Asantewaa’s Liberation (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

He is so gorgeous with his perfectly sculpted face and effortlessly charming personality that screams “Danger to women” that I have no doubt he is indeed a playboy.

“What do you think, Asantewaa? Do I seem like a dangerous guy that nice girls should run from?” 

Swallowing, I  channel my inner vixen before I answer. I want this man in my bed, and I’m going to make it happen.

Feeling more confident, I take the question as an invitation, checking him out thoroughly from his almost pretty face to his wide chest clad in a black silk shirt and down to his black pants and black shoes. 

When my eyes move slowly up to meet his again, the look on his face causes me to swallow hard. He looks like a predator watching his prey watch him, and I get a little wetter. Nervous again, I blurt out, “You look like the kind of guy I should run away from but at the same time, can’t help imagining being intimate with.”

I’m not sure who is more surprised by my admission; me or him. I have no idea where the boldness or the words came from, but I don’t regret it. I am enjoying this part of me, and there is something about him that makes all the sensible thoughts in my head turn to mush. Feeling strong sexual attraction to a man is so foreign and yet feels so right. The fact that he’s also the opposite of what I’m used to adds to the excitement furling in my belly and wetting my panties.

“You’re an intriguing woman, Asantewaa. There’s something pure about you that I usually avoid, but at the same time, I think there is a wild part of you just waiting to be unleashed. Is it strange that I want to get to know you? I want to know what excites you and makes you tick. I’ve been watching you all night because I haven’t been able to look away.”

I swallow, lost in his enchanting brown eyes as his right hand slips to my waist to gently pull me closer. A soft gasp escapes me, and my tongue slips out to nervously lick my lips. “I didn’t notice you watching,” I murmured when I noticed his eyes tracking my lips.

“I made sure you didn’t. I know how to go into stealth mode.”

This makes me smile, dispelling some of my nerves. “So, why didn’t you approach me earlier?”

“Firstly, because I was asked to leave you alone. And also because from watching you, I agreed with Serwaa and Nii that you are too much of a nice girl for the likes of me.”

“Does this mean that if you hadn’t chanced upon me here, you wouldn’t have ever said hello?”

He laughed, his laughter making me smile more even though I’m not sure what is amusing him. “Baby, this was no coincidence. I came in here because I saw you come here alone and couldn’t stay away anymore. I’ve been watching you, remember?”

I’m charmed by his words and lost in his eyes. So this is sexual tension. I feel elated that I am experiencing it with this charming and gorgeous man. The sexual tension is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Nothing about my experience with my late husband prepared me for this nervous excitement I’m feeling; suddenly wondering what it would feel like to close the small distance left between us. I glance at his inviting full dark pink lips and wonder what it would be like to have the courage to press my lips against his. My late husband was not a kisser, something I had been grateful for, hence I have never felt this kind of intense need to kiss anyone as I do now. 

“What are you thinking about?” The question jolts me out of my thoughts, and I answer before thinking about it. “I was wondering what it would feel like to kiss you.”

My hand flies up to cover my mouth, eyes widening at my audacity, but it is too late. Jake gives me a sensual smile that sends more heat to my core, arousing me further without doing much. “Don’t get shy on me now, Asantewaa. I want to find out what it would be like to kiss you too. I’ve thought of little else since being this close to you. However,  I’ve been trying to be a gentleman. We just met, after all, and I don’t want to scare you away.”

The way he pronounces my name in his Zulu accent makes it sound so exotic, arousing me further. I want to be that exotic woman who doesn’t mind kissing a man she just met. Because I really want to kiss him and so much more.

Gathering courage, I meet his gaze in what I hope is a sultry look. “Maybe tonight, I’m not looking for a gentleman.”

“Hmmm…” He murmurs, searching my face. “Are you certain? I can be a gentleman. I am sometimes, you know. I’m not always a playboy on the prowl.”

“Then maybe I’m wasting my time here. Are you going to kiss me or do I have to find a playboy who is on the prowl?”

His brows shoot up at the challenge, surprised by my boldness, but then he grins and pulls me to his chest.

He doesn’t kiss me immediately. His fingers come up to gently caress the side of my face, and staring into my eyes, he moves slowly down as if to give me the chance to change my mind. Not going to happen. When his lips touch mine, a soft sigh escapes me. His lips move gently against mine, and I’m surprised by how soft they are. 

I also didn’t expect the gentleness. It’s so sweet but I want to give him something back, and I’m not sure how to. Pulling back, I try to convey my dilemma. “I– I want to– but I don’t know how.”

His hand caresses my face again, then he gives me a peck on the lips. “I know,” he says after pulling back. I’m going to ask him how he knows but he adds, “Just follow my lead and try to mimic my movements,” before taking my lips in another kiss that is slightly less gentle than the first. I follow his lead to the best of my abilities and kiss him back, opening my mouth at the gentle probe of his tongue to let him in. He tastes like wine and smells so good, and I enjoy the kiss so much that I think I can stay with him like this for hours, moaning my pleasure into his mouth. 

We break the kiss to come up for air, staring at each other with dilated pupils. I don’t know what he’s thinking as he gazes at me, but the only thing on my mind is how good this feels, and I want more. I want him to touch me and make me feel even more pleasure than what I’m already feeling now.

“Are you certain you want the bad boy?” He whispers, eyes not leaving mine. 

My heart is beating wildly against my chest, and I’m both nervous and excited. However, the throbbing in between my legs is enough to make me more excited than nervous. I want to see him without his clothes. I want to touch him everywhere and have him touch me. Being this aroused is such a heady feeling, and I don’t want it to stop. It feels too good to want it to stop.

So, licking my lips, I nod firmly. “Yes, I’m sure.” I want this so badly, and my nerves aren’t going to stop me from experiencing this pleasure.

Jake searches my face as if trying to determine the truth in my words. Seemingly satisfied, he nods and flashes me a wolfish smile that sends vibrations straight into my vagina. Both of his hands leave my face and slip down to my waist. His eyes are still on mine as his hands move down as if daring me to tell him to stop, or expecting me to tell him to stop. When I just stare back into his eyes, his hands move to my ass, squeezing gently before plastering me against him with a quick move and taking my lips in a kiss that makes the previous ones seem tame.

My arms are around his neck, holding on for dear life as the stranger I just met a few minutes ago kisses me senseless. It feels so good, and I am so lost in the pleasure of the kiss that it takes me a while to notice that he is very hard against me. For a few seconds, I feel panic fueled by a distant memory, causing me to stiffen against him. 

This can’t be happening. 

Jake stops immediately I go slack, pulling away to look at me in concern. “What is wrong?”

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