What I Want

I want him to want me until it drives him to his knees. 

I want him to want to fuck me till it’s all he thinks about, almost like his brain is not capable of forming any other thought. 

I want him to want me till my presence unsettles him… Like Ouleymatou’s cry in Scarlet Song, “unsettle him, Mabo Dialli!” That remains my cry since the day I met him. 

I want him turned all the way on by me, like the AC in this Nairobi heat!

I want his lips on my lips, my lips…

I want it to feel like lava from two different volcanoes, converging.

I want his hands on mine to be like worship, almost. 

I want him to feel like he’s flying when he finally gets to be with me. 

I want him to hear the birds sing when I stand naked before him. 

I want nothing in this world to exist —  except him, me, and our unbridled desire for each other.

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