaz, a very informative session on the do’s and don’ts, as well as how-to’s and ethics.

We also took part in the Pagya Literary Festival with steamy IG live readings with some of Adventures regular guest bloggers

A lively session on Sexual Health & Consent with @amisdiaries rounded up our virtual festival. Check out Twitter thread here.        

Coming up next is our Live festival which you CANNOT miss out on!

Date: 14th & 15th November 2020 (12pm to 8pm on both days)

Venue: Terra Alta, Dzorwulu ( Can easily be found on google maps)

Watch out for fun conversations, panels and workshops on Queer Desire, sex work, erotic writing as a tool to exploring desire, sex games, and a very exciting Art exhibition with the theme ‘An Odyssey of Desire!

Registration Details coming soon!

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  • This is so great! So much happened in the last couple of months and it’s fantastic that it’s all right here to catch up on and revisit. 🙂

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