The Debauchery Journal (VI)

14th October 2022.

“Go and finger the girl in green.” She said this between kisses, while I was straddling her. This confused me momentarily, because my girlfriend is very aware that I never make the first move. Truth be told, the girl was hot af. You could tell that almost everyone in the room wanted to do her. Everyone didn’t include me. There were three people in the room I wanted to do that night; my ex, Emme and my girlfriend. I told her that I couldn’t go talk to the girl because bae knows full well that I never make the first move. In the middle of trying to pep talk me into doing it, the lady in green left.

It was after this that she took someone behind the curtain, with a firm look in my direction and a glance at the person she wanted me to talk to. We’d been chatting at the time her hands were full of my friend’s butt. 

Now, we’re chatting again. It’s no longer about food. Now, we’re talking about weed. After all, the time is right. The curtain in the corner is moved to the side and the girl my partner was with comes out. The top part of her tiny jumpsuit is clearly dishevelled. Babe has been having fun. 

Our ride soon arrives, and we thank our hosts for a lovely time as we leave. Keeping our hands off each other in the Uber is going to be really hard. We’re both very turned on.

After the Party 


We’re home now. My landlady stares at me as we make our way across the compound to our apartment. I understand her. I’m wearing very tiny shorts and a flamboyant t-shirt that Kobe gave me. I look quite good, if I do say so myself. I momentarily remember that I was supposed to wait up for the garbage truck today. We’ve been awake for nearly twenty four hours. I’m tired, horny and slightly sleepy. I lack the energy required to wait up. I ask my landlady to do this on my behalf, and she agrees. 

Inside, I’m rummaging through my desk drawer for money to give her when babe calls from the bedroom;

“Ka wo ho be di me.” (which literally translates to – hurry up and come eat me)

I love it when babe talks dirty in Twi. There’s something innately hilarious about it that makes it even more sensual. I finish my business with my landlady and return to find my girlfriend on the bed, naked and wet. She’s touching herself slowly and while the sight is hot, I move to stop her. I want to be doing that. 

We should be sleeping. She has an appointment at ten am. However, it’s five am, we’re horny and we don’t care. I bury my face in her chest and ask her to tell me what happened behind the curtain with the other woman. (Let’s refer to her as Tay)

She fills me in on the details while I suck on her boobs. 

“Remember how I got dared to kiss her during the party? Well, she said her mind dey to do more so we went behind the curtain and made out. We talked for a bit and I kissed her again. I sucked her boobs and fingered her till she stopped me because she said if I kept doing that, she was going to squirt and it’d be rude to squirt all over the couch of our host.”

“You little ashawo,” I say and kiss her nose. By now, babe is writhing on the bed and I want to bury my face in her wet pussy. She asks me to get out the strap. I comply quickly and soon her moans fill the room. Her orgasm is long and forceful and turns me on even more. I’ve seen this many times but I want to see it even more times. There’s no sight more beautiful than a woman having an orgasm. 

As soon as she has recovered from coming, she flips us over so I’m trapped beneath her. She asks about my convo with the person she left me talking to. I fill her in.

“Nothing much happened. We geeked out about cooking for a bit, then we talked about weed because it was 04:20 and we were wishing we were high.” 

“You and weed. Did you at least get her number or IG or something? Cos seriously, she was feeling you.” 

I did get her Snap handle, but I don’t see the “feeling me” part. Then again, I’m usually clueless when a woman likes me, especially if they only keep giving me signals and don’t say it outright. I’m the sort of person who can only see the lines and rarely between them. 

I also tell her about Emme, the pouffe and my toe. She isn’t surprised that it happened. She’s surprised that I’m the one who started it. She knows I never make the first move. Babe abruptly puts a finger in me and shows me how wet I am.

“Hw? s?nea wo tw? af?. Wei nyinaa Emme ne wo ex nti.” (translated as: Do you see how wet you are? And it’s all because of Emme and your ex)

I mentally roll my eyes. I don’t deny wanting to fuck my friend and my ex. However, all the wetness right now is for my girlfriend and she knows it. She fucks the thought of other women out of my mind. 

By now, it’s full daylight. The exhaustion hits us both square in the chest. We collapse into each other and try to catch our breaths. 

I put my arm around her and my face in her breasts. I smile as I drift off to sleep, surrounded by softness. I hope we wake up in time for babe’s appointment. Fingers crossed. 

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